Saturday, July 27, 2013

Terror Squad tied to the Hells Angels

The StarPhoenix from Saskatoon is reporting that Darren Harper, the leader of a local street gang known as the Terror Squad has had his parole revoked following a hearing which exposed "direct ties" between the Terror Squad and the Hells Angles.

The Terror Squad has been described as the most dominant street gang in Saskatoon actively involved in the cocaine trade. "When crew members sell drugs, commit home invasions, robberies or other crimes, they are required to 'kick up' a portion of the profits to the council or others designated as captains, generals or higher-ups." Michael James McNab and several others were arrested in March 2011. At least we now know who is supplying their drugs.


    This was a well tagged GANG area in the bushes!
    The tag is all over the newton area as of recent!
    The smell of previous fire was still present hours after the report of death!
    Suspect it is the same group and practice of Gang that deposited last burned body found on Colebrook Rd.
    Body may have been dumped as a fire would have been reported by locals!

  2. Bloggers are suggesting African Job

  3. If course they are. The Pickton Farm must have been an African job as well.

  4. Winnipeg police have found a body as well:

  5. The body was identified as Lisa Gibson. She drowned her to two young children, one of them an infant in a bathtub and then killed her self. She apparently was suffering from post partum depression. Nothing has been proven yet but that's what I suspect happened. Some people think the husband could he responsible.

  6. Oh the Winnipeg one. I thought you mean the Surrey one. That was a very sad case about the kids being killed and the mother missing. Thanks for the update. We’re still trying to get an id on the body that was found in a Surrey park that was burned.

    RCMP are a little more than just concerned about local+ Gang Drug Trade Violence - lower mainland ties(?)!

  8. Terror Squad member charged with a murder in North Battleford Sask

    1. Thanks for the link. That’s pretty messed up.
      Assaulted a woman twice, once with a hatchet.


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