Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Man shot and killed during attempted arrest at Vancouver Island ferry terminal

The Peacearch News is reporting that "A man is dead after being shot during an attempted arrest at Nanaimo’s Departure Bay ferry terminal this morning." The police said "the Island District Emergency Response Team and Nanaimo RCMP were at the location in relation to a violent car-jacking incident elsewhere in B.C." The vehicle was stopped by police and a takedown was initiated. Police saw what they thought as a gun and lit him up. It has not yet been confirmed if the suspect did in fact have a gun or if there was an exchanged of gunfire before the police fired.

Update: CBC is reporting that "Mounties in the Okanagan have located a car that may be linked to a man killed in a police shooting at the Departure Bay ferry terminal. Investigators revealed Wednesday that a suspect shot dead at the Nanaimo terminal earlier this week may have been connected to a shooting in Vernon and a carjacking in Penticton on May 7."

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