Friday, September 30, 2022

We don't need more Stat holidays

I just want to restate the obvious. We can't keep adding more and more stat holidays indefinitely. At some point we are going to have to draw the line and now is as good a time as any. My employer pays me for 11 stat holidays in the year. That's almost one a month. That's enough. We can negotiate weeks of holidays for years of service but companies have to make a profit.

Politicians love to spend other people's money. Christy Clark made that family day in February. So what happened? I lost my floater and got a fixed day in February. Thanks for nothing Christy.

The Queen just died and they want to make another holiday for her. We can't keep adding stat holidays for every monarch that dies. Charles is in his 70's. We can't make another one for him. It's getting ridiculous. We already have Queen Victoria Day. We could simply make that honour your monarch day. One day to remember all of them. That's good enough.

Today is Truth and Reconciliation Day. Aside from having absolutely nothing to do with Truth or Reconciliation, we can't make another stat holiday for that as well. We already have Labour Day in September and Thanksgiving in October. Adding one for Queen Elizabeth and another for Truth and Reconciliation Day would be three Stat holidays in one month. That is ridiculous. Businesses need to be able to operate. Liberal whack jobs have absolutely no concept of fiscal responsibility. They're determined to keep spending us right into slavery. That is their end game.

Reconciliation mean to reconcile. To restore friendly relations between two estranged parties. I am totally supportive of celebrating aboriginal culture. Chief Dan George, Chief Seattle, there are many noble Aboriginal leaders in history. The Sacred hoop is about bringing all the races of the earth together in harmony. It's not about breaking people up into systematic hatred by rewriting and misrepresenting history. Yet that is what the left is doing to manipulate their agenda.

We have seen that there are no Aboriginal rights is Communist China. Their mistreatment of the Tibetans and the Uyghurs is evidence of that. So listening to Communist China accuse Canada of genocide is somewhat hypocritical as well as false.

Rebel News has a new documentary about the Residential school discovery called Kamloops: The Buried Truth. They claim no bodies have been found. I'm not aware of that but I know they wouldn't make that statement without having some evidence to back that up. I have a different view of the residential school system. I recognize that it was far from perfect but I also recognize that the intent was not malicious. Education is good. Free education is great.

Feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Helping Aboriginal leaders become doctors, lawyers and dentists is in everyone's best interest. If England wanted to oppress Aboriginals, they certainly wouldn't be educating them. They would do what the left does and prevent them from getting an education.

Contracting the residential schools out to the Catholic Church might not have been the best thing to do. Many Catholic run private schools in Boston, Ireland and around the world have resulted in a horrific amount of sexual abuse. The Catholic Church does not condone sexual abuse. Pedophiles were drawn to that profession so they could prey on children. Just because a hockey coach sexually abused kids doesn't mean hockey is bad.

I do want to address the genocide accusation because it is simply false and perpetuating that lie breaks the scared hoop it does not mend it. There is a big difference between cultural genocide and actual genocide. We need to vist that. When you sign up for French immersion you just speak French. You don't speak English. That's how that works.

My mother was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia. When she was a little girl her father died of scarlet fever and had to move out west to live with her aunt and uncle because back then everyone was poor. Back in the time of the residential schools infant mortality was very high.

One of the residential school journals recalled how the nuns dressed one of the children who died of tuberculous in a pretty dress and gave them a proper burial. Nuns were volunteers like Mother Teresa. They dedicated their lives to service. We need to remember that.

I don't believe in white privilege, red privileged, black privilege or hereditary privilege. All people are equal regardless of race, colour or creed. That is what I believe and that is what the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees. That is worth defending.

I was born in North Vancouver. That doesn't make me any better than someone who has moved here from somewhere else. We are all equal and we all share this planted. None of us own the planet. We have to learn how to live together without lies, misrepresentation or privilege.

We need to mend the sacred hoop not break it.

Alberta drug bust tied to the red and white

CBC is reporitng that "Fifteen people and a Calgary business have been charged following a cross-border, $55-million drug bust. It's believed they were moving cocaine and methamphetamine produced by Mexican cartels to Alberta, says a police organization dedicated to serious and organized crime. Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) said Wednesday the investigation started in 2020 and involved Calgary police, U.S. Homeland Security and officers in Niagara, Ont., Saskatchewan and Osoyoos, BC."

"Fifteen people now face more than 80 charges. Meth and cocaine believed to be on the way to Alberta was seized in the United States and elsewhere in Canada, ALERT said. Lead investigator Sgt. Tara McNeil said the drugs seized were destined for the streets of Calgary and across the province. Among those charged is Calgarian Talal Fouani, 46, said McNeil. In August, Fouani and his wife were shot in his Bentley outside their southwest Calgary home."

Alberta's gang enforcement is rock solid. BC's is not. Talal Fouani was tied to the red and white.

Who are the problem in Surrey? Shakerz and the Edmonton Hells Angels. Who are the problem in the DTES? Damion Ryan and the Wolf Pack. These are the people the CFSEU protect.
Kevin Van Kalkeren was working out of Osoyoos for David Giles in 2016.

Don Lyons was arrested in Osoyoos back in 2015.

