Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hamilton cop sentenced to 12 and a half years

CBC is reporting that "Craig Ruthowsky, a Hamilton cop who was found guilty in a pay-for-protection scheme with a crew of Hamilton drug dealers, has been sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in a federal penitentiary. Justice Robert Clark handed down his ruling in Superior Court in Toronto Tuesday. The sentence includes six months credit for time served. Ruthowsky was also ordered to pay a $250,000 fine — the amount Clark said Ruthowsky took in bribes. If Ruthowsky doesn't pay that fine within a year, three more years are tacked on to his sentence. "

This is in addition to the allegations of police corruption in Hamilton by Paul Manning who was an under cover Hamilton police officer. Court documents filed by Manning claim that "Hamilton police officers fraudulently claimed reward money from Crime Stoppers, and others were involved in “ripping off” drug dealers and marijuana grow operations. Two officers have been ‘on the take’ since the ’80s. They would pay reward money to a relative and then split the proceeds."

"A senior Hamilton officer sold information about the investigation into the unsolved 1998 murders of criminal lawyer Lynn Gilbank and her husband, Fred. It’s believed Gilbank may have been the subject of a gangland hit at her Ancaster home. Several Hamilton police officers have ties to organized crime and the Hells Angels. Manning also names a Toronto officer he alleges was selling guns to Toronto gang members."

This is in addition to former Niagara Regional Police constable Frank Dean Rudge and Montreal cop BenoƮt Roberge who were both accused of leaking information to the Hells Angels. Or the saga of police corruption in a Toronto drug squad reported in the Toronto Star.

This is why Post Media News mergers are bad for business. Harold Munro doesn't report police corruption like the independent newspapers do. He runs interference for the cops instead. Harold Munro never reported on Kamloops cop Randi Love who was caught selling cocaine on duty. That was local rock star Tim Petruk. The one who brought us the story of Peter Leask in Kamloops when Harold Monro folded like a cheap tent.

The Vancouver Sun didn't report on the Abbotsford cop caught on video putting drug money in his sock during a police raid. That was the Abby news and Global. The Vancouver sun did put out few full page adds saying we can trust them. Not. This is why obsessing over seizing the proceeds for crime without addressing street level drug trafficking is the wrong road to take.

The New York Model confronted police corruption and targeted street level drug trafficking. BC is worse than Hamilton because they keep letting career criminals like Blaze and Len Pelletier off in exchange for tainted intel. The 44 kilos of pig deworming cutting agent Lenny was caught with is specifically used to cut crack. Lenny was supplying Surrey crack shacks during the peak of the Surrey House of Horrors. He and Blaze are the root of the problem. No justice, no peace.

Justin Trudeau detonates nuclear holocaust of debt

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The Liberal government’s $4.5-billion Trans Mountain pipeline purchase was met with swift criticism Tuesday, as environmental groups and Indigenous leaders vowed to keep protesting the controversial expansion project and opposition politicians slammed the move." MacLeans is reporting that "In one fell swoop, the Liberal government’s purchase of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline fails many groups, from Indigenous communities to the provinces themselves." However, it goes much further than that.

"On Parliament Hill, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May called the purchase 'an historic blunder with taxpayer dollars,' citing a document from the National Energy Board that says Kinder Morgan bought the existing pipeline from its previous owner for $550 million in 2007 - a far cry from what the Texas company will get by selling it to Ottawa, she said."

Kinder Morgan bought the pipeline in 2007 for $550 million. Ten years later we just bought that same pipeline from them for $4.5 billion. That was complete iresponsibility. No wonder they are laughing all the way to the bank. He just spent $4.5 billion on something that already exists. There was no need to make the purchase. Buying the second pipeline was an entirely different matter. This clown has absolutely no business sense. No one on the right likes him. Now no one on the left likes him either. We need to hold an election and get rid of that clown once and for all.

Like I said before, we have gone from Harper's police state to Justin's clown state. Thomas Mulcair supported the decriminalization of pot not the legalization. He also supported a balanced budget. Thomas Mulcair was the better choice. That's who I voted for. Je me souviens.

Rachel Notley ushers in Corporate Communism

Blaze Meth head sentencing hearing - Update

Today is the final day of Blaze's three day sentencing hearing for being caught with half a kilo of crystal meth and a coupe of Joey's long guns when he was banned from possessing firearms after his domestic assault conviction. He was caught with the guns in the trunk after coming back from a trip to Vancouver where he loaded up with crystal meth from Hells Angel associates in Maple Ridge. The same trip he tried to set up a meeting with his Guildford meth head pal and I trying to pretend the troll that was spamming my bog wasn't him it was another meth head he met in Surrey Pretrial. You're gonna need more than a .22 to take out me flysh*t.

