Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My three beefs

Right now, Harper screwing up our pensions is my primary beef. That is unbelievable. Lying about the bank bailout in Canada, taking us from a surplus in the millions to a deficit in the billions because he gave the banks $65 billion when he said we didn’t have to was astonishing. Repaying that bailout by deregulating pensions is pure evil. Although he didn’t say a word about it during the election, he was involved with the pension theft at Canada Post prior to the last election.

After the employees voted no to losing their pensions, Canada Post locked out their employees knowing that Stephen Harper would legislate them back to work. Now he is continuing that dirty deed in his quest to steal pensions from all new Canadians not just unionized workers. This is not a heritage to be proud of. Stephen Harper and Gordon Campbell are scoundrels.

My next biggest beef is the BC Hydro fraudulent debt and the secret quest to crash the public company and turn it into another Enron disaster at the taxpayers’ expense just because privatizing Hydro will remove all public accountability. That is treason.

My third beef is obviously the gang war resulting from the public sale of crack and crystal meth. Stephen Harper is not an honest man. He was elected on a tough on crime platform, only to cut funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task Force.
He didn’t give anyone more money for more prisons. He came up with an insanely unbalanced crime bill and told the provinces they had to pay for it. That’s like Christy Clark giving away a new stat holiday she doesn’t have to pay for. Only it’s much worse.

His ridiculously unbalanced crime bill will prevent us from being able to afford to fix the problem we have all been complaining about – addressing violent crime. When someone gets more prison time for growing pot than for sexual assault, something is very wrong.

Destroying our prison system, which is exactly what Stephen Harper is doing by over burdening it with nonviolent offenders, will bankrupt it unnecessarily just like the California privatized prison system disaster.

What we need to do is stop letting crack dealers sell crack or crystal meth in public. What we need to do is get rid of Stephen Harper because he is a traitor and a tyrant just like Brian Mulroney.

Stopping the public sale of crack would be an easy task. On welfare night in East Vancouver the line ups for the crack dealers are a block long. It would be a very simple task to walk up to that line and arrest the crack dealer not the addicts. The fact that we are not doing that is suspect. It brings us to Operation Fast and Furious.

Operation Fast and Furious was nothing new. They were caught doing what the Bush and Clintons were doing out of Mena, Arkansas for years. If we want to get crack off the street, we have to open our eyes and take a look at the obvious corruption that is putting it there.

Monday, January 30, 2012

102 minutes that changed the world

There was a very disturbing documentary about 9/11 on TV last night called 102 minutes that changed the world. It showed a lot of unseen footage taken from private cameras and cell phones after the first plane hit the first tower and on through the second plane and the eventual collapse of the towers.

It was very disturbing because without question 9/11 was a horrible event. A few years ago I was at a jobsite and we were discussing 9/11 and the Bush Administration. The person I was discussing it with came right out and said do you believe 9/11 was an inside job? I looked him in the eye and said yes I do. There was silence. A woman I worked with looked at me like I had just said I was an alien from outer space. She was shocked. I shrugged and said I sincerely believe it was an inside job.

One of the things that bothered me about the documentary last tonight was that it didn’t even show the collapse of the first tower. They had all this new unseen footage and they cut out the collapse of the first tower completely. They just showed the tower and a plume of smoke with it gone shortly thereafter and all the shock that the tower had completely disappeared.

It did show the collapse of the second tower once briefly from a distance. The whole point is that buildings don’t collapse like that unless the load bearing beams are blown out in a controlled demolition. A better example is the third tower. The third tower fell in the exact same manner and no planes hit it at all. It didn’t fall over. It collapsed into it’s own blueprint at freefall speed. Architects will tell you that is a controlled demolition. Larry Silverstein admitted they pulled that tower.

Looking back at the twin towers, they too collapsed into their own blueprint at freefall speed. One can imagine that a plane hitting a tower can cause a huge amount of force. Yet the buildings were unmoved. When they fell, they fell at freefall speed. The top floors didn’t collapse first which in turn put pressure on lower floors which caused them to collapse. They all fell at freefall speed just like a controlled demolition.

Another thing that bothered me about that documentary is that it didn’t show the subsequent explosions we all saw after the planes hit. It did interview one witness covered in dust. He was asked What happened? He responded with: It collapsed. The top flours collapsed. I saw it blow and I ran like hell. I may be 69 but I can still run. He saw what blow? He said he saw something blow right before the tower collapsed. He wasn’t taking about the initial explosion when the plane hit it. He was talking about right before the tower fell. Other eye witnesses claim they also saw explosions going off in the Towers after the planes hit. Those witnesses are now dead.

Another disturbing thing is the fact that right after the documentary they advertised another new documentary about JFK exposing his mistresses. We all know it is highly likely that JFK had an affair with Marylyn Monroe. That wasn’t the conspiracy. The conspiracy was the fact that he was assassinated. That is a historical fact. He was murdered after he vetoed Operation Northwoods and reassigned the Joint Chiefs of staff who signed it and fired the Director of the CIA who submitted it.

Allen Dulles was the one that helped hide the Bush family’s dealings with Nazi Germany. Putting him on the Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s assassination was a complete conflict of interest. Kennedy was shot from the front not from behind. The secret service pulled back his body guard right before he was shot.

Allen Dulles was also involved with Operation 40 which just happens to be highlighted on Jesse Ventura's TV Series Conspiracy Theory. Barry Seal our cocaine smuggling friend for the Agency in Mena Arkansas was also a member of Operation 40.

If find the timing of a use 9/11 to rationalize going to war right before a slag JFK for vetoing Operation Northwoods to be very suspicious. Many readers will cover their ears when I say 9/11. Many more readers will cover their ears when I say JFK. Some readers will say stop mentioning Operation Northwoods. Only I can’t. Operation Northwoods was a real proposal. If Kennedy didn’t veto it, they would have implemented it. Regardless of who is responsible for 9/11 that is a serious concern.

I’m sure if we took video footage of children screaming with radiation burns in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that too would generate strong emotions. We need to open our eyes and look at the facts. Larry Silverstein bought the twin towers after the port authority lost the court case to pay for the asbestos removal. Yes the twin towers were half full of asbestos and yes the port authority wanted to demolish the towers but were forbidden from doing so because of the health concerns. That horrible dust cloud we all saw wasn’t just dust. It was full of asbestos.

Larry Silverstein went back to court with the port authority at his side and sued the insurance companies again. This time he wanted to get paid double the value of the policy because two planes constituted two terrorist attacks. They won that court case. He doubled his investment over that horrific tragedy.

That’s like insuring a car worth $20,000.00 and getting paid $40,000.00 because it was involved in a three car collision. It’s just not right.

I do believe 9/11 was an inside job and I'm not the only one.