All roads lead to Rome. Well most of them do arond here.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

80 kilos of cocaine seized in Ontario

The Hamilton Hammer is reporting that "A 10-month investigation into a huge $67 million drug ring has seen men from Brampton, Hamilton, Milton, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne and other Ontario locations charged." 80 kilos of cocaine were seized along with pot and tobacco. No one cares about the pot or tobacco but the cocaine is significant. That makes a difference.

Coolio dies at age 59

The BBC is reporting that "Stars including Michelle Pfeiffer and Snoop Dogg have been paying tribute to the US rapper Coolio who has died at the age of 59. He was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of a friend's LA house, his manager Jarez Posey told US media."

"Coolio, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr, won a Grammy for the 1995 track Gangsta's Paradise, which led the soundtrack for Dangerous Minds. Pfeiffer, who starred in the movie, said she was heartbroken at the news. The exact cause of his death on Wednesday has not yet been revealed. However Mr Posey told TMZ, which first reported the news, that paramedics believed he may have had a cardiac arrest."

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Missing woman found dead in Nova Scotia

The Salt Wire is reporting that "Police have identified the body of Cynthia Flemming, who was reported missing from Bible Hill Sept. 1. She was last scene in the Bible Hill area in late August. The body of Flemming, who was 32, was discovered Tuesday in Truro, RCMP said."

"RCMP Public Information Officer Cpl. Chris Marshall said while authorites continue the investigation, they don't believe the death to be suspicious. 'We don't believe that her death is suspicious, but certainly, that could change as the investigation progresses over the next few days and weeks,' Marshall said."

A pretty girl found dead in Truro - that is suspicious. Truro is red and white.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Surrey Connect Councillor Jack Hundial drops out

The Indo Canadian Voice is reporting that "Surrey Connect Councillor Jack Hundial, quite apparently realizing that he doesn’t have any chance of being re-elected, has decided to drop out as a Council candidate. Quite recently, Locke’s campaign manager John Cameron also quit. He told the VOICE he was working for another campaign in a different municipality now."

"Hundial has become increasingly unpopular, especially in the South Asian community, for ganging up with Surrey Connect Councillor and mayoral hopeful Brenda Locke to sabotage Mayor Doug McCallum. The two got elected by using McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition and then became puppets of the RCMP and started trying to derail the transition to a municipal police force. This was in spite of the fact that they won on Safe Surrey Coalition’s promise to replace the RCMP in Surrey and to build a Surrey Langley SkyTrain."

Shananana, Shananana, Brenda Locke, good bye.

Brockton Point and our vain regretful tears

Today I hiked up to Brockton Point on Seymour. Just a leisurely reflection. Previously I quoted that old United Church hymn I feel the winds of God today. It states that "It is the wind of God that dries my vain regretful tears." Now vain in this case doesn't mean arrogant. It means pointless like a vain attempt to do something. Sorrow is a part of repentance but regret is pointless.
Life is indeed "like an hourglass glued to the table. No one can find the rewind button, boys. So cradle your head in your hands and breathe, just breathe." "For what's done is done. What's won is won and what's lost is lost and gone forever." All we can do is keep moving forward.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Sunset at Whitecliff and the Eternal Perspective

Tonight I rode down to Whitecliff to watch the sunset. I climbed down and sat on the exact same spot my father and I would sit when I was a young boy. My father was an avid photographer and liked to take pictures of the sunset. We'd always watch the sunset behind Bowen Island.
To the right you can see the mountains along the inlet towards Squamish.
To the left you can see the mountains on Vancouver Island. It's very peaceful. It reminds me of Aswan in Egypt. We sailed down the Nile in a felucca. That was awesome. The tour started in Aswan. We explored the markets with ancient stone ovens then met at a park to watch the sunset behind the hills overlooking the Nile. It was very serene and picturesque.

I chuckled at the though of scheduling in a stop to watch the sunset in our busy day. That's something my father would do and is something we often overlook. Who has time to watch the sunset? I remember a benediction Dr Schuller used to say about that day in which there is no sunset and no dawning. I always used to think that would be a sad time without sunsets or sunrises. I love catching the sunrise from a mountain top.

In Ireland we used to jog on the beach in Bray at sunrise. It was somewhat inspiring. Wherever you are it's always good to make time to watch the sunset or get up early to watch a new day dawn. It helps to put things into perspective.

Another unwarranted spike in the price of gas

Have you seen the unwarranted spike in the price of gas at the pumps? It is absolutely outrageous. If that is not empirical evidence of a criminal conspiracy, I don't know what it.

Strangling Canadian oil and gas is a bad idea - #TrudeauHasGotToGo Campaign Goes Viral

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Court Case Update: Notice to Submit Without Prejudice

Update: I've sent them a proper reply to their Notice to Admit

The other day I was struggling with processing my anger. I've got a lot going on. This court case has been very stressful and has made me really angry. I hate injustice. I thought I was over the last one but this one brought back all the injustices of the previous one and it became difficult for me to process all that anger. I was speaking with my daughter about another matter and I told her right now that's the least of my worries. This court case is a big deal.

