Sunday, January 8, 2012

Smart Meters and Daytime usage billing

Another blog reader pointed out that the main reason they are tying to implement the Smart Meters is to change the daytime usage billing. They want to keep track of when you use your power and charge you more for using power during the day. They are doing it under the guise of being green trying to give people incentive for using power off peak times when really it's just an excuse to raise the daytime usage rates. The wireless transmission of your in home surveillance that can be intercepted by any criminal is just a side effect of their scam.

Speaking of Enron, Enron Corp. teamed up with at least two other power sellers - including B.C. Hydro's Powerex subsidiary - to reap outsized profit by submitting false information to California's electric-grid manager in 2000, according to internal Enron memos. In fact, California Attorney-General Bill Lockyer claims electricity suppliers, including B.C. Hydro's Powerex, made huge profits by rigging prices.


  1. They are going to start charging more for all daytime use, obviously. AND that means they've got us; no one can cook dinner at noon; or come home from work, to do the laundry at 2pm! we have our necessary schedules; they know that; and these meters will be able to take full advantage of this. I hear our rates will go up 54% in the next few years. As you pointed out, there's the 2 billion $ we owe thanks to this government! What a non-democratic shambles it all is!


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