9/11 Loose Change: An American Coup

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice

Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer

Vancouver 9/11 Truth

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sandip Duhre's funeral compared to Jonathan Bacon's

It was an overflow crowd of family and friends at Surrey’s Valley View funeral home Thursday to pay tribute to the late Sandip Duhre. VS A handful of mourners visited a Langley funeral home Friday afternoon for a private family viewing of slain gangster Jonathan Bacon.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out how hated the Bacon brothers are in Surrey. Jonathon Bacon was a piece of garbage just like his other two brothers. Punks from the suburbs empowered by the Hells Angels who got too big for their britches. Take away the armored cars and the body armor and look what happens. He's dead and no one cares.

Errol Gardiner

Is that Errol Gardiner from the Throttle Lockers in Kelowna seen in the left beside what appears to be James Riach leaving the scene of the Jarrod Bacon / Larry Amero shooting? People say it looks very similar.

Who is Nabil Alkhalil?

Nabil Alkhalil was arrested with 11 kilos of cocaine after a high speed car chase in Ottawa. He was sentenced to a seven year jail term in 2008. Statutory release is after two thirds of his jail term has been served. So, if he's out of jail, what on earth would one of our local boys be doing hiding with him?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Confucius’ Five Virtues

Confucius was a wise teacher with many famous sayings similar to the proverbs of King Solomon. Confucius’ Five Virtues are:

Ren, the virtue of benevolence, charity, and humanity

Yi, the virtue of honesty and uprightness;

Zhi, the virtue of knowledge or wisdom;

Xin, the virtue of faithfulness and integrity; and,

Li, the virtue of correct behavior, or propriety, good manners, politeness, ceremony, worship.

These are all good things. Against such there is no law.

Bruce Lee and Yip Man

Bruce Lee wrote the book on Mixed Martial arts. It was called the Tao of Jeet Kune do. His original teacher was Yip Man. Yip Man is known as the grandfather of Wing Chung. Yet Wing Chung was a woman. She originally created the style using techniques that would work for a smaller practitioner to use against a larger practitioner.

Yip Man is highly regarded around the world as the patriarch of Wing Chung. He is very small and frail yet very talented and competent. It reminds me of the stories of the small old men who were Kendo masters. They were very relaxed and fast and were amazingly competent. It’s nice to see a smaller guy take out a larger guy using technique not brute force. Everybody likes a David and Goliath story.

Yet in our day, North Americans call for the steroid moneys to over power and control their opponents. It’s sad really. Not only is a huge portion of the arts lost but a large portion of the philosophy is being lost as well.

Royce Gracie put the UFC on the map. He was the man. He showed us how it was done. We need to remember that and respect what he did for the art that we now know as MMA. He was the king of ground fighting. He took a boxer to the ground, mounted him and the boxer tapped out because he had no idea what to do. He took out a much larger and stronger opponent by choking him out with his legs in a perfect triangle choke. He brought us technique before brutal force.

Bruce Lee wasn’t a very large man physically but he was very strong and very fit. His technique demonstrated how not only could a smaller opponent take out a larger opponent but multiple opponents. No a days it’s the old cop out, fight me fight my gang. Now it’s seven guys giving one guy the boots and pretending that has anything to do with manliness.

There was an older movie called the Dragon that was a good portrayal of the Bruce Lee Story. More recently there was a great movie done about (Y)ip Man’s life with Donnie Yen. I’m still not sure if that has been released with English subtitles yet.

There isn’t much Kung fu that has survived the UFC. Just like when full contact Karate became a sport, most of the hand techniques of Karate were dropped and replaced with Western boxing. Thai boxing has survived and risen to be very practical in the cage.

Chi Sao is just a drill but it does have a purpose. It can be done blindfolded to teach wrist sensitivity. The trapping hands of wing chung bridge the gap between stand up and grappling. It is well worth preserving that tradition.

Who’s killing the Rizzutos?

Last night the Fifth Estate ran a segment on the Montreal mafia murders called Who’s killing the Rizzutos? It was an interesting background but cut short before they answered the question. They ended it with the murder of Sal the Iron Worker and the arrest of Raynald Desjardins without a word said about the other Hells Angel associates arrested with him.

In fact the Hells Angels involvement with the Rizzutos and subsequent conflict with them wasn’t even mentioned. Sad. The question is, when Vito Rizzuto gets out of jail in 2012, will he wage war against the Hells Angels for teaming up with his enemies to murder his family? Time will tell. It always does.

Jeff Lynds

Reports are coming in that Jeff Lynds is dead. He was the one who confessed to shooting Randy Mersereau and was charged in two other murders.

Some claim the Hells Angels put a hit on his life for testifying against them so he killed himself in prison. Others claim the Hells Angels did it and it wasn’t a suicide. Either way his testimony shed light on several cold case murders in Nova Scotia tied to the Hells Angels. Now we’re left wondering about Rusty and Ellen.

BTW a big shout out to the Canadian far East. My mother was born in Amherst and my father’s mother was born in Woodstock. I think in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick they have a better understanding of what I’m trying to say about what living the dream really meant for motorcyclists and how a handful of criminals have distorted that dream completely.

Some are wondering if his death is just a transition into witness protection. Who knows. I just think we need to come clean on who killed Rusty and Ellen.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cocaine seized at UN headquarters in New York

A bag containing 16kg (35.5lb) of cocaine was found at the United Nations headquarters in New York last week, police have said. The drugs were in a bag printed with a version of the UN symbol which arrived at the organisation's mailroom, setting off a security alert. Spokesman Paul Browne said they seemed to have been delivered by accident. There was no name or address on the shipment sent from Mexico City through Cincinnati, he added.

People are wondering if this missing shipment of cocaine has anything to do with the UN gang in the greater Vancouver area. We know they have stamped their logo on bricks of cocaine in the past. People are also wondering if this missing shipment of cocaine has anything to do with the recent murder of a high ranking UN member in Mexico who was alleged to be working off a debt for a previous missing shipment.

I’m wondering how it went missing and ended up at the UN Headquarters in New York. It’s not like someone puts UN on a package and drops it in the US Postal service and they deliver it to the wrong UN by mistake. The people moving the product are supposed to know where it’s supposed to be delivered to. It makes me wonder if the UN’s enemies had anything to do with the shipment going missing.

Oh “They” would never do that you say? But they also said “They” would never sell drugs. “They” would never have anything to do with Robert Pickton. “They” would never report an enemy to the police. Yet they have. It all makes me wonder. I guess that’s why they call me crazy.

Zen in the Martial Arts

What first led me to Zen was a study of the martial arts. Remember the martial arts originally was a way of life. There was a philosophy that was a part of any real martial arts training. In today’s world that seems to be lost entirely.

