Friday, May 4, 2018

Vancouver Sun / Province Boycott

Today is a national day of mourning. Harold Munro just killed a long legacy of credible news reporting. We've talked about the Clone Show created by the Post News Media apocalypse. Post News Media buys up small papers and throws them away to eliminate competition.

The Vancouver Province used to have it's own identity when Wayne Moriarty was the Chief Editor. When they merged with the Vancouver Sun and made Harold Munro the Chief Editor of both papers the Vancouver Province went down the toilet. It joined the Post Media Clone Show of Corporate Propaganda. That's when the paper lost it's identity and it's moral compass.

Lately the stench of corporate bias has become too much to stomach. The paper feigned it's former legacy of free speech by allowing one or two letters slip through that said I disagree only to be posted beside five articles pushing the corporate propaganda. Take the Metro Vancouver gas fraud for example. They let one letter slip through objecting to the legality of the current price fixing at the gas pumps in Vancouver the same day that had three editorials trying to convince us why we need to get used to rising gas prices. Vancouver has the highest gas prices in North America. The second pipeline was not for domestic consumption. The last three spikes in the price of gas at the pumps is price fixing. That's all there is to it.

Under Harold Munro's leadership the Vancouver Province has continued to push the ICBC fraud trying to convince us that ICBC is in financial trouble when we all now it is not. As a local resident from Delta pointed out "The Insurance Corp. of B.C. is $1.3 billion in the red, but the Liberal government siphoned off $1.3 billion from ICBC. That means ICBC is breaking even. It’s up to the provincial government to reimburse ICBC the funds it took and, in future, keep its hands out of the till." That is true. Yet the paper keeps sidestepping that fact and keeps pushing the Liberal Government's ICBC fraud trying to convince us we need to spend more money.

Affordable housing in Metro Vancouver is a colossal concern for everyone both young and old. When the city suggests creating rental zones Harold Munro runs an article saying we can't do that because it will lower land value. It will not. If it stabilizes land value that is a good thing. We are in the middle of a housing crisis. They stopped building rental units years ago. That has created the housing crisis. Creating rental zones will ease the crisis and still allow companies to make a great profit from good tenants. We need to use common sense and stop the greed.

Then there was the Linda Hepner Fraud. Linda Hepner and Mayor Moon beam did not run for chair and vice chair of Translink because they saw the writing on the wall. They knew they wouldn't be reelected. That's why they both decided not to run again as mayor of Vancouver and Surrey. Their popularity has tanked. Despite that fact the Vancouver Province kept spinning for Linda Hepner contrary to the political will of the people in Surrey.

Well today was the straw that broke the camels back. They ran an obscene front page article pushing the LRT in Surrey. They have just lost my support. I have had enough. I will not longer link to any story from the Vancouver Sun or the Vancouver Province any more because under Harold Munro's leadership they have become a cheap tabloid of corporate propaganda trying to mold public opinion to fit the tax and spend Neo Con and I refuse to buy it. Not only will I not buy their paper I will not even read it for free because it's simply not worth my time.

Extending Skytrain to Newton is a good idea. Running an on ground train through busy intersections is not. Harold Munro can go f*ck himself. We prefer Skytrain.

So I ask myself what went wrong? When Harold Munro took over it was bad but now the paper has gone right down the toilet. What happened? I'll tell you what happened. Wayne Moriarty retired. The paper just lost it's moral compass. Now I'm telling my employer not to bother renewing their subscriptions because it's no longer worth it. There are other news outlets that are.

Postmedia's credibility cover up. All hail Wayne Moriarty. He was a soldier of Rome. Honour him.

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