Sunday, September 18, 2022

Vancouver Civic Election

The Vancouver civic election is also important. The main issue is law and order but housing is also tied to that. The cost of housing in Canada is out of control. It's not just Vancouver, it's Toronto as well. However, lawlessness in the DTES is also completely out of control. There are three main candidates for mayor: Kennedy Stewart, Ken Sim and Fred Harding.

I don't have a problem with Kennedy Stewart per say. He has been a mayor without a party. He was a former NDP MP who gave up his seat in Burnaby for Jagmeet Singh. Thanks for nothing. Jack Layton and Tommy Douglas are turning over in their grave.

Yet Kennedy Stewart is not responsible for what Jagmeet Singh does. The voters in that Burnaby riding will hold Jagmeet accountable for his actions. Kennedy Stewart rightfully opposed the Oppenheimer rape camp and their defiant return to the DTES. You know it's bad when a former NDP MP starts to complain about it. There is no social justice in the DTES. Only crime and violence. What we are doing there is wrong. Everyone can see that. Even Snoop Dog.

Housing is a legitimate concern but promoting addiction, crime and violence is not the answer. That is a separate issue. The only thing a civic government can and should do is allocate more zoning for rentals. That is something they can do. The cost of land is out of their control but taxes and lawlessness is something that is in their power to do something about.

There are two false narratives that I want to address. The first is the erogenous claim that Conservatives are Fascists. That offensive lie is ridiculous. Conservatives want three things: Less government, less taxes and more freedom. There is nothing racist or homophobic about that quest. Fascists want big government and complete control. Conservatives want small government and more freedom. When the leftists claim Conservatives are Fascists, that is a lie. ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. Communists and Fascists want the same thing.

The other lie I want to address is the obsessive claim that the NDP will tax and spend. Although that is sometimes the case, it is not always so. When the BC NDP came to power they got rid of bridge tolls which lowered taxes and supported the freedom of motion in the Charter of Rights. Diane Watts wanted to toll every bridge under the sun. That tax grab was a violation of our freedom to move. We have tax and spend globalists on the right as well as the left.

Blind obedience is exact that, blind. We all need to be critical thinkers now.

We have seen how leftist extremists have turned good communities into liberal sh*t holes of lawlessness. New York, LA and Chicago are the prime examples. When you raise taxes businesses leave and go somewhere else. That means you end up with less tax revenue than you had before you raises taxes. Low taxes promote business. More business means more tax revenue. It really is that simple.

Ken Sim is a solid candidate with ABC Vancouver. I endorsed him last election. However, who I endorse really doesn't matter. People will vote for whoever they choose. I will support and oppose candidates based on the policies they embrace.

Fred Harding is a former police officer with the NPA. The NPA have traditionally supported low taxes as well as law and order but not always. Globalists within the NPA have created similar problems in the past. Fred Harding is married to Chinese pop star Zhang Mi. Kind of like Mayor Moonbeam. Chinatown is the heartbeat of Vancouver. A lot of people have come to Vancouver fleeing Communism in China and Hong Kong. They are not the problem. The people who want to bring Communism here are. That is the narrative we can all now see and reject.


  1. As a lifelong resident of Vancouver, I wish the next government would get rid of the ghetto that is the DT eastside. Clean that mess up for good.

  2. Any thoughts on why Justin and his father Pierre are supporting and inviting communism into Canada? The personal benefit vs cost to our country doesn’t seem to make much sense.


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