Old movies like the Karate Kid showed a struggle between good versus evil. Most of the early Bruce Lee movies showed him fighting the bad guys who were smuggling heroin. Bruce Lee was not fighting to promote drug smuggling and greed.

The UN gang tries to take some of the traditional Asian values and twist them into supporting something bad. Honor and loyalty are good but there is no honor in selling crack and loyalty to a criminal enterprise is very misguided. Especially when that criminal organization sells date rape drug.

Zen is very much in the moment. It doesn’t just apply to Buddhism. I can apply to anything. It’s simply thinking outside the box. Looking at the bigger picture and seeing how our actions affect others and the world we live in. No doubt true Zen has a social conscience (Dali Lama) and a passion to protect the environment. Indeed, we are one (Bob Marley).

The purpose of martial arts training was to preserve and protect. It was not to control and abuse. That is the dark side which leads not just to anger and hate but to selfishness, greed , oppression, dishonesty and unfulfillment. It is not only wrong but it is empty and incomplete.

Allan Watts studied Zen. He wrote an interesting booklet that talked about Christianity. In it, he claimed the translation of the Greek word sin literally meant to miss the mark. If our ultimate goal in life is to find peace, happiness and fulfillment, to sin would be to miss the mark like an archer misses his target. To sin then would be to do things that would take away true happiness and real fulfillment.

Martin Luther King taught anyone can be great because anyone can serve. Clearly the dilemma arises when we realize that true happiness comes through service to others. Not slavery, but service. Indeed whosoever shall lose his life shall in so doing find it.
I remember hearing about a Chinese painting of Heaven and Hell. The artist’s image of hell was a dinner table filled with food. Seated at the table the guests had chopsticks longer than their arms. They were too long to get the food into their mouths and were the only way they could eat the feast before them.

As a result everyone was in torment because they were starving sitting in front of a huge feast and unable to eat it. They were miserable. Conversely, the artist’s image of heaven contained the same dinner table with the same eating utensils. Only this scene was very different than the other. In this scene everyone was happy and fulfilled. The only difference was they were feeding each other.

I don’t believe Hell is a place where God spanks us for eternity and repeatedly tells us I told you so. I think Hell is simply having lived a selfish live and being then grouped with people just like us. Living in a society where people rob, rape and murder would be somewhat less fulfilling then living in a society where people aspire to something higher and work together for a common goal. It really is that simple. Is this the real life or is it just a fantasy? You tell me. Perhaps it’s just a Bohemian Rhapsody

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad Month in Surrey

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, front page of the Surrey Leader reads: “ Bad Month in Surrey 31 days, 8 shootings, 4 gun fatalities.” Then the absurd heading beside it What’s going on? Are more liberal drug laws needed?” No, that’s part of the problem. Look at the difference between the Australian judicial system and the Canadian judicial system. You don’t oput out the forest fire of drug addiction by pouring gasoline on it. The New York model was one of enforcement. You stop letting the crack dealers sell crack in public. Making the fire burn underground is the only way to contain it.

Harper Destroys Canada’s Pension Plan based on a Lie

Well here it is. The devil revealed. This is why we shouldn’t have given Stephen Harper a majority. He is a liar. “They’re all liars, it’s better to have a Conservative liar than a Marxist liar “ you say? Stephen Harper is NOT a Conservative. He is a liar. He is what the master would have described as a liar and hypocrite who has pimped the church for his own personal gain. OK maybe the master wouldn’t say pimped the church but that is what he would have meant. He would have just found a more politically correct term. John’s revelation referred to the great whore of all the earth. Stephen Harpers’ agenda is the same as that great whore John referred to.

Here’s the news: Stephen Harper just announced he’s going to take his majority government and after dropping expensive bombs in Libya and spending a huge amount of money on jets from one of his own lobbyists, he is now going to destroy Canada’s Pension Plan once and for all. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.

The neo cons have been preparing us for this. They keep telling us money is short, times are tough. Yet the real lie is about the bank bailout that Canada never did but did in secret. The one that took us from a surplus in the millions to a deficit in the billions with one sweep of the devil’s pen.

England had a similar problem. After creating a huge deficit from spending a huge amount of money on the unlawful invasion of Iraq based on a lie, and after spending a huge amount of money dropping missiles in Libya, the neo con government announced massive cuts to education, policing, medical and you guessed it, pensions.

Stealing pensions is the new corporate golden egg that consumes their greed. At first they wanted to tap into the interest of employee pensions seeing the huge amount of money just sitting there waiting to be stolen. The people didn’t like that idea. Pensions are sacred. So instead they stopped giving employees pensions. That was they could have the principle and the interest too. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.

This is where Stephen Harper has taken us. He wants to steal our pensions because he spent billions of tax dollars on the banks. That is so wrong words cannot express how wrong it is. We need to wake up and smell the coffee. We need to open our eyes and see what the enemy within is doing to our country. It is treason and we need to resist it.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I’ve fallen behind. Yes I will write about Stephen Harpers new announcement to destroy Canadian pensions based on a lie because that is a National Emergency. Before that however, I want to pause for a moment and go retro.

When I was a kid I used to have a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I liked it because I rode a motorcycle at the time and I was introduced to zen through my study of the martial arts. Back in the day, the martial arts was a way of life with a profound philosophy. It wasn’t about taking steroids and just ground and pound. That’s for people who never understood what the Gracie’s showed us in Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

Back in the day, riding a motorcycle was about living the dream. It was about freedom. Mobility rights – the freedom to move. The freedom to go where you want when you want. Yet it was more than that. It was about the American Dream. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not the new dream which simply covets greed.

Likewise the MC dream has become tainted. Selling crack and crystal meth has nothing to do with living the dream. Neither does pimping crack hoes or selling date rape drug. Living the dream isn’t about old men on Viagra spending all their time at the strip bar. Somewhere along the line most of those idiots forgot to grow up. Why are “good family men” so obsessed with spending all their time at the strip bar?

Sexual intimacy is a normal part of a healthy marriage. I am most certainly not saying that wives are supposed to be sexual slaves. I’m just saying that if the intimacy has been lost in your marriage, perhaps she’s just not into you any more. Perhaps she has good reason. Perhaps those old men just need to grow up or as we said back in the day, go back to living the real dream and remembering that enlightenment we all once knew when we were young.

I just bought an new copy of the book reprinted in 1999 on the 15th anniversary of the original printing. It came out in 1974 That makes the book 38 years old. Where on earth did the time go? The Book is titled Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance An Inquiry into Values. You don’t need a religion to have values.

Right before the introduction there is a quote that reads: “And what is good, Phaedrus, And what is not good – Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?” That pretty much sums it up. We don’t need a paid preacher or a corrupt politician to tell us what is good and what is evil. We can see and know that for ourselves. What we need is simply to open our eyes. Once we see the big picture, our lives will never be the same.