The heat bag claims he is no longer criminally active any more but we have heard that song before. He must means after the police started paying him to lie in court about drug dealing rivals. That's probably the shotgun he used to shoot Britney Irving in the back when they took her to shoot guns in the bush. That's not going to work on me weasel. Joey's letter to Blaze from prison.

Blaze's history of trolling this blog

Blaze first started trolling this blog as Kayla on a post I made about him when he was arrested on this crystal meth charge. After making numerous death threats and threatened to gang rape my daughter, he did the same thing on the Dirty after he posted her picture there.

Then Blaze made another post about me on the dirty claiming that I had been charged with sexual interference with a minor. He even said it was reported in the Vancouver Sun which it was not and said if you look up the CSO registry you can see the charges for yourself. Only he lied. People looked my name up on the CSO registry and found no criminal record whatsoever. He made the whole thing up. Then Ace Ventura joined in.

Ace Ventura aka Daryl MacAskill, AcePSJ and stoxxman joined in and said that I was a convicted pedophile in the United States which was also a bold faced lie. He even had a news article to prove it about Dennis Lance Watson being convicted. Only my middle name is James not Lance and that wasn't me. Daryl lied and said my real middle name was Lance when it wasn't. My real middle name is James and always has been. It is the name on my birth certificate and my drivers licence. It's on my Letters Patent from the Chief Herald of Canada. That's why my website says Dennis James Watson just to clarify that I am not Lance.

Blaze kept spamming my blog with nonsense and kept denying it was him. He started emailing me claiming he was from Surrey and started citing landmarks around my home to prove it wasn't Blaze. That only proved he knew someone in Surrey. He then said he would meet me at Guildford Mall to prove he wasn't Blaze. Again that would only prove he knew someone in Surrey. Another meth head he met in Surrey Pretrial. I knew he was lying because his IP in the email was coming from Langford on Vancouver Island. He was likely loading up the Devil's army with crystal meth on his way back to Kelowna with the guns in his trunk. He was trying to set me up to meet with his meth head pal then try and shoot me in the back with a freaking squirrel rifle. Nice try.

When Blaze had his 30 seconds of fame on the stand he admitted to the court that he would post false information on Kim Bolan's blog to throw the police off. He does that all the time. Then he lied and said he was involved in a conspiracy to kill Kim Bolan that never happened. Blaze would never shoot Kim. He worships her because she gives him a stage to perform on. He would never do anything that would take away his stage. Trolls feed off of attention.

Right after he made up that ridiculous story he started to spam me saying see Kim is a credible journalist, someone tried to kill her. He was trying to promote Kim's blog and thereby promote himself and his little puppet stage. If he wasn't spamming me about it I probably never would have realized it was him on the stand. If that guy had half a brain he'd be dangerous.

I haven't put his life at risk because he lied on the stand. Kling Klung wasn't in the car. He was ready to plead guilty to anything. That is what he was paid to do. Blaze wasn't at risk for testifying because he lied and told the court exactly what the people responsible for the shooting wanted him to say. He was once again playing both sides. The crown bought it, hook line and sinker.

The question we need to ask is the name of the Kelowna Hells Angel that Blaze and Joey was selling drugs for. During the trial the court was told that Joey said to one witness that he couldn't go to jail for murdering Brittney Irving because he was making too much money in the drug trade. In fact Joey was still selling drugs in prison after the murder while he was on trial. The judge stated that she was astonished at the volume of drugs Joey was selling. He was selling for a member of the Kelowna Hells Angels and it wasn't David Giles. All this crystal meth Blaze was selling was for the same member of the Kelowna Hells Angels.

Blaze went to the wrong Mission home to collect a drug debt

Blaze's Abbotsford charges are for using a shotgun to collect a debt for the Red and White in Mission with Jamie McLean from Abbotsford. Only the idiot got the wrong house. This isn't Blaze's first charge of possessing a firearm while prohibited. Incarcerate him.

The case law states that when a criminal cooperates with the police, the court no longer recognizes their right to anonymity if they lied. Blaze LIED. He never stopped lying. Blaze was paid to testify and he lied on the stand. You aren't going to get your money back. However, the fact that he lied means that his plea agreement is null and void. If you recognize his plead deal knowing he lied, then you are just as bad as he is.

Blaze admitted that he just started having supervised acess with his daughter. That means he didn't have access prior to that. Why do you think he only has supervised access? He is using his daughter to get a reduced sentence for being a career criminal. What about all the other women and children he has been terrorizing? Do the police not care about them? Evidently not.


Castanet is reporting that "While McWhirter expected to be sentenced this week, Justice Davies reserved his judgement until June 29. McWhirter remains out of custody on bail."

