Friday, July 19, 2013

Price of Oil drops but price of gas jumps

Well it happened again so I’ll say it again. The price of oil per barrel dropped and the price of gas at the pump jumped another ten cents a litre. That is highway robbery. Why? Because we let the oil companies have a monopoly on the market so they can charge whatever they want. Even worse, thanks to Stephen Harper, us getting gouged at the pump is helping fund communist China’s military expansion since he sold our oil rights to them giving them the profit instead of Canadians.

Back in the day when the Rothschild’s pulled that off with Standard oil, the courts said that kind of a corporate monopoly was illegal. Anti trust laws prevented it. Now corrupt politicians whose campaigns are bankrolled by these scoundrels say gouging the consumers through corporate monopolies is good business. Not. It destroys the free market and everything real conservatives stand for. That is the neo con. The road to Bildebuerg steals our money and our freedom.


  1. everythings just going to keep going up! AGent k I love how u mention things like bilderburg!! those are some very evil people and I think more ppl should be aware of what these greedy, dirty corrupt cockaroaches are up too. But the masses are dumbed down and most ppl are blind sheeps that dont even realize what's going on. They have basically been brainwashed. who do u think controlls the media, puts flouride in our drinking water, aspartame in baby food and sets up things like 911 and the boston marathon. The ppl who run the world are the worst..and all that money u gangsters are making is masonic anyways.... what a sad world..

  2. I agree the masses are like blind sheep that simply don’t care about important issues that affect their own civil liberty. It’s like the saying you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Many people are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. You’re a perfect example. The truther movement is growing and it behooves us to persist.

  3. your the man agent k! I really appreciate all the truth that you bring to this blog! Sometimes i read something in the paper and I just think to myself, wow what bullshit, and then I will find that you posted the same story but its like the real story to the best of your knowledge and no bs attached. I wish the media wasn't so controlled by those who want the masses to become more and more brain washed and stupid. . . . . .

  4. Thanks. Although our press is better than the British Tabloids I do think they could be more objective in a lot of areas.


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