So while we talk about the gang war, while we talk about corruption in politics that enables the gang war, I’m going to run a several pary series on the side about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance because ultimately, that’s what I’m talking about.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kendo - Onegai shimasu

Onegai shimasu is a Kendo term that's hard to translate. It is said when one squares off with an opponent. Some translate it to mean please train with me but that is incomplete. My Kendo instructor told me it meant "Please Show me the way." [to enlightenment] This makes much more sense when you put it in the context of Zen.

Enlightenment is the quest of Zen. When you square off against an oponenet they show you your weaknesses. By overcoming your weaknesses you progress towards enlightenment. I like the term. Kendo Kaponi on the other hand is a Latino rapper that cut a song with Daddy Yankee called Danger. The Latino brothers understand war, hell, resurrection and danger. Indeed the drug dealers life is a dangerous business. Buyer beware.

All Blacks Haka - Ka Mate

The New Zealand All Blacks are an awesome rugby team. Before a match they do the ceremonial Haka taken from Maori tradition. There are different forms of the Haka but one form and one translation that I saw on the All Blacks web site related to a historic battle. A Maori chief and a small band of warriors were greatly out numbered. The chief shouted out we're gonna die. The warriors responded we will live. This is repeated twice. Then the unified conclusion was live or die we will fight. It is a very moving a motivational chant. Ka Mate.

Vancouver drugs seized in Australia

Five Australian men have been arrested after trying to smuggle $8 million worth of drugs Down Under from Vancouver International Airport.

On Dec. 30, 2011, Canadian border officers found the drugs - six kilograms of cocaine, 12 kg of MDMA (ecstasy) and nearly two kilograms of meth – after they examined a commercial oven and range destined for Australia Service Agency.

The shipment was tracked to Sydney airport on Jan. 7, and on Thursday to locations in two suburbs north of Sydney, where eight search warrants were issued and the five men arrested.

Dare I say it? We know who would be in charge of that much cocaine and crystal meth in Vancouver. Perhaps the fake ecstasy would start causing more fatalities in Australia just like they have here in greater Vancouver and Calgary. The same drug ring going international.

We know a little bit about the Hells angels invasion of the Australian drug market including Sydney. The hells angels bribed and patched over Chris Hudson. They told the local MC called the Finks to work for them or leave town. They told the Hells Angels to F off. We know that Chris Hudson was caught on video grabbing a girl by the hair and dragging her outside a nightclub. He was seen throwing her to the ground and kicking her in the head. Later that day he was seen assaulting his girlfriend in public. When a local lawyer and a Dutch backpacker came to his girlfriend's aid he pulled out a gun and shot all three emptying the clip into the lawyer who was a father of three while he lay on the ground wounded. That father died.

We also know all about the Senior Hells Angels and his pack of rats that were accused of gang raping and torturing a stripper from Melbourne on another pig farm. The woman was awarded a token compensation for her injuries but the assailants walked. We also know about the Sergeant at Arms for that chapter that was accused of gang raping and torturing that girl. The police seized some of his property under proceeds of crime legislation. He sued them and won. Now that's a rat king for ya. The president of the chapter had drug charges as well. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math. The Hells Angels tried to extort almost $1 million from one of Australia's biggest construction companies during a dispute featuring Melbourne underworld bosses.

Interesting to see the huge difference between the Canadian and the Australian judicial system. The paper claimed that the mules who were caught bringing the drugs into Australia, could face life imprisonment. No house arrest from an idiot like Peter Leask down under.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Hells Angel rival ends up dead

There was another shooting in Surrey last night. 139 street and 56th avenue - that's awfully close to the courthouse and police station. Sean Beaver who was shot dead last night was the half brother of a Dhak associate named Stephen Leone that was shot dead last October. Is that a Tim Horton's coffee cup being used as an official marker?

Newt Gingrich and the American Infidelity Dream

I realize with all the bullets flying and bodies dropping in the gang war revisited, no one really cares about American politics right now but since it’s in the news I’ll throw it out there and the rest of you can just scroll past it.

Turns out that Mitt Romney didn’t win Iowa after all, Newt Gingrich did. But wait a minute. They announced that Mitt Romney won Iowa. Now they claim the Newt won Iowa? That sounds an awful lot like Florida discrepancies to me.

I find Newt Gingrich’s popularity to be very disturbing. New developments came out about his past infidelities. A reporter asked him about it and he yelled at the reporter and said he was outraged they would even ask the question while his clone soldier groupies cheered and rose to give him a standing ovation. That was just plain cult like. Jim Jones here we come.

It’s a sad day when the “religious right” chooses infidelity over common sense. Gingrich’s infidelity is relevant. So is his ties to insider trading. Catherine Austin Fitts talked about the Shadow Government. An intelligent credible person talking about very real concerns. Ron Paul isn’t part of the shadow government. The Shadow government would rather elect two idiots (Sarah Palin or Donald Trump) instead of electing him.

Yet even the public can’t stomach that much stupidity so they found a healthy compromise in Mitt Romney. But no, the dirty traders and insider greed rather someone dirty enough to do whatever they want so they have to push someone else. So they pick the rageaholic with a history of infidelity and insider trading that would serve them well.

It’s a sad day when Americans cheer those kinds of dirty deeds. Sure part of the American dream is a rags to riches quest but it’s much more than that. The real American dream was Braveheart’s quest for freedom. Freedom of religion. Freedom of association. Freedom from unnecessary searches and seizures. The right to a fair trial and due process. The right to legal representation. The Bill of Rights is the real American dream.

So many sheep have lost sight of that because they covet greed and idolize infidelity. When Desperate Housewives become the national role model, something has seriously gone astray. Muslims aren’t the only ones who have the term infidel. The New Testament claims that anyone who doesn’t provide for his own is worse than an infidel. It’s sad to see the American dream become twisted to the Infidel’s Dream to the cheers of the cult like crowd.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Canadian drug dealer murdered in Mexico

Without diving too much into the details of each case, I just want to cite the drug related murders of four Canadians in Mexico which I feel are very much related. Most recently we have a senior UN member murdered in Mexico named Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz. He was 37 and returned regularly to Surrey.

He took over after UN member Elliott Castenada was murdered in Mexico. In between those two murders, Gordon Kendall and Jeffry Ivans, Hells Angels associates from Kamloops were also brutally murdered in Mexico.

Gord and Jeff didn't look like Hells Angel associates. They looked like two fun loving Canadians who got in over their head. They were making drug connections for the Hells angels in Mexico and were dealing with the Mexican cartels. The local news ran photos of their dead bodies in the paper. It was horrible.

