Friday, July 19, 2013

Gun found under crib mattress in PEI

Here’s a popular girl from PEI. She has a history of drug trafficking despite the fact that she has wonderful young children. Wednesday her and her boyfriend's home was raided were cocaine was seized as well as cutting agents and a firearm under a crib mattress. That is very concerning. Valerie Anne Burke (MacArthur), 28, and Vance William Atkinson, 24, were taken into custody and each charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, careless storage of a firearm, and breach of firearms prohibition. I understand this isn't the first time she's gone to jail for a boyfriend who promised her the world. Each arrest she's only had a very small quantity of drugs but she's got to start thinking about those kids. Who isn't paying their child support?


  1. who hides cocaine and cutting agent plus a gun under where there baby!!! hopefully justice will be served bbut most likely not. dirty pigs!


    Dirty pigs is a under statement

  3. The guy in the picture is in fact her boyfriend now and was the current boyfriend at the time of the raid, I would like to point out you have the facts wrong, I 100% back up what you are doing ... as I was once in the trade and had to smarten up via I had a child and just realized all the hurt I was inflicting on families and all the pain my trade was causing... On top of that I was in a fair bit of conflicts over the time of my poor choices that led to a lot of unnecessary violence towards me and as hard as it is to admit.. by me. So to clear this up and make it as true as possibly the man in the picture is one Billy Wheeler who is from Charlottetown Prince Edward Island... where drug's have consumed a large percentage of our Island.. and the lovely lady you speak of has done some really harsh things to other people over her time.. she is a monster don't be fooled... so to make it clear the guy in the picture was involved and his name is BILLY WHEELER.. I'm not sure about the Vance guy who was named I'm sure she could of had a few boyfriends

    1. Billy wheeler, That’s his alias, Vance is his legal name



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