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The NDP take the Lead in Ontario

Maclean's is reporting that "A new online poll shows the NDP’s lead continuing to grow at the expense of both the Liberals and, increasingly, of the Progressive Conservatives. With only nine days until the June 7 election, the poll by Pollara Strategic Insights gives Andrea Horwath’s NDP 43 per cent of the decided vote, up five points from the last such poll published here six days ago. Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives are at 32 per cent, down five points. Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals are at 17 per cent, down a point to a level that would represent a historic low in the Ontario party’s history." Thank God. Looks like Andrea Horwath got a boost from Jagmeet Singh.

That's what happens when you chose a complete idiot like Doug Ford. Ya should have picked Christine Elliott. Now you have to face the consequences of that stupid choice.

Belgium Bullsh*t hits the airwaves

The Canadian Press is reporting that "A knife-wielding prison inmate on a 48-hour leave stabbed two police officers Tuesday in the Belgian city of Liege, seized their service weapons and shot them and a bystander to death before being mowed down by a group of officers, setting off a major terror investigation into the country's most savage assault since the 2016 suicide attacks."

AYFKM? A drug dealing thief gets out of prison and stabs and shoots a couple of cops. How the f*ck is that a terrorist attack? You people are crazy. The Main Stream Media is F*CKED.

The 2016 suicide attack in Brussels was a farce. Weeks ahead of the deadly blasts, Israeli security assessment found Brussels airport had ‘significant shortcomings’. Two days after the attack the Observer ran an article claiming Belgium Must Learn From Israeli Airport Security. There is your motive. Weeks before the attack Israeli security warns the Brussels airport that there are weaknesses in their security then after the attack they say we told you so now you have to hire us to do your security. When will we ever learn?

ICTS International is a Dutch firm that develops products and provides consulting and personnel services in the field of aviation and general security. It was established in 1982, by former members of the Shin Bet, Israel's internal security agency, and El Al airline security agents. ICTS Europe operates in Israel through a local branch of its Canine subsidiary, DiagNose. ICTS provided airport security during 9/11. Go figure.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Langley Shooting

The Langley Times is reporting that "Around 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Langley RCMP responded to the 8700 block of 215B St in the Walnut Grove area of the Township for reports of shots fired. They located a home on the corner of 215B Street and 87A Ave with at least one bullet hole in the garage door."

December 2011 Jeremy Bettan was shot dead outside a home he was renting in Walnut Grove. Jeremy Bettan worked for Larry Amero and set up a courier company in Montreal.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Motorcyclist shot in Richmond

The Peacearch News is reporting that "Reports say that a motorcycle rider crashed in Richmond after being shot at early Sunday morning. The man was reportedly riding along Saunders Avenue near No. 4 Road at about 2:30 a.m. Police remained at the scene throughout the day." The victim is in his 30's and is well known to the police. Then why hasn't he been named?

Trans Mountain pipeline springs a leak in Darfield B.C.

Chek News is reporting that "The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy says that approximately 100 litres of crude oil have leaked from the Trans Mountain pipeline in Darfield B.C. They received the report just before 5 a.m. Sunday morning, and say a flow meter spilled the oil onto Kinder Morgan’s site." 100 litres is relatively small but this is just another spill in the existing pipeline. We are fortunate it didn't leak into any waterways.

Global is reporting that "It has been three years since the MV Marathassa leaked 2,700 litres of bunker fuel into English Bay, and the City of Vancouver says it still hasn’t seen a dime in compensation for its estimated half-a-million dollar cleanup costs."

Rachel Notley ushers in Corporate Communism

Green Justice website

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae meet again at Korean demilitarized zone

CBC is reporting that "North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met for the second time in a month on Saturday to discuss carrying out the peace commitments they reached in their first summit, as well as Kim's potential meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump, Moon's office said." Giving Trump a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering this treaty is a bit of a stretch. Moon Jae is the real hero in this scenario.

Kim is making progress. The Agency is holding Trump back. As always.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Justin Trudeau fades while Jagmeet Singh shines

When Justin Trudeau was first elected all the women were going on about how hot he was. However, when I look at him now he just looks femmie. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that he's losing his superhero status and his popularity is fading fast.

In contrast Jagmeet Sing has started to shine. Jagmeet was on the Fifth Estate tonight. It was very positive coverage. I like him. The only concern that I have has nothing to do with Punjabi separatism. Like he said, we would never ask someone from Ireland their position on separatism. The same question could be asked of Quebecers. My concern is his position on the legalization of all drugs. That is a brick wall that I cannot get over.

