Saturday, July 6, 2013

HGH: Human Growth Hormone

I mentioned HGH previously but I didn’t realize how common it is today. A friend at work knows a guy on it and says a lot of people at the gym use it now. They say it’s one of the most common drugs used in the UFC. Which brings us back to the Pickton Farm. Back in the day, they used to make HGH from Cadaversdead human bodies. The author of a new book about the Pickton Farm claims he was told at the time that Pickton sold body parts to make it.

Tragically, the B.C. government says a lawsuit launched by family members of Robert Pickton's victims can't target prosecutors because they didn't pursue attempted murder charges against the serial killer back in 1997. The BC government? Since when did the BC government become courts of law? That is absurd. Mark my word, the Pickton case and the Jim Brown story is not over.

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