Last night I was speaking with a friend and said this isn't like spinning the roulette wheel. This is like playing Russian roulette. This is like putting a bullet in a gun and holding the gun to my head. If the judge just awards one thing in their ridiculous list of demands, he could with the wave of the hand say costs in the cause and make me pay all their legal fees. I am unable to do that.

My daughter said I guess you're going to have to weigh the pros and cons. Indeed. I made two mistakes last time. I never filed a counterclaim and I agreed to something I never should have agreed to. I didn't want to make that same mistake again.

However, although I passionately believe in free speech, I have absolutely no faith or confidence in the Canadian judicial system. None whatsoever. My daughter deserves a settlement for the pain and suffering Kim Bolan has caused her. Matt Schrader deserves a settlement for the pain and suffering Kim Bolan caused him. If I was to appear before Catherine Bruce I might get that settlement. If I was to appear before one of the others, I might not. I'm not prepared to take that risk at this time for my kid's sake. We're all struggling to make ends meet.

Yesterday Kim Bolan's lawyer said he had sent a Notice to Admit by courier. I asked him why didn't he just scan the attachment and email it to me. He did not respond. Today I received the package and as soon as I felt it I said, bloody hell, look at how thick it is. That's why he didn't scan it. It's got a whole list of blog posts and a set of tabs at the back like they do for case law submissions or evidence binders. It's not huge but it's simple and precise. It's actually quite well done. It will make for a good souvenir so it will. Just like their affidavits in my other case.

They want me to admit or deny the facts they have submitted. I once again feel a bit like Jack Sparrow right before he's to be hanged. Yeah I did that. Yeah I did that. No I didn't do that. That wasn't me. Since I know their lawyer now reads my blog I will submit this blog post as my Response to his Notice to Admit and reply with a Notice to Submit Without Prejudice.

As I previously said, at no time have I ever threatened Kim Bolan or called upon anyone else to bring harm to her. Ever. That false allegation is a bold faced lie. I have no affiliation with the UN gang. None whatsoever. I have no influence over what they do or don't do. I know four people who are helping Clay move forward with other things that are all very positive. Something that Kim Bolan refuses to recognize. As I said in one of the other posts they demand I remove, I don't support any gang violence. The purpose of my blog is to renounce violence and proclaim the truth. The truth may hurt but telling the truth is not defamation.

I have at no time harassed Kim Bolan. I avoid her. I saw her recently at Larry Amero's trial. As soon as she showed up I left. When she writes about something for the most part I avoid writing about it. I write about Gang members. Kim Bolan is not a gang member so she is not my concern. I have been very disappointed in the way she has intentionally misrepresented what's really going on behind the scene in the Vancouver gang conflict. I had hoped for something better from her.

Did I call Kim Bolan a lying POS? Yes I did. Of that I am guilty and stand before you condemned. In parliament you can get kicked out for calling someone a liar because that is unparliamentary. However, this isn't parliament and I am not a politician. Hiding corruption and misrepresenting the curent conflit is what this case is really about. Buyer Beware.

I could call a witness to testify that IHIT and the CFSEU have Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection Program and give them police escorts to sell drugs. However, I'm not prepared to put that witness' life at risk just like I wasn't the last time. I always protect my source.

Therefor be it resolved that I now give you notice of my intent to submit without prejudice. You might get what you want after a long trial. You might not. I rather save the money for other things just like last time. Karma has a way of working itself out in this world and I leave that for God to judge. I will give you what you want by way of consent. Soon this and any other post I have ever made or will ever make of Kim Bolan will disappear. At least now my few readers will know why. I realize that Gangster ism will have an aneurysm over this. I am not him. I accept responsibility for what I have done and am not prepared to risk having to pay their costs in this matter.

In the words of an old United Church hymn: "I feel the winds of God today; today my sail I lift, though heavy oft with drenching spray and torn with many a rift; if hope but light the water’s crest, and Christ my bark will use, I’ll seek the seas at his behest, and brave another cruise."

"It is the wind of God that dries my vain regretful tears, until with braver thoughts shall rise the purer, brighter years; if cast on shores of selfish ease or pleasure I should be, O let me feel your freshening breeze, and I’ll put back to sea."

"If ever I forget your love and how that love was shown, lift high the blood-red flag above; it bears your name alone. Great pilot of my onward way, you will not let me drift; I feel the winds of God today, today my sail I lift." Salam Alaikum.

The Demonetization of Patriots

How the media intentionally misrepresented the Convoy and their supporters was absurd. How they demonized patriots like Tamara Lich and Daniel Bulford was a shameful disgrace. Freezing the bank accounts of ordinary Canadian who donated to the Convoy was punitive.

King Charles III Will Carry On With the Great Reset

The White Rose is reporting that "Those who are deliberately destroying the earth’s ecosystem with geoengineering are pushing their green agenda while forcing people to believe that it is ordinary citizens who are responsible for climate change.

"According to the Telegraph, King Charles III will ‘continue to champion the environment while on the throne’. In other words, he will continue to spread lies and support the depopulation programme, along with the government’s mad Net Zero plans. All under the guise of protecting the planet." That is somewhat concerning.

I had initially thought that Charles's involvement with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic forum was a simple misunderstanding. If he continues to embrace fake environmentalism and the insane agenda behind it, that would be a clear violation of his oath as King.