Vancouver and Surrey has the most liberal drug laws in the country. The Four Pillar program has been abandoned. Harm Reduction has become Harm Promotion which has resulted in record breaking drug fatalities. We are seeing more overdoses not less because we are promoting addiction. People who want treatment can't get it. Surrey Treatment centres are simply flop houses where addicts do drugs because the police won't even arrest the drug dealers selling drugs at treatment centres. The police have stopped trying to disrupt drug trafficking. They are only concerned with seizing the proceeds of crime. As a result, the BC Gang task Force has become compromised. We need Four Pillars not just one: Prevention - Treatment - Enforcement.

Toronto Sun: Looks like Canadians are slowly waking up from Trudeaumania

CBC: Justin Trudeau's approval ratings down since last summer recess

National Post: Liberals slump as Trudeau’s popularity fades

Macleans: Trudeaumania Two is starting to fade

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pagans and Kryptmen busted on Rhode Island

Fox News is reporting that "Authorities in Rhode Island on Wednesday arrested 50 people associated with two rival motorcycle clubs believed to be involved in a turf war and seized 53 illegal guns, including a rocket launcher, and a large amount of marijuana, crack, cocaine and heroin. State Police identified the two gangs as the Pagans and Kryptmen, who were dubbed “some of the most violent” gangs in the country, the Providence Journal reported. The gangs allegedly have a history of gun and drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder and robbery.

Robbery and large quantities of crack cocaine. What's wrong with that picture? It doesn't say what the quantiy of drugs were seized and who had them. They're just rounding everyone up. "The Aging Rebel believes that seven of the defendants belong to a fledgling Pagans chapter and four defendants belong to the Kryptmen." ATF busting their rivals again. Nice Belfast Special:

The ATF were probably the ones that sold it to them. "ATF stop ATF plot." It all sounds familiar.

SNC-Lavalin screws up Evergreen line

The Breaker News is reporting that "Hundreds of concrete segments that were made to line the walls of SkyTrain’s Evergreen Line tunnel were rejected because of overcuring by SNC-Lavalin’s Langley supplier. But dozens of segments at risk of cracking were installed before the problem was detected more than four years ago, according to documents released under the freedom of information law." SNC-Lavalin under bids and overcharges government contracts just like Lockheed Martin. Giving SNC-Lavalin the contract for the Evergreen line when they were banned from world projects due to corruption was a criminal act.

SNC-Lavalin settles shareholder class actions in Ontario and Quebec for $110 million

SNC-Lavalin projects higher profits amid fraud and corruption case

SNC’s fraud, corruption hearing set for September 2018

Keep SNC-Lavalin out of Surrey. NO LRT! Green Justice.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gangsters Out goes political

Castanet is reporting that "The B.C. blog Gangsters Out has launched a political party in Surrey. The blog is best known for its coverage of Hells Angels activity in British Columbia and other gang-related crime, court cases, and rumours. Dennis Watson, director of the Green Justice Party, is encouraging people to join and run in this fall's civic election. A pet issue is what he calls "the LRT fraud in Surrey" and the defeat of the Surrey First party. He says there is no need for light rapid transit in Surrey beyond extending the SkyTrain system, and that cost projections are out of control. "As far as I'm concerned that is the primary election issue. We need to address the TransLink tax fraud once and for all."

"Watson isn't running for office, calling himself an activist, not a politician. But he is endorsing Doug Elford of the Surrey Community Alliance and independent Roslyn Cassells. He says the ideals of the Green Justice Party are similar to those of the Justice Party in the United States: preserving constitutional civil liberty, weeding out corporate influence in government, opposing taxation without representation, and fiscal responsibility. Its slogan is: No Justice, No Peace. Know Justice, Know Peace." For more information visit the Green Justice Party web site.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Canadian Vlogger Lilly Singh in HBO's Fahrenheit 451

Deadline dot com is reporting that "Lilly Singh has joined the cast of Fahrenheit 451, HBO Films’ adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s iconic dystopian novel that stars Michael B Jordan, Michael Shannon and Sofia Boutella." Lilly Singh is a popular Canadian Vlogger that plays a vlogger in the film. Tubefilter dot com is reporting that you can catch a glimpse of Lilly around the 1:18 mark in the trailer. Lilly did a funny collaboration with the Rock. Everybody likes the Rock.

The Rock recently filmed Skyscraper in Surrey. He's talented, personable and buff as f*ck. Michael B is the superhero that played Apollo's son in the movie Creed and is fighting the son of Drago in Creed 2. MBJ played a pretty awesome villain in Black Panther. Creed 2 will be epic.