We all know when someone gets shot, they bleed. We see people get shot on TV all the time. Seeing the recent photo of Salih's dead body reminded me of the photos of Gord and Jeff's. There was a huge amount of blood. I'm not the type of guy to print those kinds of pictures.

I didn't post pictures of Larry Amero lying on the ground bleeding after he was shot in Kelowna. I didn't post pictures of the Montreal mafioso that was shot and swam across the freezing river only to be found dead on the other side of the river lying in the snow. I didn't even post pictures of the Risottos at his son's funeral. We need to have a little more respect than that.

Some would argue that showing these pictures of the brutally murdered gang members is a good poster for kids so they don't get involved in that lifestyle. I understand the argument. I'm just not going to participate in it. I prefer to remember Gord and Jeff as the fun loving Bob and Doug Mackenzie types who were obviously fun, kind and friendly. To me that is just as significant because it shows how easily anyone can get tempted by the quick cash that comes at far too great a price. That is a real tragedy.

Houston, We have a problem

Who is responsible for these murders? A lot of people are talking about how the Hells Angels are now involved in an all out gang war in Vancouver just like they were in Quebec during the /90’s. Although I have no intention of over dramatizing the situation, I will do some basic math.

I wasn’t the one that said the Hells Angels are warring with the Duhres. That was clearly defined in the media. Kim Bolan was likely first to make the claim. So if the Duhres keep getting shot in Surrey, Vancouver and Abbotsford, who one earth do you think did it?

Here’s my point. If the Hells Angels contract a murder as an organization, then they are legally liable for that murder as an organization. Both civilly and criminally. Percy was murdered in a Surrey crack house several years ago. The hit man who was convicted of the murder claimed he was contracted to do the murder for the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels. If the Hells Angels contract a murder as an organization, then that clearly makes them a criminal organization. Especially if the murder is drug related.

Vancouver and Abbotsford’s first murders of 2012 have ties to the Hells Angels. Surprise, surprise. Although Vancouver’s “gang war” peaked in 2009, I do think this year we have made some significant progress in dealing with the problem. After all it is a problem that is affecting public safety.

The progress that I think we’ve made has nothing to do with the drop in number of public executions. As I’ve said before, that just means one side won. The progress that we have finally made is that now we all know the Hells Angels sell drugs, use violence to control the drug trade and are now the prime participants in the current gang related violence we are currently witnessing.

Sure it seems like one step forward three steps back but I do think it is a significant step. After all, rage and denial are the primary tools that hide an alcoholic’s addiction in a dysfunctional family. The first step in dealing with an alcohol problem is to admit one has an alcohol problem. “Hi, my name is such and such. I’m an alcoholic.” Or in our case, Hi, my name is Vancouver. We have a Hells Angels problem and it’s a big problem. It’s tied to drugs, prostitution and extreme violence that is affecting public safety. There, that wasn’t so hard was it?

The next step in dealing with our problem is to get over the fallacy that we are somehow better off if we let the Hells Angels control the drug trade. That is so wrong. When is a monopoly ever good? Giving a criminal more power does tend to corrupt. Giving him absolute power tends to corrupt him absolutely.

Supply and demand states that if there are two drug dealers on a corner they will compete for business. Maybe one will charge less than the other. Maybe one will give a better more pure product than the other. If a customer is mistreated by one, they can simply go to another. Yet when you let the Hells Angels have a monopoly on the drug trade that just doesn’t happen. People start loosing fingers for small drug debts. People start getting pushed out of windows for large drug debts.

What’s even worse is they will betray and brother and they will betray a sister just to make more money. Greed consumes them and they start bragging about murdering a woman. That is the peak of their abomination. That is the turning point where society says enough is enough. The light penetrates the darkness and all of a sudden people realize who the real rats are. People start to realize that ratting out a rat is good. Bragging about murdering a woman is not.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Man shot dead at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Centre

A man was shot dead at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Centre last night while eating at a restaurant. My first impression that was out of the norm. Not the typical Surrey drug dealer getting shot dead for selling drugs in the Hells Angels area. Yet it turns out the victim was a well-known gangster named Sandip “Dip” Duhre. He would be part of the Duhre clan. The ones who are warring with the Hells Angels. Only it doesn't really look like a war. It just looks like the are getting exterminated by the Hells Angels.

Kash Heed had some interesting things to say about Sandip Duhre. Kim Bolan reported on a “chance meeting” Kash had with him in a restaurant. “Chance meeting?” That sounds awfully suspicious to me. Sure it happens. The Gang Task force had a chance meeting with several gangsters outside of various nightclubs. It’s just that when a politician has dinner with a gangster it’s hard to develop trust and confidence in that politician.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Canadian Forces member charged with Espionage

HALIFAX - A Canadian navy intelligence officer has been charged with communicating information to a foreign entity in a case the RCMP commissioner says is an indication that Canada is not immune to threats of espionage.

Jeffrey Paul Delisle, 40, appeared in Halifax provincial court on Monday on two charges under the Security of Information Act that deal with communicating information over the past five years that could harm Canada's interests.

A CTV exclusive claimed the foreign entity was Russia and that the Canadian government claims that Russian spies are as active now as they were in the cold war. Give me a beak. I find that hard to believe. I believe CTV is right. I just think our government is pulling our leg again.

Whistle blowing is not Espionage. Reporting misconduct, false flag missions or drug trafficking is a moral duty. Yet revealing to location and movement of troops to the enemy is treason. We need to protect whistle bowers not fire and slander them or even worse murder them.

Speaking of spies and espionage, the Vancouver Sun ran an article the other day about how England was caught spying on Russia as recently as 2006 using a fake rock. Everyone spies on everyone else. The Americans spy on Canada. They sold us the PROMIS software to help us organize our files. In reality it was a Trojan horse that helped the CIA have access to all our confidential police records. No one was ever charged in that.

RCMP spy unit devastated by abuse of power

An RCMP spy task force called Special O was highlighted in Sunday's Vancouver Province. It starts off with more sexual harassment complaints but gets weird after that.

Although Bergerman and her colleagues quickly noticed that Pearson seemed constantly to be furtively texting and dashing out of the office without warning, they couldn't know that two young women he ushered onto the unit would allegedly become on-the-job sex partners who later claimed they were compelled into relations with Pearson and sexually assaulted.

Doesn't sound very professional to me. These are the people who investigated Air India, Robert Pickton and the Surrey Six. No wonder one of the RCMP officers investigating the Surrey Six ended up having an affair with a witness. Bizarre behaviour leaving key investigations short changed.

This is why our police forces and our "intelligence" agencies need to be publicly accountable. The public doesn't need to know details of an investigation,but they do need to know about an investigator's misconduct.