Dan Dicks reported "According to Westminster Abbey’s Coronation Service Guide The Sovereign takes an oath, swearing to govern faithfully with justice and mercy, to uphold the Gospel, and to maintain the doctrine and worship of the Church of England. In 1953, for the first time, this part of the ceremony ended with the presentation of a Bible, To keep your Majesty ever mindful of the Law and Gospel of God as the rule for the whole life and government of Christian princes."

There's nothing wrong with that oath. It's like the Masonic oath. Freemasons promise to keep lawful secrets they don't promise to keep the crimes of other Freemasons secret. Oh did I go there? I guess I did. After quoting that wonderful oath the King makes, Dan Dicks then declares that King George's "grandfather King George VI was a staunch freemason taking part in countless rituals that go against everything the Gospel stands for." That statement is crazy.

It's amazing how many raging lunatics there are out there trash talking Freemasonry when they have never been through the ritual and have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. They are just quoting hearsay which is false. My grandfather was a Freemason. That doesn't mean I'm going to break any covenants to uphold the law. I was a Freemason. I know what oaths are involved in becoming one and I stand as a witness to declare that there is absolutely nothing within Freemasonry that contradicts the King's oath. To claim otherwise is a bold faced lie.

Freemasons believe in God. That's what the G stands for. The G doesn't stand for Satan, Lucifer or Beelzebub. It stands for God. The Great Architect of the universe. The Grand Geometrician so to speak. These erroneous claims are akin to the false belief that the Royal Family are a lizard race of aliens. It is mentally deranged. It is also a distraction from the truth.

Charles' involvement with fake environmentalism is the concern we must address.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

James Topp serves Global News with notice of libel

True North is reporitng that "Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veteran James Topp has retained a lawyer and has served Global News as well as its parent company Corus Entertainment Inc. with a notice of libel for falsely painting him as a white supremacist."

First they get a notice and a chance to correct the report. That's how it's supposed to work. Postmedia News owns Global and the owners of the National Enquirer own Postmedia news.

Twitter is taking money from Chinese Communist Party

What's her face talks about slavery

Yes the British were the first to end slavery. We know that the Jews were slaves in Egypt building monuments for Ramses. We know that the Romans had slaves and slavery was common in Europe - white slaves. We also know that Aboriginals in Western Canada would raid other tribes and carry away slaves. So yes, slavery is indeed wrong. All of it. That is why we oppose Communism because Communism is slavery obtained and maintained with lies.

Clinton Jaws on Brenda Lucki's recorded meeting

Clinton Jaws, a retired RCMP officer discusses the existence of a tape recording of the meeting RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki had with senior RCMP investigators where she was accused of manipulating the release of information to support Justin Trudeau's gun control bill. Turns out a recording was made but it no longer exists because it was deleted. Oh really? You mean the evidence that proved she lied has been deleted. Isn't that convenient.

The bottom line is we know what really happened. The testimony of the senior investigators is credible and falls well within the realm of believability. We also know that the mass casualty commission is a farce just like both missing women inquiries were. Their mandate is not to find and reveal the truth to the public. The commission is a cover up. Was anyone asked to explain why the RCMP deposited all that money into Gabe Wortman's bank account? Nope.

The fact that Justin Trudeau had the police commissioner he appointed try to use that tragedy as a rationalization for his overreaching gun control bill leads us to wonder if that was the original motive all along, since there was no othe rmotive for the crime. Yet none of the guns Gabe was accused of using were legally obtained so Justin Trudau's WEF bill does nothing to prevent such a tragedy from reoccurring. If anything his removal of mandatory minimum sentences for anyone who actually does commit a mass shooting removes any deterrents in law.

The inquiry did ask the two RCMP officers who shot up a fire hall full of civilians being protected during the tragedy why they shot up the fire hall but it was not asked with the intent of finding the truth. It was asked with the intent of providing an explanation to rationalize what they did. They said we thought we were shooting at Gabe Wortman. That was a lie. They did not. It's also clear they were not shooting at a suspect because of the bullet pattern in the roll up door of the fire hall.

We have dark days ahead but no lie can live forever.

Canada to make ArriveCan optional, drop vaccine requirement at the border by September 30, 2022

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "The federal government plans to drop the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for people who enter Canada by the end of September, the same day it ends random testing of arrivals and makes optional the ArriveCan app. The changes, for arrivals at land, air and sea ports of entry, are planned for Sept. 30, but have yet to be finalized by cabinet, according to four sources."

Taking Back our Freedoms is reporting that "The move comes on the eve of the Peckford case challenging the constitutionality of the travel mandates going before a federal judge tomorrow. The Trudeau Government motioned to dismiss the entire case on the grounds of mootness because they suspended the travel mandates in June (at least for Canadian citizens and residents). Perhaps their hope is that removing the remaining restrictions will strengthen their argument."

"TBOF is certainly pleased that these unconstitutional, unethical, and immoral Covid-19 mandates and restrictions are being removed. It is clear this Government had no intention of letting go of these powers and, if public opposition remained disorganized and intimidated, continued to viscerally discriminate against the unvaccinated."

RNA vaccines are different than traditional vaccines. Canada, China and North Korea are the only countries in the world that still require vaccine mandates for travel. Brian Peckford is the last surviving signer of the Canadian Charter of Rights.

