Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Energy Prices soar in Europe just as planned

Twinning the natural gas pipeline in Germany is in the world's best interest. Global emissions from their industrial coal would plummet. The WEF doesn't want you to have cheap clean energy. They want to bleed you dry with lies so you freeze and starve. That is not progress.
Italy turns to candles amid energy price hikes. The Countersignal is reporting that "Stores in Italy are turning off their lights and opting for candles amid a massive increase in energy bills. Some reports peg the energy hikes at a 500% increase. Amid the price spike, some stores also removed food items that require cold storage because it costs too much to power refrigerators."

Freeze or starve? Sanctioning Russia leaves Germans a choice this winter: “It’s going to be a choice many of us will have to face when winter comes: freeze or starve.” So says Günter Pohl, a glassworker from the the town of Sprockhövel in Germany’s industrial Ruhr region. “The sanctions are supposedly targeting Russia, but they’re hitting us a lot more than they are Russia.”

California ‘one step away’ from rolling power outages - Massive Energy Hike in the UK

Welcome to the Communist revolution of darkness. Natural gas is cheap and clean burning.
They did it before and they'll do it again - Net Zero is their plan for Global Famine.


  1. "You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy!!!!!!" ...... well, i'm not so sure about the happy part.

  2. Cheap & abundant energy runs counter to the WEF/Globalists goals of global human enslavement.

  3. So what’s your take on Canada and the other UN allies continuing to supply Ukraine with military support and backing while depleting our defence supplies. At the same time we are hemorrhaging money we can not afford to support a war we have no business sticking our nose into.

    Understanding it’s part of being a UN country but with all the disinformation whose to know what right and what’s fabricated news. Ugghhhh!

    1. I think it's shameful. Rest assure, anything the mainstream media tells you about the conflict in the Ukraine is false. That conflict could have easily been avoided and could end today if they wanted it to. The problem is the agenda behind it.


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