Yet another Ecstasy fatality

Another fatality related to Ecstasy. This one a 16 year old male from Langley. The list gets longer and longer. Tragic. Turns out that there's a more toxic fake ecstasy on the street called PMMA.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gay Divorce

Gay divorce is in the news oddly enough. I don’t want to sound mean or insensitive but I don’t give a rat’s ass about gay marriage. If two gay people want to get married, who cares? I mean really. Who cares?

The new news is that a foreign gay couple who were married in Canada are now seeking a divorce. For some reason the government has a lawyer present arguing that their marriage is not legal. Rather bizarre. Of course their marriage is legal – in Canada. The problem is, they now want a divorce. Seemingly, the Divorce Act in Canada states that for you to get a divorce in Canada, you have to be living in the country for a year. So if a gay couple comes to Canada to get married and gay marriage is not legal in their country, then getting a divorce is somewhat problematic indeed.

It reminds me of a similar case when gay marriage was first allowed in Canada. A gay couple had been living together for several years. When gay marriage was passed, they decided to get married. Unfortunately, the relationship broke down shortly there after and they wanted to get a divorce. However, although the marriage act had been amended to allow gay marriage, the divorce act hadn’t been updated yet so they couldn’t get a divorce.

Excuse me for finding that somewhat amusing. You want gay marriage? OK you’ve got it, but you’re stuck with it. No divorce allowed. Knowing that divorce proceedings can be somewhat tense at times, I did find that somewhat amusing. Obviously the divorce act has been amended by now but the loop hole for foreigners who get married in Canada is still slightly problematic.

No doubt if they are living in the United States, they could get a divorce in a state that allows gay marriage. I have no idea if the divorce act in the respective states has a similar requirement to have lived in that state for a given period of time but I doubt it. Likely if you can get married in a whim in Vegas you could also get divorced in a whim there as well. Unfortunately, until the divorce act is amended in Canada, gay foreigners who get married in Canada are stuck. Perhaps Katie Perry will come up with a sequel to That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas to That’s what you get for waking up in Vancouver.

Risky Dix – a clear step forward

Adrian Dix is a promising investment. The Christy Clark / Gordon Campbell government makes me sick. These attack ads simply show how desperate they are about their drop in popularity. Interesting that their attack adds don't mention anything about her involvement in BC Rail. Face it. Gordon Campbell left office with the lowest approval rating in the Country. Even the Christy Crunch spin doctors can’t hide the fact that she’s just another Kim Campbell hiding the mess our own Brian Mulroney left us.

The same old bullshit day in and day out. The 1990’s was a federal and world wide recession. You can’t blame that on Adrian Dix. “They” keep saying the NDP will raise taxes and increase spending. Well the Campbell / Clark government did a fine job at that. The HST was a raise in taxes. The gas taxes were a raise in taxes.

I would vote for Adrian Dix way before I would ever vote for Christy Clark and that Sith Lord smile that giggled as she told the Vancouver Mayor and the Vancouver police chief there would be no funding for extra police during the Stanley cup Riot. My second choice would be John Cummings because a traditional conservative is a lot better than a neo con.

I think we should spend money on schools and hospitals. I think we should protect pensions and seniors. The Campbell government lining their own pockets at the expense of seniors and the mentally challenged was a shameful disgrace. I’d vote for John Cummings first except for the fact that I don’t think BC Hydro should be a private for profit corporation that isn’t accountable to the public. The privatized subsidiaries of BC Hydro have created this huge out of control fraudulent debt that is much worse than any NDP government has ever dreamed of.

I’m really offended by the same old nonsense. The NDP will tax and spend and the sky will fall if we vote NDP. Bullshit. The sky has already fallen. We need to fix the BC Hydro fraudulent debt now by making it publicly accountable not by turning it into another Enron scam at the taxpayers’ expense.

I support Adrian Dix. He’s a hard worker not a drunken pig. He cares about crime in the community. The Campbell / Clark government has turned their backs on crime if not been active participants in it. Mike Farnsworth would be an amazing Attorney General. This would be a wonderful step forward for British Columbia. Listening to the same old neo cons will drive this province right into the toilet of our own Enron tsunami.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Pickton Inquiry Bombshell

This is astounding. The Pickton Inquiry heard evidence claiming that not only did the police delay in arresting Robert Pickton after having several tips about him murdering women on the pig farm, but one officer visited him and told him the name of two informants who claimed he was killing people on the farm.

Words cannot express how absolutely outrageous that is. RCMP Supt. Bob Williams refused to say on the stand at the Missing Women Inquiry Thursday if naming those informants put their lives at risk or undermined what was still an active serial- murder investigation.

Williams interviewed the officer, Cpl. Frank Henley, for his 2002 report on whether the Mounties could be liable for civil lawsuit compensation to the families of women murdered by Pickton.

"Snitches are not welcome in the criminal underworld. In fact, they are probably often killed?" demanded lawyer Jason Gratl, a lawyer acting for Downtown Eastside aboriginal and women's groups.

Pressed by Gratl to say if revealing sources was a "breach of discipline . . . or a firing offence," Williams, the first senior Mountie to take the stand, protested, "that's going pretty far."

OMG. Who on earth is Bob Williams? If the devil was ever called to testify at the inquiry, that is no doubt exactly what he would say. Telling Pickton the names of two police informants was a colossal breach of trust. They are only worried about civil liability. No wonder. They certainly breached that.

Not investigating Pickton when they had more than one tip and more than one witness was bizarre. Telling Pickton the names of the informants was absolutely outrageous. Unprofessional doesn't cover it. It was pure evil. It makes us wonder about when the inquiry will here the promised evidence that off duty police officers attended the wild sexfest parties at Piggy Palace.

There was another witness who was going to testify in the Pickton trial that Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy's Palace in colours. When "Bikers" showed up at her home she left town and didn't testify. Did Cpl. Frank Henley also tell the Hells Angels the name of the informants that were going to testify against them? This is more evidence that Pickton did not act alone. He wasn't the group of bikers that showed up at that witnesses' home to scare them out of testifying in court.

Is Mitt Romney another Obama?

Although I totally agree Mitt Romney is a much better choice than Sarah Palin, Donald Trump or Newt Gingrich, I’m still forced to ask is Mitt Romney another Obama? Does he walk the walk or does he just talk the talk. There was an editorial in the Vancouver Province recently about how keeping Guantanamo Bay open was Obama’s biggest failure. His next was like unto it. Opening more Guantanamo bay prisons accross the United States.

The passing of the NDAA which throws away the Bill of Rights and gives the military obscene powers to violate anyone’s right they conveniently classify as a domestic terrorist. As that bill was passed, England put the entire occupy movement on the domestic terrorist list while in the US they were pepper spraying seniors and University students for peacefully exercising their right to lawful assembly.

How did Mitt Romney vote on that bill? The devil’s apprentice, John McCain passionately supported it. Then he threw in his support of Mitt Romney. How did Mitt Romney vote on the bail out Wall Street fraud? No doubt he supported the betrayal and desecration of Muammar Gaddafi.