Man charged with attempted murder after targeted double shooting in East Vancouver

CBC is reporting that "Police have made an arrest for a targeted double shooting that occurred in the early morning of May 18th at an East Vancouver home on Industrial Avenue near Scotia Street. Carleton Stevens, 37, was arrested Sunday night just before 8 p.m. near the area of 154A Avenue and Fraser Highway in Surrey. He has been charged with one count of attempted murder and one count of possession of ammunition or firearm contrary to a prohibition order. He remains in custody. One of the victims was a 31-year-old woman in the third trimester of her pregnancy, who lost her baby as a result of her injuries. She is now in serious but stable condition."

"The second victim, a 23-year-old Langley man, is also recovering from his injury. Jeff Grayston, the owner of East Van Graphics, where the shooting occurred, said the woman had been staying in a room in the shop for about a week. He said her new boyfriend, a long time employee, brought her there out of concern for her safety, fearing her ex-boyfriend."

Fatal shooting in Toronto

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Police say a 28-year-old man is dead after a reported shooting in downtown Toronto on Sunday night. Investigators say they believe Jaiden Jackson left a downtown core restaurant with a woman at about 9 p.m. They say a black Honda Civic drove towards the pair and two suspects with firearms shot at Jackson. Police say the two suspects and the car's driver then got out of the car and chased the victim down an underground parking ramp where they continued to shoot at him. The suspects then reportedly drove away. Jackson was taken to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead."

The Green Justice Party has launched in Surrey

Houston we have liftoff. The Gangsters Out Blog has officially launched the Green Justice Party in Surrey. This is not a charity, it is a sole proprietorship. We're in the business of politics. I'm not running for any positions. That would compromise my position. I am an activist not a politician. I don't have the patience to be a politician. I'd get in a fist fight with those clowns right in the middle of chambers and end up in jail. I post policies and I endorse candidates. That is what I do. This new website and political party is in preparation for the next civic election in Surrey fall 2018.

It's time to chase the money changers out of the temple so it is. So far I endorse two candidates for Surrey council: Doug Elford and Roslyn Cassells. Doug is with a new political party in Surrey called the Surrey Community Alliance. They are running five candidates out of eight for council and don't have a candidate for mayor.

Roslyn is an independent who was the first Green Party member elected in Canada when she defeated an NPA member on the Vancouver Parks Board back in 1999.

We are anxious to see who else steps up to the plate to defeat Surrey Worst. As I have said, the LRT Scam in Surrey is my primary election issue. Linda Hepner LIED about the costs of LRT. Extending Skytrain a few stops to Newton would be a simple task. Making people get off Skytrain to ride an LRT a few stops to Newton would be stupid. Running an LRT down 104th to Guildford would be insane. There is no need for it.

So if you oppose the Surrey LRT scam and want to run for City Council, let me know and I will endorse you. That's how we get business done yo. BTO style.

Interesting to note that the Justice Party in the United States has very similar ideals. Their motto is "economic, environmental, and social justice for all". The party was designed with the intention of shifting government back to a focus on the Constitution by removing corporate influence in politics. That is exactly what the Green Justice Party in Surrey believes.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Redemptive Power of Love

I wasn't going to comment on the royal wedding because I shun hype. Yet I have two comments to make. Hats off to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Martin Luther King talked about the day when a man and a woman would be judged by the content of their character not by the colour of their skin. For the royal family, that day has come.

At the ceremony the minister spoke about the redemptive power of love. Indeed he who knoweth not love knoweth not God for God is love. Although a man may speak with the tongues of men angels, if he has not love he is nothing. I have a lot of concerns with many things in the Old Testament which is indeed problematic because the God of the Old Testament is the same God as the God of the New Testament since God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Nevertheless, the redemptive power of love is indeed indisputable. They say perfect love casteth out all fear. They also say hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. Love is redemptive. It motivates us to aspire to something higher. A young couple in love is indeed inspiring. It fills their world with a hope and light and shines bright for everyone to see.

Martin Luther King also used to say anyone can be great because anyone can serve. Hats off to the women who have made the royal family great: Princess Dianna, Kate Middleton, Megan Markle and Megan's mother Doria Ragland. Stand By Me performed at the wedding.

Canadian Tire money evolves and innovates

Speaking of supporting small business, Canadian Tire is one local retailer that has survived where other larger outlets have failed. Canadian Tire money has been a longstanding rewards redemption program that I had never participated in. Getting a couple of cents of Canadian Tire money with each purchase was kind of useless. What am I supposed to do with this? Save it for my next visit? Not likely. Their new program however is appealing.

They have created a new rewards card called Triangle that collects points at Sport Chek, Mark's and Atmosphere locations and on fuel purchases at any Canadian Tire gas bar. I shop at Sport Chek, Mark's and Atmosphere. Then I thought, what do I want with Canadian Tire money? They do put out a very impressive catalog of outdoor stuff that has survived the failed Sears catalog tradition. Then the light went on. At the Canadian Tire in Langley they sell firearms. I can collect Canadian Tire money and use it to get discounts on new firearms and ammunition.