#TrudeauHasGotToGo Campaign Goes Viral! – Canadians Demand Change

Monday, September 19, 2022

The problem with Postmedia

The Toronto Star is reporting that "There is a cancer on Canadian journalism. The malignancy is Postmedia Network Canada Corp., a foreign-controlled, debt-burdened contrivance flirting with insolvency that nonetheless is relied upon by about 21 million Canadian readers."

"Postmedia’s 200-plus media outlets, mostly newspapers, including some of the biggest dailies in the country, represent a far greater concentration of news media ownership than exists in any other major economy. And a degree of foreign ownership of the free press that would not be tolerated in the U.S., France, Japan or Germany."

"The good news is that the Postmedia abomination, which has never turned a profit, is in such wretched condition that it’s not long for this world. The bad news is that as long as the biggest newspaper publisher in the country clings to life, it is a blight on all the communities it underserves. Postmedia is controlled by quick-buck hedge funds in the US."

Why is a newspaper owned by an American hedge fund endorsing Chairman Mao?

Is it the same reason Wall Street funded FARC?
Unfortunately I don't share the same prognosis for Postmedia news that the Toronto Star does. They fail to realize that Postmedia isn't buying up all the newspapers in Canada to make money. They are doing it to control the narrative. Sure they'll cuts staff and buy then eliminate the competition to reduce costs but controlling the narrative has an agenda. They fund that agenda through their ownership of Global television which does makes money.

They don't care if their newspapers lose money, they'll just ask for more tax free bailout money from the government. They're making money from global television and they're controlling the narrative by acquiring more media outlets. They just bought the newspapers in Eastern Canada despite the fact that they are flirting with insolvency. That means there's a method to their madness. The sad reality is that it's more likely Postmedia will eventually buy the Toronto Star and fire that reporter for disagreeing with them.

Free speech is under fire. That's why the Protection of Public Participation act was created.

Gangster ISM is reporitng that "Chatham Asset Management, a $4.3 billion hedge fund that owns the National Enquirer, bought and rebranded Postmedia." Now that is funny.

Victoria Civic Election and Fake Environmentalism

Victoria is the most important civic elections in BC. The current council's embracement of fake environmentalism banning natural gas from new housing will see utility bills skyrocket like England and Europe. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. Fire the freaks. However, it sounds like this is a BC NDP plan as well. That needs to be addressed.

Global fake news is reporting that "No matter how Victoria voters cast their ballots in October, city hall in British Columbia’s capital is in for a shakeup. Mayor Lisa Helps is not running for a third term in the municipal election, leaving the race wide open for current councillors Marianne Alto and Stephen Andrew, who are vying for the top spot." Thank God.

CTV is reporting that "While two current councillors – Marianne Alto and Stephen Andrew – are running for mayor, just one current councillor – Ben Isitt – is seeking re-election."

Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Lions from Cypress

I skipped leg day at the gym and went hiking on Cypress today. The parking lot had a ton of cars in it and there were a lot of people on the mountain. Thankfully there are lots of different trails so it wasn't crowded. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air. The sky was clear. No smoke from forest firers but it's noticeably cooler. The season is starting to change.
Summer went by way too fast. The seasons seem to be racing by. It's easy to lose track of time. Sky chair is closed for construction. If they don't pick up the pace it's not going to be ready for ski season. They tore down the old chairlift and are putting in a new one on Mount Strachan.

Usually Grouse mountain is the one with all the activity in summer. They have zip lines, the grizzly bear exhibit and the birds of prey show as well as lots of hiking, food and fine dining. Seymour and Cypress is normally just hiking but they have the mountain coaster running on the other side of black mountain on Cypress now. You take a chairlift up and the coaster down.
I pretty much didn't do any kayaking or hiking all summer. Just once on Widgeon creek. I was stuck on the stationary bike in the gym and taking overtime shifts at work. This summer passed me by. However, now that my hip has fully healed I think I'd like to get some back country skis this winter. They're really popular on the glacier at Baker.

Vancouver Civic Election

The Vancouver civic election is also important. The main issue is law and order but housing is also tied to that. The cost of housing in Canada is out of control. It's not just Vancouver, it's Toronto as well. However, lawlessness in the DTES is also completely out of control. There are three main candidates for mayor: Kennedy Stewart, Ken Sim and Fred Harding.

I don't have a problem with Kennedy Stewart per say. He has been a mayor without a party. He was a former NDP MP who gave up his seat in Burnaby for Jagmeet Singh. Thanks for nothing. Jack Layton and Tommy Douglas are turning over in their grave.

Yet Kennedy Stewart is not responsible for what Jagmeet Singh does. The voters in that Burnaby riding will hold Jagmeet accountable for his actions. Kennedy Stewart rightfully opposed the Oppenheimer rape camp and their defiant return to the DTES. You know it's bad when a former NDP MP starts to complain about it. There is no social justice in the DTES. Only crime and violence. What we are doing there is wrong. Everyone can see that. Even Snoop Dog.

Housing is a legitimate concern but promoting addiction, crime and violence is not the answer. That is a separate issue. The only thing a civic government can and should do is allocate more zoning for rentals. That is something they can do. The cost of land is out of their control but taxes and lawlessness is something that is in their power to do something about.