Don’t get me wrong. Mitt Romney seems like a nice family man with traditional religious values. Yet Obama seemed like a great guy too and he said one thing and did the other. No doubt his background in the Secret Service had something to do with his caving in to the same old agenda.

Ron Paul’s position is pretty clear. The neo cons have committed a lot of fraud and created financial chaos for the public interest while lining their own pockets through insider trading and campaign contributions. Ron Paul is still speaking out and a lot more people are listening.

Stopping Smart Meters and the Hydro Fraud

Front page of the Surrey Leader says “The move to a modern power grid. 80% of Delta and Richmond homes now have smart meters; in Surrey, 20% do.” That is astounding. First the fraudulent premise. Installing Smart Meters isn’t just a matter of modernizing the power grid. It is a scam to increase Time of Day Billing and it implements intrusive surveillance that can be sold to spammers and intercepted by criminals. Even Bill Vander Zalm opposes them. That means it’s not just a matter of a lot of misinformation out there like the Hydro scam claims.

BC Hydro is “supposed” to be a public company. That means they are “supposed” to be publically accountable. The amount of fraud at BC Hydro and their unilateral dishonesty about it is absolutely shocking. Proceedihg with the Smart Meters when the cities have voted to freeze them is wrong.

We’ve talked about the ballooning BC Hydro debt that has been created by a fraudulent scam. Christy Sith Lord Clark’s government privatized Teirson Gas but they also privatized the BC Hydro subsidiaries that sell power to BC Hydro at an inflated rate. The private company is ripping off the public company so they can privatize the public company and completely shaft us, the consumers.

These are the same privatized subsidiaries that were charged along with Enron doing false billing. Surprise, surprise. Are we beginning to see the real concerns yet? Enron was a disaster. It was another example of what happens when you turn a public company private and remove public accountability. Criminals take over and rip off tax payers. This isn’t about the unemployed being jealous of the rich. It’s about criminals ripping off taxpayers with fraud. BC Hydro rejected powerline carrier technology because it would not support time of day billing.

The Canadian Bank Bail out

If we didn’t do it, why did we? There has been a lot of talk about why Canada didn’t need to bail out it’s banks like England and the United States did. A lot of talk. As I mentioned in my Top Scams of the Old Era post, the Harper Government reiterated that lie when the Occupy movement started in Canada. They came right out and said that Canada didn’t have to bail out their banks like they did in the United States so the concerns here aren’t the same as in the US. Turns out that was a bold faced lie.

Who would think that “Our” government would directly lie to us? Isn’t perjury illegal? Can’t you go to jail for that? We can only wish. Most of us, including myself until recently, didn’t know that Canada did in fact bail out their banks when we were told there was no reason to do so. On my other post one blog reader asked for links about it, likely because they too were not aware of it. Only the links are hard to find.

A couple of “left” wing outlets reported it but no doubt the right would scoff at their credibility. Yet even the Green Party posted the dirty deed on their web site. God Bless Elizabeth May. The fact that the Harper Government went from a surplus in the millions to a deficit in the billions with one swoop of the pen is absolutely mind boggling. What’s worse is them lying about doing it. Like how can you hide that kind of expenditure? We know the Harper Government was found in contempt before the last election for hiding what their budget was going to cost.

The strange thing is that “Conservatives” TALK about balanced budgets. Yet the new conservatives or neo cons as Ron Paul refers to them, do the exact opposite. Sure they do massive cuts to social programs but they also counter that with massive spending on their friends and supporters. Pork Barrel politics at it’s worse.

Harpers’ Drunk Driver High Commissioner for England, the hated Gordon Campbell, was a prime example of that. Closing Riverveiw and Seniors’ homes putting seniors and the mentally ill on the street while giving themselves two fat raises and the same gold plated pension Campbell originally campaigned against. Saying one thing and doing another is breech of contract. Never mind recall, they should be charged criminally and put in jail.

The Canadian bank bail out is a huge concern. The banks need to be held accountable and pay it back. Closing schools hospital and cutting pensions to pay for that is wrong, wrong, wrong. Harper should be put in jail for lying about it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Street gangs targeting Hells Angels

LONDON, ONT. - Street gangs with outside muscle, targeting the Hells Angels, have sparked the outburst of violence that's left five adult businesses in flames and two people shot, police said Wednesday.

Late Wednesday, three of the men police arrested — two from London, one from Brampton, Ont. — appeared in court via video to answer charges related to the shooting. All three men are black, giving credence to the police theory that biker gangs — which don't usually allow black members — aren't responsible for the recent violence.

Hold the door. Greg Wooley was Black and the Hells Angels certainly used him. They made him a member of a puppet club in Quebec called the Rockers and put him in charge of his own gang called the Syndicate. That way the White Supremacists were able to supply all the Crips in Montreal with cocaine. Buyer Beware.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mountie charged with drug theft

Wow. Holy Pandora's box Batman. The Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province are both reporting that the Merrit RCMP Detachment commander has been accused of stealing and using cocaine from a police exhibit. Staff-Sgt. Stuart Seib, Merritt RCMP detachment commander, was arrested Tuesday and charged with theft Wednesday. Additional charges are pending.

"On Friday, Jan. 6, we became aware Staff-Sgt. Stuart Seib stole and used drug exhibits," said Sekela, adding that there were multiple thefts. Seib was made detachment commander in Clearwater in 2003 and was transferred to Merritt in November 2011. He has also worked in Alert Bay, Ashcroft and Prince George. Investigators will go back over Seib's 18-year RCMP career to deter-mine whether any other offences may have taken place.

Prince George? Like that's not a red flag. Hells Angels drug capital of BC. Prince George is also the place when a court judge named David Ramsey was convicted of sexually abusing under age native girls. Some police officers were also accused of being involved and helping to cover that heinous crime up.

Last night I just watched an old Stephen Seagal movie called Exit Wounds where a rouge cop goes into a crooked detachment and with the help of some honest officers, confronts a drug related police corruption ring. That kind of thing only happens in the movies. So we thought.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saanich cocaine Bust

Finally some good news. Another cocaine bust in Saanich. 12 kilograms of cocaine were seized. The names have not yet been released of those arrested and charged. Particularly of interest for those of us following the Lindsey Birziak murder and the Calgary cocaine bust that occurred shortly before her murder. Apparently there was another drug bust in Saanich on December 29 2011. There was a Victoria bust December 10 2011 as well.

This is what we need to do in Kelowna. We all know who the players are. We need to call in the times and places of the large shipments to the Po Po so the real rats can get busted. That's the only way to get justice for Britnay, Dain and Geoff.

