Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jeremy Bettan

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team released the names of the two latest murder victims. The 28-year-old Surrey man gunned down Tuesday is Apollo-Lyn Simpson. His family agreed with police that releasing his name might help the investigation. He has no criminal record, but was a problem tenant, according to his landlady.

And the 38-year-old man gunned down execution-style in the driveway of his Walnut Grove rental house has been identified as Jeremy Olivier Bettan. Bettan also has no criminal record, but [Kim Bolan] has learned he did in fact have some associations within organized crime.

One blog reader just pointed out that when I made my post about the boat Jonathon Bacon and Larry Amero were racing around on the day before they were shot was called Steroids and Silicone. Kind of a plastic world if you ask me. Nevertheless, one commenter said Jonathon didn't own the boat, Larry Amero and Jeremy did. I would certainly be a coincidence if the Jeremy Bettan who was recently shot was an associate of Larry Amero. I am told by someone who went to High School with Larry Amero that he went to Walnut Grove High Secondary and was picked on in school. I guess that's why he turned to the steroids. They claimed his father was a longshoreman which was the HA contact.

Update: Other sources claim Jeremy Bettan was originally from Langley and went to Montreal to set up a courier company there. Yet another source claims Jeremy Bettan "worked" for Larry Amero. That doesn't confirm joint ownership in the boat Steroids and Silicone but it does confirm a connection to Larry Amero and the Hells Angels.


  1. I'd love to get my facts straight. Can you confirm his last name so I can confirm that he died in a car crash? You claim that there was a Jeremy that owned that boat with Larry Amero. Your claim would support that fact at least.

  2. he died in a car crash in his viper after being chased by police .

  3. Yes, I have heard that it was a different Jeremy seen on Larry’s boat and he has since died in a car crash. I hadn’t heard it was in a police chase. Doesn’t change the fact that this Jeremy knew Larry Amero as well.

  4. Do you really think Jeremy was killed by the HA?

    1. No I said he was a Hells Angels associate. That would imply he was shot by a rival like Larry Amero was. Mind you the Hells Angels do shoot a lot of their own. I just wasn't implying this was one of those occasions.


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