Friday, September 2, 2022

Clinton Jaws on Brenda Lucki

Update: Mass Casualty Commission not allowing media to broadcast key witness testimony

Clinton Jaws is retired rank and file RCMP. I am not. I have a different perspective but I share some of his concerns and respect his opinion. I support Police on Guard because I share their values. I believe in the the Rule of Law. The Canadian Charter of Rights is the law. When we fail to uphold that charter we fail to uphold the law. Law enforcement promotes peace and prosperity.

Clinton Jaws' thoughtful concerns have opened up the door for a reflective conversation about several issues. In this video he discusses his opinion about some of the statements the RCMP Commissioner has made. I do share some of those concerns because they reflect an Agenda that is not in harmony with upholding law and order.

In the video Clinton Jaws mentions two things - the systemic racism quest and the Nova Scotia Mass shooting. He and I are going to have a different opinion about the Nova Scotia mass shooting yet we share the same concerns about the obsession with systemic misrepresentation.

Clinton Jaws would never entertain the posability of the Nova Scotia mass shooting being a false flag. If he did he would be demonetized and kicked off YouTube. Just like how many New Yorkers would never entertain the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job. The ramifications of that theory are too much for them to bear.

So let's set that aside and address the obsession with systemic racism. The term systemic racism is a catch phrase used by the Agenda just like Residential School genocide is. There is an Agenda behind that misrepresentation. Brenda Lucki was appointed to that position for a political reason by Justin Trudeau who has a political Agenda that supports fake feminism.

It's like Five Times August's new song Anti-Fascist Blues. "Call everyone an oppressor until they're on their knees. Call everyone a Fascist until they're under control." That's the Agenda.

I do not support ANTIFA or lawlessness. Previously I explained the motive behind the Anarchist Communist alliance during the ANTIFA riots. Anarchists want there to be no control while the Communists want complete control. The Communists are using the Anarchists to attain their Agenda. They promote the Anarchists to create complete lawlessness and disorder so they can come in and create order amidst the chaos. Their order. This is why I oppose the Defund the Police movement. That movement is part of the same Agenda. Defund the police so crime gets out of control then bring in your own police to secure complete control. Star Wars 101.

The Mass shooting inquiry is obviously a farce just like the Mission Women inquiry was. Both had a political agenda and revealing the truth to the public was not part of it. Do you really think the Mass shooting inquiry will ever ask or answer why the RCMP deposited $475,000 into Gabe Wortman's bank account before the mass shooting? Of course it won't. That means the public inquiry is a complete waste of time. It's a smoke and mirrors side show to promote their Agenda.
One more thing. Clinton Jaws says the Media is not your friend and that the CBC is the worst. He's absolutely right. When Tara Henley resigned from the CBC she said it was because of the CBC's woke leftist agenda. Unfortunately, except for Rebel News, the True North and Counter Signal, all the other mainstream media outlets in Canada are now just as bad as the CBC. They are all the same. They don't report the news, they promote an Agenda.

The transformation of the Vancouver Sun since it was bought out by Post Media News has become obvious. As we speak, they are actively resurrecting the Omicron Con. One one hand they are still passionately promoting the corruption within IHIT and the CFSEU that ultimately opposes law and order. On the other hand they are starting to throw out articles just like the CBC about fake police misconduct trying to make the rank and file officer look bad in support of the Agenda the mainstream media coalition has embraced.

The Vancouver Sun opposed Doug McCallum's candidacy for mayor of Surrey because he was a physically responsible Conservative who supports law and order. That is in direct opposition to Post Media News' platform. They support Dianne Watts' tax and spend Globalism.

Doug McCallum doesn't do interviews with the Vancouver Sun for that reason. They still continuously try to misrepresent him and promote the fringe tax and spend globalists that oppose him. Doug McCallum has in a sense taken Clinton Jaws advice. Doug McCallum doesn't give the Vancouver Sun the time of day because he knows they are not his friend and will misrepresent anything he says to them. Since Postmedia news bought the Vancouver Sun it has become worthless. It's not news it's propaganda just like the CBC.

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