Monday, September 5, 2022

Gina Carano left Twitter stars in My Son Hunter

Update: Gina Carano Issues Statement After Her Twitter Account Goes Missing. In a statement made on her Instagram stories, Gina wrote, “I didn’t get banned from Twitter.. I deleted it.”

Gina Carano has always been a hero and a patriot. Her Twitter account has been deleted. I do remember her saying in a interview that she was just about done with that platform. I am however concerned since her last post was an obvious dig at the political trash that promoted lock downs and want you to help them keep their job after they destroyed yours. She then said vote them out with a vengeance. That post is still on her Facebook.
The Daily Wire has Gina Carano news as well as a link to her new movie Terror on the Prairie.
A trailer trash YouTuber says Gina Carano stars in movie backed by far right slugs. That guy is a complete sleazebag. Far right, F*ck you. They're only far right if you're standing on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. This is the State of the Union. If you dare express your opinion in opposition to the Communist narrative, they ban you, cancel you and deride you claiming you are a Fascist and a right wing extremist. That is how absolutely ridiculous their hateful lies have actually become. The Communist Party of China now owns Disney. The Daily Wire is a sensible alternative.

Evidently the leftist freak is crying about another new movie Gina Carano stars in. It's called My Son Hunter about Joe Biden's crackhead son. Say hello to the rebellion. This is way better than Netflix. This second new movie is produced by Breitbart, another alternate to the perpetual Communist propaganda we are all sick and tired of. This is the story the fake news buried.

Free speech means you allow alternate opinions to be expressed and shared you don't ban and defame them. That's what Communist China does. Oh right, that's what you want. My bad. Well that ain't me. Like Five Times August said, call everyone a Fascist until they're all controlled.

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  1. "Communists are just Nazi's painted Red." - Former Citizen of East Germany.


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