Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Justin Trudeau detonates nuclear holocaust of debt

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The Liberal government’s $4.5-billion Trans Mountain pipeline purchase was met with swift criticism Tuesday, as environmental groups and Indigenous leaders vowed to keep protesting the controversial expansion project and opposition politicians slammed the move." MacLeans is reporting that "In one fell swoop, the Liberal government’s purchase of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline fails many groups, from Indigenous communities to the provinces themselves." However, it goes much further than that.

"On Parliament Hill, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May called the purchase 'an historic blunder with taxpayer dollars,' citing a document from the National Energy Board that says Kinder Morgan bought the existing pipeline from its previous owner for $550 million in 2007 - a far cry from what the Texas company will get by selling it to Ottawa, she said."

Kinder Morgan bought the pipeline in 2007 for $550 million. Ten years later we just bought that same pipeline from them for $4.5 billion. That was complete iresponsibility. No wonder they are laughing all the way to the bank. He just spent $4.5 billion on something that already exists. There was no need to make the purchase. Buying the second pipeline was an entirely different matter. This clown has absolutely no business sense. No one on the right likes him. Now no one on the left likes him either. We need to hold an election and get rid of that clown once and for all.

Like I said before, we have gone from Harper's police state to Justin's clown state. Thomas Mulcair supported the decriminalization of pot not the legalization. He also supported a balanced budget. Thomas Mulcair was the better choice. That's who I voted for. Je me souviens.

Rachel Notley ushers in Corporate Communism


  1. weren't you the guy saying Nationalize the oil industry, or am i mistaken.
    from the financial papers i am reading we could make a 2 billion $ profit when the government sells this asset and at this point the existing line is making a profit. alberta gets oil to the tide water, new markets, less of a discount from the americans is a good thing and if a train derails near the fraser river in the canyon a whole bunch of fish habitat won't get destroyed.
    not all natives are against this pipeline. born in downtown vancouver, 1953, this is the west coast of canada not only the west coast of bc. peace

    1. I did say Nationalize our oil. $4.5 billion for something worth half a billion is bad business. Reselling it for $6.5 billion is ridiculous. Kinder Morgan was pulling out. We could have bought it for a much better price. That still doesn't address the many unresolved concerns with twining the pipeline for tar sands sludge.


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