Even if you're not a gun buff there is plenty of good stuff at Canadian Tire. Hats off to them for evolving and innovating into the next generation. That is good business.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Two men charged in St. John's with conspiracy to murder Hells Angels associate

This one is from Newfoundland. The Telgram is reporting that Two men have recently been charged in St. John's with conspiracy to murder Hells Angels associate Bradley Summers. Brad was arrested June 2013 for uttering threats and wore Hells Angel gear to court. He lived in a house with his coaccused that was firebombed the month before his arrest. Bad luck.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rachel Notley ushers in Corporate Communism

Rachel Notley is a raging lunatic. Alberta needs to hold an election and bring someone else to the table because that lunatic has lost her mind. At least a Conservative would have some business sense. She doesn't have a clue how things work in the real world.

When you negotiate a trade agreement it has to be by consent. Instead of building a relationship of trust, resolving concerns and offering incentives, she is stuck in the ancient dinosaur trade unionism era. BC raised a simple concern and instead of resolving that concern she was like screw you we are boycotting your wine. John Horgan was like is this woman on crack?

When BC asks what will happen if there is an oil spill, she says that's your problem, we're not paying for clean up. That's not very nice and it's not very wise business negotiations. A Conservative would have resolved those concerns and would have agreed to split the cost of clean up. She did not. A Conservative would have throw some incentive BC's way like assuring them a fair price at the pump and offering a token profit sharing program that would give them a reason to take the risk that Chicago and Detroit turned down.

Pipelines for Alberta Tar Sands sludge already exists all the way to Chicago and Detroit. Those cities kicked the sludge out of their cities because of the mountains of petroleum coke left behind. When BC expressed a concern about the volume of Tar Sands sludge coming into BC Rachel Notley said screw you and jacked up the price of gas at the pumps three times. This has shown us why we cannot in good consequence sign a contract that would be legally binding without resolving the colossal concerns that are outstanding. Chicago and Detroit are allowed to express concerns but BC isn't? That's just not right.

Now the lunatic has passed a law cutting off all oil to BC. This has shown us why we cannot sign this deal without protection against this in the future. She doesn't realize that when greedy trade unionists go on strike, they don't get paid. Cutting off the taps will hurt the Alberta economy. All the oil tankers leaving the port of Vancouver with Alberta oil comes to a grinding halt. Don't play that game with people's lives you deranged freak.

Since this insane threat has been made BC needs to look into having oil tankers from Russia come to Vancouver's port. That is supply and demand in the real world.

The problem is that we don't have a free market in the Canadian oil industry. In a free market we can negotiate with Rachel Crackhead and if she says screw you with regards to splitting the costs of clean up in the event of an oil spill, we can go to another oil company and say what will you offer us instead? That is a free market. We don't have that in Canada. What we have is a tax funded monopoly that screws the consumers and taxpayers instead of serving them.

Even Dianne Watt's lapdog is laughing at the thought of the Trudeau government paying for the pipeline with tax dollars then letting Kinder Morgan have all the profits from the pipeline. That's the BC Rail scandal times a thousand. That's the Wall Street bailout where the government privatizes profits but socializes losses. If the government nationalized Canada's oil and bought the pipeline, that would be good business. If the government buys the pipeline and hands over all the profits to a foreign country, that is insane. It is bad business.

We need to throw some water on that witch to make her disappear. Alberta needs to bring someone else to the table. Someone who understands how business works in the real world.

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Conflict - Solved

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fatal Shooting at Langley Gas station - ID'd

The Peacearch News is reporting that "A man died in hospital after a gang-style shooting at the gas station at 232nd Street and 72nd Avenue Tuesday evening. The man was shot in a Range Rover that was parked at a pump around 9 p.m. A short time later, a pickup truck was found engulfed in flames at 196th Street and 83rd Avenue." A witness described it as an execution style shooting in a Range Rover that was parked at the gas pump.

Update: The Peacearch News is reporting that Amanjot Singh Hans from Surrey was shot and killed at the Chevron gas station on 232 Street on May 15.

232nd is an area of interest linked to Len Peltier and the 856. There has been shootings in the area as well as gang related gun seizures. The Hells Angels puppet party that killed Bob Green was nearby at 23700 block of 72nd Avenue. Jason Wallace was busted with Len Peltier for drugs tied to the 856 in 2015. Bob Green wanted Jason to take the fall for Lenny like everyone else and Jason said no. The puppet shooting the puppet master was unprecedented.

The fact that the police and the crown keep covering for Lenny shows that the police and the crown are compromised. Dirty deals done dirt cheap. Lenny is the root of the problem.