There are two false narratives that I want to address. The first is the erogenous claim that Conservatives are Fascists. That offensive lie is ridiculous. Conservatives want three things: Less government, less taxes and more freedom. There is nothing racist or homophobic about that quest. Fascists want big government and complete control. Conservatives want small government and more freedom. When the leftists claim Conservatives are Fascists, that is a lie. ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. Communists and Fascists want the same thing.

The other lie I want to address is the obsessive claim that the NDP will tax and spend. Although that is sometimes the case, it is not always so. When the BC NDP came to power they got rid of bridge tolls which lowered taxes and supported the freedom of motion in the Charter of Rights. Diane Watts wanted to toll every bridge under the sun. That tax grab was a violation of our freedom to move. We have tax and spend globalists on the right as well as the left.

Blind obedience is exact that, blind. We all need to be critical thinkers now.

We have seen how leftist extremists have turned good communities into liberal sh*t holes of lawlessness. New York, LA and Chicago are the prime examples. When you raise taxes businesses leave and go somewhere else. That means you end up with less tax revenue than you had before you raises taxes. Low taxes promote business. More business means more tax revenue. It really is that simple.

Ken Sim is a solid candidate with ABC Vancouver. I endorsed him last election. However, who I endorse really doesn't matter. People will vote for whoever they choose. I will support and oppose candidates based on the policies they embrace.

Fred Harding is a former police officer with the NPA. The NPA have traditionally supported low taxes as well as law and order but not always. Globalists within the NPA have created similar problems in the past. Fred Harding is married to Chinese pop star Zhang Mi. Kind of like Mayor Moonbeam. Chinatown is the heartbeat of Vancouver. A lot of people have come to Vancouver fleeing Communism in China and Hong Kong. They are not the problem. The people who want to bring Communism here are. That is the narrative we can all now see and reject.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Kim Bolan and Post Media News are suing me

What are they suing me for you ask? Three things. The first is defamation, the second is a copyright violation and the third is straight out of the Twilight Zone. Kim Bolan claims that whenever I say Tiocfaidh ár lá it means I want the UN gang to bring harm to her.
That is mentally deranged. I'm part Irish and spent two years in Ireland. Tiocfaidh ár lá is a common phrase. It's also a song like A Nation Once again. On Saint Patrick's Day I often say Erin go bragh, Tiocfaidh ár lá which means Ireland forever, Our Day will come. It has nothing to do with Kim Bolan. OK so let's take a look at the context it was used in.

They complained about a post I made entitled Kyle Gianis dead: Take a bow Kim Bolan and CFSEU. I took the post down but you can still see it temporarily on Google cache.

Kyle Gianis was a former UN member who to my knowledge had left the life and was trying to make a go of it hosting a fitness reality show on YouTube. I believe his departure from gang life was sincere and genuine. There were several recent attempts on his life. During that time Kim Bolan was defaming him. Kyle died during a confrontation with the ERT at a campsite. The CFSEU claimed it was a suicide. His fiancée said it was not a suicide.

CBC reported that ERT approached Kyle using tear gas and a 40mm less-lethal round. A 4 CM "less lethal" round is a lot bigger than any normal bullet. They are lethal. When I said Tiocfaidh ár lá in that post I was referring to the plastic bullets that have killed so many kids in Belfast. It means one day justice will be achieved. If not in this life, at the judgement bar of God. It's a way of recording one's dissent. It has nothing to do with Kim Bolan.

In the statement of claim, Kim Bolan states that blog post had a picture of a soldier in it which she claims is a threat. It was not. I've reposted the picture above. It was a screen shot from the movie Gladiator where Maximus turns his back on the emperor in a sign of disrespect. It was my way of recording my dissent for how Kim Bolan and the CFSEU misrepresented Kyle Gianis.
This is not the first time Kim Bolan created a fake death plot. Above is a screen shot to a comment from Blaze on my blog that I never approved after he told the court he was hired by the UN to kill Kim Bolan. Blaze was never a member of the UN and the UN never wanted to kill Kim Bolan. Kim Bolan just isn't as important as she thinks. Blaze idolized Kim Bolan because she gave him a stage to perform on. He admitted to the court that he would regularly post false information on her blog to throw the police off. Blaze still spams my blog with bullsh*t.

Blaze was convicted of selling crystal meth for the Hells Angels. His firearm offense while under a firearm ban was because he went to the wrong door with a shotgun to collect a debt for the Hells Angels. He was never a member of the UN. To claim the UN hired him to kill Kim Bolan is a bold faced lie. Now Blaze and Jamie Bacon are both trashing the Hells Angels who fed them. They have no respect for the club because they have no self respect. They are worthless liars. IHIT and the CFSEU are both compromised for paying them to lie.
Now for the copyright claim. Kim Bolan complained about one picture I used from the Vancouver Sun of Damion Ryan. Despite the fact that she and the Vancouver Sun used pictures people sent me of David Giles. I never complained because I felt sharing pictures of gang members was in the public interest. It's interesting to note that is the only picture she complained about.

