Wednesday, May 2, 2018

David Atwell testifies at BC Hells Anges civil forfeiture triall

Keith Fraser is reporting that David Atwell is testifying at the BC Hells Angels civil forfeiture case covering the future of the Kelowna, Naniamo and East Vancouver Hells Angels clubhouses.

David Atwell is a former member of the Toronto Hells Angels. He was never a member of the BC Hells Angels or any of the three chapters in question making the relevance of his testimony limited. He coauthored a book about his escapees in the club with Jerry Langton who is a credible crime journalist and former deputy editor of the Daily News.

David atwell told the court that "Before he became a member of the Hells Angels, David Atwell says his criminal activity was “minimal” and involved a “couple of assaults, some drug use.” “But as a full-patch Hells Angel, I was able to buy kilos of cocaine without being questioned why and where it was going,” Atwell told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies on Tuesday.

The relevance of his testimony establishes that "the mechanism of the drug deals happened at the clubhouse." Which means if the Crown can prove members of the chapter were involved in drug activity, that would in turn implicate the clubhouse. David Giles wire tap evidence establishes that anyone who uses the name of the club for criminal activity must have permission of the local executive. That would also implicate the local presidents where criminal activity was committed.

Evidently Michael Plante will also be testifying at the trial which would relate specifically to the East Vancouver chapter and clubhouse. Glad to see Keith Fraser is still employed after all the Post Media mergers and layoffs seeing how back when he f*cked me over is now water under the bridge. Next time you upload a court document online, black out the home addresses. That would be the professional thing to do. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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