Crackhead throws feces at staff in Langley Tim Horton's

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "A woman who flung her own feces at Tim Hortons workers in Langley was detained by police Monday evening. The incident took place at about 6:15 p.m. at the Douglas Crescent Tim Hortons in downtown Langley City. On a video of security footage posted to YouTube, a woman can be seen angrily gesturing at staff. The staff appear to be asking her to leave. The woman then defecated on the floor and flung the feces at staff members behind the counter."

CBC is reporting that the woman is known to the police in that area. "That area" is a scuzzy part of Langley filled with drug addicts. This is why harm promotion is not working. It creates a tsunami of addicts that have absolutely no regard for anyone else other than themselves.

Surrey council does not listen

The Peacearch News is reporting that "Surrey council does not listen to citizens or community groups. That was the resounding message at a May 3 “Surrey Community Leaders” forum, say its organizers. It was identified as the number one community issue in Surrey by 93 per cent of representatives who attended the forum, from 16 Surrey neighbourhood associations and eight environmental groups." No kidding. From Hawthorne park to the LRT to Campbell heights, Surrey council does not listen. That's why we need to elect a new slate. Linda Hepner's day is done.

On that note, the Peacearch News is also reporting that "One of the civic parties that intends to challenge the reigning Surrey First party has announced its slate of candidates for the upcoming civic election, which doesn’t include a mayoral candidate. Surrey Community Alliance (SCA) has revealed its five city council candidates, and lone school board candidate."

I don't know everyone in that slate are but I do know Doug Elford and I certainly can support him for Surrey City Council. He is a front line crime activist from Newton. As I previously said, I also support Roslyn Cassells for a seat on Surrey Council. We'll see who else steps up to the plate. I'm just glad Steve Pettigrew isn't part of the Surrey Community Alliance slate. That protects their credibility. I'm going to have to read up on the others.

For me, the Translink Tax Fraud and the LRT scam in Surrey are primary election issues. I want to know how the candidates stand on that. Linda Hepner lied about the costs of LRT. Extending Skytrain to Newton would be an easy task. People who drive cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrain does not impede traffic. Reverting 104th Avenue to a single lane of traffic from Guildford to Surrey Place would be an infrastructure nightmare. We need to start using common sense.

Four-year-old Surrey City Hall lobby getting upgraded

The Peacearch News is reporting that Linda Hepner's brand new ivory tower is getting an upgrade already. This is tax fruad. Surrey First has been Surrey's Worst for fiscal responsibility.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gaza protest turns violent

Some pretty conflicting and sensational headlines in the news concerning Gaza and Israel. The most recent violence seems to revolve around the fact that the Americans moved their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel. This insanity is so toxic I hesitate to comment yet the absurdity of it all compelss me.

First the obvious. If the Americans want to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Haifa or Tuktoyaktuk, who cares? No really, who cares where they put their embassy? It just doesn't matter. Logically they will also put the US embassy for the Palestinian authority in Jerusalem as well. Everyone is freaking out over the declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Who cares? No really. Who cares? Palestinians in Israel now have passports. They are residents of the Palestinian National Authority. This is progress.

The Old City of Jerusalem is divided into four quarters, Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian. There is no reason the City of Jerusalem can't be the capital of Israel and the Palestinian National Authority as well. It actually makes sense since both parties consider the city holy.

I also want to be clear that Palestinians are not the original inhabitants of Gaza. The Philistines are. They were conquered by Egypt under Ramses. The current residents of Gaza are the most politically extreme and have the least hereditary claim to the land. Israel doens't want Gaza. They just want Gaza to leave them alone which has proven to be very problematic.

Yesterday Gaza hosted a violent protest and stormed the border with Israel. Israel fired on the mob that was storming their land. In Belfast they used to refer to Russia as Big Brother. As I have said before, Big Brother isn't always right but Big Brother isn't always wrong either. Likewise with Israel. Israel is not always right but they are not always wrong either. The Jews have a historical and hereditary claim on part of Palestine. They just don't have an exclusive right to it which makes peace in the city of peace very problematic indeed.

As Ramadan begins it is important for us to all respect religious and cultural diversity. God is not a respecter of persons. How we treat each other is more important that what he profess to believe. Actions always speak louder than words. Hypocrisy always smells bad.

Last week my neighbor's sister in law was sitting outside holding what looked like a rosary. I pointed to the beads and said what is that? She held it up for me to see and again I said what is that? She proceeded to take each bead one at a time and say something in Arabic and then said Allah and pointed up and said for my benefit "God". It was just like a rosy.

