Sunday, May 20, 2018

Canadian Tire money evolves and innovates

Speaking of supporting small business, Canadian Tire is one local retailer that has survived where other larger outlets have failed. Canadian Tire money has been a longstanding rewards redemption program that I had never participated in. Getting a couple of cents of Canadian Tire money with each purchase was kind of useless. What am I supposed to do with this? Save it for my next visit? Not likely. Their new program however is appealing.

They have created a new rewards card called Triangle that collects points at Sport Chek, Mark's and Atmosphere locations and on fuel purchases at any Canadian Tire gas bar. I shop at Sport Chek, Mark's and Atmosphere. Then I thought, what do I want with Canadian Tire money? They do put out a very impressive catalog of outdoor stuff that has survived the failed Sears catalog tradition. Then the light went on. At the Canadian Tire in Langley they sell firearms. I can collect Canadian Tire money and use it to get discounts on new firearms and ammunition.

Even if you're not a gun buff there is plenty of good stuff at Canadian Tire. Hats off to them for evolving and innovating into the next generation. That is good business.

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  1. In the Comox Valley, Canadian Tire money could be put in a box and then was divided amongst local charities. it was a great program. It provided lunches, sports equipment, etc. for local charities. that was where a lot of Canadian Tire money went in the community. The guy who owned the Canadian Tire franchise in the Comox Valley was known for his generosity. I don't know if he still owns it since its moved its location, but he certainly did a lot of charity work, which included donating stock to the ReHab store which supported Habitat for Humanity.

    I've also seen people save that money and use it at Christmas. In some parts of Canada, the Maritimes there were pubs who would accept Canadian Tire money for half the cost of your drink. (the area didn't have a lot of money, back in the day.


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