Monday, July 22, 2013

Hells Angel crashes after Langley Party

Well Kim’s back from holidays. She’s reporting that a Saskatoon Hells Angel drove off the freeway near Hope on his way home from a party at Jaba’s palace in Langley yesterday. I certainly don’t wish misfortune on anyone. Kinda strange how he mysteriously drove off the freeway into a rock wall. I have no idea if they did blood work.

Kim’s reporting that it was five years ago at their 25th anniversary she started her blog and did a live play by play coverage of the event. She was the one that noticed Scott Jamieson’s hummer from Showgirls in Edmonton showed up at the party. Has it been five years already?

I’m sure she had her blog going just before I started my web site and blog. Now five and a half years later we’re on the verge of breaking our 8 million hits mark. June 2012 we just broke 4 million hits. That makes 4 million hits in just over a year. That’s kinda hard to imagine. I recognize that the success of this blog has been from the many contributors that have sent in pictures and tips. So thanks to the many contributors over the years who actually care about their community. It gives us hope for the future.


  1. Dear Agent K,

    It may mean nothing really, but I am giving you the TruthAward as you deserve it, because you are not paid for informing the Public, you are not the Corporate Paid Media.

    I admire your Courage, your writing Skills and Photography Skills etc...

    You are truly one of a Kind Blogger and an amazing Human Being.

    Thank you for all your hard work, countless hours on writing, researching and putting it all together so we the Public can get the Truth rather than some fabricated Story.

  2. Thanks. I have made a special effort not to make money from the web site and blog. That's why I don't have advertizing banners on it. That's why it can't be swayed by advertizing dollars as you point out. I just wanted to emphacize that it's a group effort. A lot of people send links to stories and photos that I wouldn't have time to find otherwise. I'm still somewhat baffled by the 4 million hits in just over a year. That's hard for me to imagine. We just broke the 8 million mark today.

  3. Cheers. I think people retweeting posts all the time is a big help as well since I don't have time to keep up with twitter.


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