"Advocate" wants Free Alcohol

After reporting that an "advocate" wants more safe injections sites in Vancouver, the Vancouver Province ran a new article today about a guy who wants free booze for alcoholics. I'm not sure if they ran the article to show how absurd the Insite logic is or if there are actually people crazy enough to support such an absurd idea. It is the prime example of give an inch, take a mile. Some people just want more no matter how much you give them.

Some people want to turn the safe injection site into a safe inhalation site where people can smoke crack in a "safe" environment. Others ultimately want us to buy the drugs for the addicts. I kid you not. Where's that money going to come from? What schools and hospitals should we close so we can buy a drug addict poison and make the Hells Angels rich(er)?

Somewhere we have to draw a line. Funding a safe injection site is like handing out a plate with a revolver on it so people can commit suicide in a safe place then rationalizing it by saying well we didn't give them the bullets.


The feedback in the Letters to the Editor carry the same message:

Wait just a minute! Is Downtown Eastside alcoholic Rob Morgan actually saying he wants the government — taxpayers — to fund a lounge stocked with alcohol so that he and 40 others can get drunk for free?

Oh sure, there will be counselling and detox services provided with this “club,” but let’s not kid ourselves. I hardly doubt those services will be used when you’ve got a bar full of vodka, scotch and ice cold brewskies at your disposal!

Instead of enabling the addiction, why not go to AA, get sober, get a job and get off the streets!

Sarah Watts, Cloverdale


Another goofy idea

The proposal to open more Insite supervised injection sites is just another goofy idea that will cost the taxpayers more money to cater to the never-ending problem of dealing with those who cannot take responsibility for their own behaviour and blame their misfortune on society.

I am sure Vancouver city hall will be most interested in pursuing this course of stupidity. They have a long record of doing so. Will the madness ever end?

Ian Robertson, New Westminster


Close Insite and tell addicts to get jobs

Now Downtown Eastside residents want another Insite and a lounge to drop in and drink free alcohol.

I have a better idea. Close the existing Insite and make these people work, instead of us taxpayers paying for their free ride!

Shawn Storey, Surrey


Can I get free drinks too?

Where can I register for free drinks?

Peter Baillie, Coquitlam


How about ecstasy rooms?

With the new plan to create a drinking lounge in the Downtown Eastside, isn’t this getting out of hand?

We recently have had young women die from taking ecstasy and it appears part of their reason for taking the drug was weight control. Should Insite now create a club for this problem too?

Ed Braun, Vancouver

Lloydminster Shooting

Speaking of the Lloydminster drug trade. Reports are coming in that there has been two - drive by shootings there recently and a stabbing in a bar the Freewheelers hangout in. The police believe the shootings are drug related. The source claims the stabbing at the bar was heard on a police scanner and not reported in the media.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Ecstasy Death

The forest fire continues to rage and consume everything in it's path. A 22-year-old Vancouver woman died in hospital on Sunday afternoon after taking the drug at a house party.

The girl complained of a headache and nausea and her "friends" persuaded her to lie down. They had all taken the drug but without the adverse reaction suffered by the woman. When they checked on her several hours later, they couldn't find a pulse. With friends like that, who needs enemies? If your friend is having a bad reaction to Ecstasy, take them to the hospital. Don't let them sleep it off.

Is Insite going to expand and let little girls drop E in a safe environment or are we going to stop poisoning our children and start arresting the drug dealers? Ecstasy is not a diet pill. Can you imagine some POS drug dealer telling a young girl that Ecstasy is a diet pill? That is dirty.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Extremist wants another safe injection site

Front page of today's province declares "Advocate wants second insite." He's not an advocate, he's an extremist. In fact, he's a murder. Oh but he's with a group the extremists cry. Yeah, what group? The group that runs insite. No kidding. Well that's simply a conflict of interest. The group that runs insite wants another one to profit from. That's like a medical doctor getting a kickback for prescribing methadone without ever reducing the dosage.

Drug addiction is like a forest fire. The more we feed it the more it consumes. The fact that the operator of insite claims we need more safe injections sites is proof their little pilot project failed. They haven't reduced the amount of drug addicts on the street, they have increased them.

There's a forest fire raging across the country. It started in East Vancouver and is spreading across the province. Prince George, Dawson Creek, Kelowna, Vernon, they're all getting consumed. Does anyone care?

The Hells Angels profit from the drug trade. They use violence to control it. Then they use violence to expand their drug trade into smaller communities that are easily intimidated by a big city gang. Insite is supporting the Hells Angels profiteering. Expanding it is wrong, wrong, wrong. We need to put the fire out not pour gasoline on it.

During the Vancouver Occupy movement, a young woman died of a heroin overdose. What did we do about it? We gave her a clean needle to kill herself with. Courtesy of the Vancouver "Health Authority." Now that is an oxymoron. This heath authority has nothing to do with health. It just feeds death and destruction.

If there was a fire raging through an old growth forest like Clayoquot sound, we'd be outraged. If some wacko kills a bunch of sled dogs, we are infuriated. Why is it that we not only don't care when human lives are lost, we assist in their murder? These are human being we are killing. As precious as a sled dog or old growth tree is, these people we are killing are even more important.

Forget harm reduction, let's have dope reduction instead.

Sick of watching people die.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Montreal man pleads guilty in B.C. cociane trial

One of three Montreal men accused in a major cocaine conspiracy entered a guilty plea in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Friday. Just a few days before his trial was to begin, Luc Bolea pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine between March 2008 and June 2008 in Vancouver and elsewhere in B.C. and Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec.

He was charged in June 2008 along with his co-accused Bruno Diquinzio and Jean Gaetan Gingras following an investigation by B.C. members of the RCMP task force Project Expedio.

It's hard to conceive why they were initially under investigation for the 1998 assassination of Vancouver publisher Tara Singh Hayer. Dave Hayer's father was murdered for speaking out against the Air India bombers. Luc, Bruno and Jean Gaetan don't sound like Punjabi names. Unless of course they were hired by the Babbar Khalsa.

I'm personally interested the Vancouver / Montreal cocaine ring tied to the Hells Angels. Speaking of Montreal Hells Angels, have we confirmed Jeremy Bettan's associations yet?

Lawlessness diminishes us

As the bizarre case of Jassi Sudhu's murder goes to trial where her mother and uncle are charged with her murder, another disturbing case comes to light. An 18 year old kid named Harvey Hans gets in a fight and punches another kid named Shavinder Brar.

So Brar gets a 23 year old named Amrit Gill and a posse of friends to wait outside Harvey Hans' house. Gill used a taser on one of Harvey's friends as they slit Harvey's throat. Cold, heartless and cheap. What's worse is that the two accused were only given five years each for manslaughter. Five years for slitting someone's throat is lawlessness. It diminishes all of us.