At first she lied and said it wasn't Damion Ryan when we all knew it was. Someone had sent it to me and recognized him. Then finally she admitted it was. She wanted me to take it down because he was wearing a filthy few patch. That means he had killed someone in Greece, likely Larry Amero's co accused. You don't have to have killed someone to become a member of the Hells Angels but you do have to have killed someone to get a filthy few patch. Kim Bolan didn't want everyone to know about that because Damion Ryan was cooperating with the police in BC despite the fact that he killed Mo and was running the drugs out of the DTES.

Damion Ryan gave up Naseem Mohamed, the person he hired to kill Anees Mohamed because that's the way the Wolf Pack roll. They have associates testify against the people they hired to commit murder so IHIT gets a conviction. In exchange, they get away with ordering the murder and are allowed to keep selling drugs. This is what we now face in E Division.

This is a copy of the cover to the lawsuit. It's not a letter, it's a lawsuit. They're supposed to send you a letter first. They did not. They claim they sent two to my old email address that got hacked but they aren't there. This is a copy of my response I filed the day after I was served the lawsuit. This is a copy of the counterclaim I filed and serrved yesterday. Let the good times roll.

So when the Fake News says I haven't filed a response, they're lying. I've filed a response and a counterclaim. I totally respect the confidential nature of pretrial negotiations. However, court documents are, as Keith Fraser and Kim Bolan would say, part of the public record.

As I previously said, this will not end well for me. This isn't my first rodeo. I know how this works. Large corporations have unlimited resources and keep appealing decisions until they win. Judges don't like having their decisions appealed. So the judge will take one look at me and one look at them and say yup, it's a no brainer. Money talks and the truth walks.
Turns out BC does have anti SLAP legislation just like Ontario does. Everyone is accountable.

The Protection of Public Participation act was created to prevent lawsuits like this. Defamation is saying something that is untrue. Telling the truth is not defamation. Expressing an opinion is not defamation. Disagreeing with the narrative is not defamation.

The freedom of expression is protected by law. Kim Bolan's Statement of Claim is defamation because it contains statements that are not true. When Blaze kept posting on the Dirty that I had been charged with sexual interference, that was defamation because it was untrue. It was something he just made up. It never happened.

I knew it was Blaze because he said if you check the CSO you can see that I have been charged. Only when people did check the CSO, there was nothing there. Blaze was the only person that would have said that. The other trolls I had wouldn't have provided the source that would prove them wrong. They're not that stupid.

Friday, September 16, 2022

John Gibeau joins Doug McCallum's Safe Surrey Coalition

Well this is good news. I see that Doug McCallum's Safe Surrey Coalition has a full slate of candidates posted on their website and that John Gibeau has joined the team. That is awesome. John is a really nice guy. He runs the bee keeping place at Fry's corner on Fraser highway and 176th street. I totally support Doug McCallum's Safe Surrey Coalition.

I keep seeing those insanely painful Jinny Sims ads on YouTube. That woman is really rude and obnoxious. I met her at my MLA's barbeque once in Holland Park. I do not support her.

Rina Gill is running as an independent. Rina is rock solid. Surrey needs her dignity and class.

Pierre Poilievre accuses journalist of being Liberal heckler

Before I release the big news, let me set the stage. Here's the wind up. True North is reporting that "At Pierre Poilievre’s first appearance before the media as Conservative leader, Global News reporter David Akin started heckling Poilievre before he even began speaking, prompting a retort from Poilievre calling Akin a Liberal heckler.” Pierre Poilievre's comment wasn't the slightest bit extreme. It was an accurate observation. The Global reporter was being a complete dick. He was heckling Pierre like an ANTIFA fanatic wearing a Global News jacket.

True North posted another view of the press conference hijacking on today's episode of Fake News Friday. The fist clip was the screen watching Pierre. You could hear the obnoxious reporter heckling him but you couldn't see him. Today's clip is from another view and you can see the reporter wearing a Global News jacket. Hold that thought. This is why Doug McCallum doesn't do interviews with the Vancouver Sun any more. The Vancouver Sun completely misrepresents him. Global News and the Vancouver Sun are now both owned by Postmedia News.

Global News begs for government money as it faces imminent collapse

True north is also reporting that "The owners of Global News are demanding more government funding as its news media company faces imminent financial collapse. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, although Corus Entertainment Inc. has benefited from millions in taxpayer funding, its executive vice president told the Senate transport and communications committee that its news business was on the brink.” Personally I think they're full of sh*t. They just want more free tax dollars to increase their profit margin and their fake news harassment campaign.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Postmedia Fake News and their shell companies are petitioning Justin Trudeau for more protection from angry citizens who hate their biased fake news. True North keeps referring to the Poilievre Derangement Syndrome because the fake news conglomerate is obsessed with hating and misrepresenting Poilievre just like they misrepresented the convoy and all us us who supported it. In this Tweet Pierre Poilievre makes perfect sense.

Digger Dan busking in Vancouver

I was in Vancouver filing and serving court papers today and I walked past an awesome busker at the Art galley. He has a website at I used to work with a guy named Dutchy who wrote a powerful song about a fiddler on a Gastown street. I enjoy legitimate busking.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Rebel News is under attack. So am I.