I was shocked and kept saying, this is Arabic? This is Muslim? She kept nodding and said yes. She said she got it at Mecca in Saudi Arabia. I was fascinated. I had no idea two very different cultures could possibly be so similar. As I've previously mentioned my neighbors are Muslims from Syria. They are wonderful. Their children are adorable. Diversity makes us strong.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Friday, May 11, 2018

ERT arrest Kenneth Lavallee again

The Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News reported that Kenneth Lavallee was arrested with assistance from the Abbotsford Police Emergency Response Team on March 21st 2018. Well, they just arrested him again in Maple Ridge. One blog reader claims ERT set off a few percussion grenades and had a loudspeaker asking "KENNETH LAVALLEE" to "COME OUT OF THE HOUSE IT IS SURROUNDED". They included a few pictures of the event.

Why can't they drive that thing down the Surrey strip and arrest the drug dealers selling fentanyl?

In 2012 Kenneth Lavallee, 41, pleaded guilty to the May 2009 abduction of Robert Chartwell, who sold and delivered drugs for him. At the time he had a 20 year criminal history.

Overdose fatalities continue to rise in BC

CBC is reporting that "Suspected overdose deaths spiked again in March, reaching the province's second highest monthly total to date, according to the B.C. Coroners Service. A total of 161 people are believed to have died from drug overdoses in March, a 58 per cent increase over the month before." Global is reporting that "The deaths represent a 24 per cent increase over March 2017, when 130 people died from illicit drug overdoses."

Obviously the lethal injection sites are not working. They have increased fatalities not decreased them. The reason is two fold. First is the obvious. Harm Promotion increases addiction like a forest fire. Addicts in Surrey want rehab but they can't get it because most of the detox centres in Surrey are flop houses for addicts to use drugs. Police won't even arrest the drug dealers that sell drugs at detox centres. The other reason was explained by former VPD officer John McKay.

When the city sets up a lethal injection site where addicts can shoot up and smoke crack without getting arrested, the police create a buffer zone around it where they refuse to enforce the law and arrest the drug dealers. That creates a black hole of lawlessness around the facility that attracts addicts from all over the country and creates more addicts faster than we can inject them with Naloxone so they can keep filling the drug dealers pockets. We are culpable in those fatalities through our harm promotion and our endorsement of lawlessness and organized crime. That is not social justice. It is mass murder.

Needle exchanges coming to 2 Canadian prisons - God help us

CBC is reporting that "Inmates at two federal prisons who use injection drugs will have access to clean syringes beginning in June, with the Correctional Service of Canada planning to roll out the service at other institutions next year." WTF?! This country is so f*cked up. Inmates are not supposed to have access to drugs in prison. We are supposed to uphold the law not break it.

Leave Syria Alone

This one is fishy as f*ck. The Independent is reporting that "The Israeli military has claimed Iranian forces in Syria have fired about 20 rockets at its positions in the Golan Heights. Some of the projectiles were intercepted and damage on the Israeli side was minimal, it said, adding that there were no casualties." The source is the Israeli military. The same group responsible for the false flag attack on the USS Liberty.

CNN is reporting that "Netanyahu says Iran crossed a red line after Israel pounds Iranian targets in Syria. The source is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who sidestepped corruption charges by threatening war with Iran. Lest we forget that Cyrus the great was the one that set the Jews free after the Babylonian captivity. Cyrus was from Iran.

Lest we forget that it was the British and the Americans that overthrew democracy in Iran under Operation Ajax and implemented Islamic extremism there.

This latest rocket attack fails the test of believably just like the recent false flag chemical weapon attack. Assad is winning. He has no reason to inflame the west and justify their involvement. Israel and America want to over throw Assad because he is close with Russia. If you don't want to accept refuges into your country then stop creating them. The people like Assad. We need to respect their democratic will and stop this ridiculous meddling. Jerusalem O Jerusalem...

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Guns seized at Pacific Border crossing

Global is reporting that "The Canada Border Services Agency is announcing a significant weapon seizure that occurred at the Pacific Highway port of entry. On March 23, Scott MacCallum Osborne, a Canadian citizen who was living in the U.S. at the time, was referred to a secondary examination while seeking entry to Canada. A dog was also called in to assist. Further investigations found a total of 19 hand guns and 32 over-capacity magazines, hidden behind various panels within the vehicle."

CTV is reporting that Scott Osborne is a self-proclaimed professional gambler who fled to Las Vegas last year because his life was in danger. “In September 2017, Vancouver Police Organized Crime unit informed (Osborne) that a hit had been put out on him,” wrote his ex-wife Vanessa Osborne, in an affidavit. “(The Ministry) said we should move with the children.” His kids were in the car with the guns as he was taking them to visit their mother.

Sounds like he was on the Vegas money laundering run like Geoff Meisner and the Boys found someone to do the run cheaper again. With friends like that, who needs enemies?