Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spotlight on the BC Investment Management Corporation

I’m going to need more time to dive into this case more thoroughly but since two different bloggers have expressed a concern about it, I think it’s worth mentioning and looking into the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation.

A blogger at Northern Insight states that ethical performance is lacking at the BCIMC. He points out that the BCIMC is a substantial Enbridge investor ($657 million) and holds major positions in the world's nine largest tobacco sellers ($553 million). They are also arms dealers and have spread over half a billion dollars among almost every one of the top 20 public companies involved in the international arms trade. I’ve seen this blog before and the guy is pretty knowledgeable.

The other blogger owned a pristine campground in Tofino right by Long Beach. On May 25, 2010 they suffered a triple arson. Since then there has been numerous acts of arson and vandalism. Even the resort water system was destroyed. All of this made it impossible to run the campground and maintain a revenue to continue mortgage payments. Meanwhile, a dirty investment company kept wanting to know if he’s ready to sell yet. That investment company is BCIMC. The bank foreclosed the resort and gave the pristine campground to the BCIMC at a fire sale price.

If the owner did it himself, he would of had insurance. The last arson was on was Mar 9, 2013. A couple days later, this graffiti was written on a telephone pole outside the fire. Here’s the thing – the graffiti are characters from a First Nations alphabet. The middle character looks like a modified O used in the IPA (alphabet that's used to spell First Nation names).

There are many First Nation dialects and they are oral languages. This alphabet was created by French and British linguistics to record the oral native languages. It’s not a local alphabet. The person who wrote it must have known someone who had taken linguistics at University. Not something your typical crack head vandal would know.

There’s lots more for me to look into but for now I leave you with links to the Northern Insight and the Citizens United Against BCIMC blogs. More gang news on it's way.


  1. On Friday afternoon July 26, 2013. One of the persons connected to the publication of the
    about the Pacific Rim Resort and BCIMC received an intimidating telephone call from a woman who identified herself as Constable Alderchin of the Victoria City Police.

    Constable Alderchin stated she wanted to discuss the blog. She was informed that the blog was an expression of political opinion.

    The expression of political opinion is a right guaranteed by Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada's Bill of Rights, the common law and International Treaties.

    So, what was this Victoria Constable Alderchin up to and why was she attempting to intimidate the Editors / Publishers of this political blog that is asking questions about crimes that appear to be committed by agents of the government?

    Readers will be interested to know that the Victoria City Police pension funds are invested with BCIMC. It is logical to conclude her pension funds managers asked her to intimidate the publishers of this blog.

    It is now patently obvious that the Government of BC, BCIMC, BC Hyrdo or their agents are attempting to use the police to suppress freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of political expression in Canada.

    The only logical conclusion is that the allegations on this blog are absolutely correct and that crimes were carried out by agents of BCIMC and BC Hydro and the BC Government and they are terrified that the truth is being told in a free and open way.

  2. Tell them to raise the freedom of speak issue with me. I'd be happy to discuss it with them.

  3. Interesting how they are more worried about stopping your right to free speech than they are about finding the people who have been vandalizing and committing arson on your property which has resulted in theft and fraud. Strange. Can you post a link to the publication ban?

  4. There is no publication ban yet. there is just Constable Aderichin sniffing around with nothing better to do. A complaint has been filed with the Commission for Complaints about the police which may back her off a bit.

    Thanks for the information about the Native symbols and we think the use of Native symbols was to distract the public and to create the illusion in the investment community that the local natives want the land making it hard to re-finance.

    The Natives and the owner enjoy very cordial relations and over 30 years he has had no problems with the Native community so the idea that Natives were involved in very unlikely.

  5. That makes sense. I was wondering what the possible grounds would be for a publication ban because I don't see any legal rationalization for one in that case. Making it look like the local Natives wanted the land would indeed scare off other investors. That would be a really dirty trick but I logically can see no other feasible conclusion. The local natives have outstanding land claims on Catface Mountain not on the area of the resort in question.


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