Rebel News is one of the few independent media sources out there. The cancel culture of the left wants to stop that. They don't want any alternate news sources. They want exclusive control over the news. Listen to Ezra's explanation of what's happening to them because it's the same thing that's happening to me. I'll explain mine on Saturday. Meanwhile check out to see what's happening there so you can understand what's happening to me.

Liberal censorship bill a power grab over free speech: former CRTC commissioner

Fatal shooting in Burnaby

Update: 6ixaktv is reporting that the victim is Mustafa Khan

The Burnaby Now is reporting that "Homicide investigators are in Burnaby investigating a fatal shooting in the Heights Tuesday night. Police were called to the 4700 block of Hastings Street just after 11 p.m. for a report of shots fired, according to a Burnaby RCMP news release Wednesday morning. When officers arrived, they found one man dead at the scene, the release said. About 20 minutes later, police got another call about a vehicle fire in the 8200 block of Burnlake Drive. Police believe the incidents are linked, according to Burnaby RCMP."

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Fatal shooting in Brampton Ontario

CP 24 is reporting that "A male is dead following a shooting in Brampton early Monday morning. It happened at around 5:35 a.m. outside a residence near Veterans and Wanless drive, in the vicinity of Mississauga Road and Sandalwood Parkway. Police say that officers found the victim inside a vehicle in the driveway of the home. Paramedics attempted to treat the man, however he was ultimately pronounced dead on scene."

Kim Bolan is reporting that the name of the victim is former Surrey resident Sameh Ali Mohammed. OK so she got the name before any other news outlet. Who do you think gave her that information? It was the CFSEU. She got it from 6ixAdemiks but the CFSEU confirmed it. I have a lot more to say about this. Something shady is going on here and I'm back in court over it.

I'd like to let this just slide but I can't because it's not right. It's like when John Wayne said “There’s right and there’s wrong. You got to do one or the other. You do the one and you’re living. You do the other and you may be walking around, but you’re dead as a beaver hat.”

This is not going to end well for me but this is the hill that I will die on. When it is over the world will know that a poor man stood for freedom and that a Corporate Empire can bleed.

6ixAdemiks is reporting that Sameh Mohammed is Naseem Mohammed’s older brother.

Naseem is the one that shot Mo in the DTES for Damion Ryan. Mo worked for the Hells Angels. The Hells Angles killed him as soon as he stood up against them. The UN aren't going to kill Naseem's brother because Naseem killed a Hells Angels drug dealer in the DTES. That claim doesn't make sense. It fails the test of believability. Mark my word there's a lot of shady sh*t going on right now and Postmedia News is coming after me to keep it silent. Just sayn.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Illinois Will NO Longer Arrest Criminals for Violent Crime

This is what you call a Liberal sh*t hole. Compete Lawlessness.

Russia and China joint military exercises

Recently China Uncensored reported that China and Russia we conducting joint military exercises. That is concerning. Big Brother is not always right, but they're not always wrong either. However, Communism is always wrong. So let's take a look at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. That sounds a bit apocalyptic. Look who else is in there - the UN.
CIS stands for the Commonwealth of Independent States while ASAN stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Communism has taken over that half of the world, now the mainstream media is helping them take over the other half as well.

Locking down over Omicron has nothing to do with promoting health.

Traffic cop shot dead in Mississauga

A Toronto police officer was shot dead in Mississauga today. The suspect has been arrested. There was also a fatal shooting in Milton and the same suspect appears to have been responsible for that as well. Update: Suspect also dead. Things that make ya go hmm....

Sunday, September 11, 2022

George Christie: Outlaw Riding Through The Storm

The Summer of /69 and the Summers yet to come

Yesterday I rode out to Gold Creek at Alouette lake in the early evening after the crowd started to die down. Yesterday and today was pretty smokey in Metro Vancouver from forest fires burning in BC and California. There's also smoke from a pile of wood recycling at a sawmill in Vancouver that caught fire. That would explain the lower level smoke that's kind of a haze.

Alouette lake in Golden Ears is really nice but when it's hot in the summer it's impossible to find parking. Making more camp sites and more parking would be nice. As summer starts to wind down we reflect on what's behind us and what's in front of us - the past, present and future. After all, truth is a knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come.

Brian Adams wrote a popular song about the Summer of /69 where he reminisces of days gone by. It's nice to have good memories but it's also nice to make new ones. As we get older sometimes people say oh I wish I could be young again. Not me. It was fun but I don't want to do that again. I want to try something new. A salute to the road ahead.

It's hard not to stress about the cost of land now. It has a significant effect on the quality of life. Yet it's important to look forward. Solomon said where there is no vision, the people will perish. People need something to hope for. People need something to look forward to. People commit suicide because they give up, they lose hope. Yet we all know it's darkest before the dawn.

It doesn't rain every day forever. Eventually the rain will stop and the sun will come out. Sure life has struggles but nothing we attain in life comes without hard work. Overcoming challenges makes us appreciate life. When I look at the world, I think about how the media has changed.

What used to be credible news outlets have become ridiculous machines of propaganda. I guess that's part of our current Orwellian adventure. Yet we're still allowed to think. We're still allowed to feel. We're still allowed to act. If you set new goals you have something to look forward to.