Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Rebel News is under attack. So am I.

Rebel News is one of the few independent media sources out there. The cancel culture of the left wants to stop that. They don't want any alternate news sources. They want exclusive control over the news. Listen to Ezra's explanation of what's happening to them because it's the same thing that's happening to me. I'll explain mine on Saturday. Meanwhile check out to see what's happening there so you can understand what's happening to me.

Liberal censorship bill a power grab over free speech: former CRTC commissioner


  1. Commie Canada is being posed upon us, without any real news we are just another China!

  2. Its fine to disagree with people and make that opinion known in public. Its referred to as Free Speech.
    Read the article you referred to, the letter advising Levant of plans to sue. Really, the man wants to sue over that. He is either a very sensitive being or just not that with it in this modern world. Levant was expressing his point of view.
    I'm not a fan of Levants by any stretch. However he has the right to express himself. Why this person is suing Levant is beyond me. It would be better to ignore Levant then. Why give him extra publicity?
    As long as people aren't preaching hate or advocating for violence, etc. they ought to be free to say what they want, well not yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre is also on the list of inappropriate things to say.
    How is Levant even "ruining" the man's reputation, etc.? If Levant is writing the truth than he is home free, sort of. If he isn't the man may not receive any compensation--one of those cases, where they find for the person and award them $5.
    Whether censorship is from the right or the left, its still wrong, if itsn't advocating violence, death of others, etc.

  3. This is very disturbing news. The last of unbiased news is being targeted. This is not democracy!

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