Monday, September 19, 2022

The problem with Postmedia

The Toronto Star is reporting that "There is a cancer on Canadian journalism. The malignancy is Postmedia Network Canada Corp., a foreign-controlled, debt-burdened contrivance flirting with insolvency that nonetheless is relied upon by about 21 million Canadian readers."

"Postmedia’s 200-plus media outlets, mostly newspapers, including some of the biggest dailies in the country, represent a far greater concentration of news media ownership than exists in any other major economy. And a degree of foreign ownership of the free press that would not be tolerated in the U.S., France, Japan or Germany."

"The good news is that the Postmedia abomination, which has never turned a profit, is in such wretched condition that it’s not long for this world. The bad news is that as long as the biggest newspaper publisher in the country clings to life, it is a blight on all the communities it underserves. Postmedia is controlled by quick-buck hedge funds in the US."

Why is a newspaper owned by an American hedge fund endorsing Chairman Mao?

Is it the same reason Wall Street funded FARC?
Unfortunately I don't share the same prognosis for Postmedia news that the Toronto Star does. They fail to realize that Postmedia isn't buying up all the newspapers in Canada to make money. They are doing it to control the narrative. Sure they'll cuts staff and buy then eliminate the competition to reduce costs but controlling the narrative has an agenda. They fund that agenda through their ownership of Global television which does makes money.

They don't care if their newspapers lose money, they'll just ask for more tax free bailout money from the government. They're making money from global television and they're controlling the narrative by acquiring more media outlets. They just bought the newspapers in Eastern Canada despite the fact that they are flirting with insolvency. That means there's a method to their madness. The sad reality is that it's more likely Postmedia will eventually buy the Toronto Star and fire that reporter for disagreeing with them.

Free speech is under fire. That's why the Protection of Public Participation act was created.

Gangster ISM is reporitng that "Chatham Asset Management, a $4.3 billion hedge fund that owns the National Enquirer, bought and rebranded Postmedia." Now that is funny.


  1. That looks like a younger version of the now thankfully dead Harry Reid. He was a scumbag sellout Dem politician who talked almost as much about how much of a patriot he was as Joe Biden does. Both are career liars who took Chinese money.

    1. It's actually NYSE Chairman Richard Grasso. A Republican globalist like Bush.

  2. If the Big media giants weren't getting govt. bail-outs they would already be bankrupt and outta buisness

  3. Post media is a virus that needs to be destroyed!!

    1. Fake news has just as much a right to exist as does their opposition. The elimination of dissenting voices is the problem. People have the right to disagree.

  4. That gangsterism out blogger has some serious hate for trump


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