Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Man shot dead at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Centre

A man was shot dead at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Centre last night while eating at a restaurant. My first impression that was out of the norm. Not the typical Surrey drug dealer getting shot dead for selling drugs in the Hells Angels area. Yet it turns out the victim was a well-known gangster named Sandip “Dip” Duhre. He would be part of the Duhre clan. The ones who are warring with the Hells Angels. Only it doesn't really look like a war. It just looks like the are getting exterminated by the Hells Angels.

Kash Heed had some interesting things to say about Sandip Duhre. Kim Bolan reported on a “chance meeting” Kash had with him in a restaurant. “Chance meeting?” That sounds awfully suspicious to me. Sure it happens. The Gang Task force had a chance meeting with several gangsters outside of various nightclubs. It’s just that when a politician has dinner with a gangster it’s hard to develop trust and confidence in that politician.


  1. "It just looks like the are getting exterminated by the Hells Angels."

    Another shocking high-profile shooting right in the central business district. No one will be caught, a good reminder that VPD clears 30 percent of their homicide cases; a terrible record; eclipsed by most other North American Police forces. Incompetence plus corruption plus un-accountability. Thanks, VPD.

  2. Please expand more on this story. I hope you stop wasting your time lambasting insite and insulting the addicts and please report on the real criminals. This is a huge story and as sad as I am to say it, I'm positive this is just the beginning of the bloodshed. We as a country need to invest in after school program like sports or scouts. These beatiful althetic humans need to channel their abilities in a positive way (I am in no way being facetious). Thank you for reading.

  3. I intend to but I will reiterate that I don't have a problem with the addicts, I have a problem with the drug dealers. This public execution is just another example. I agree we should spend more tax dollars on schools and hospitals than prisons and safe injections sites.

  4. From Kim Bolan's blog today; more Hell's Angels stuff;

    "But there have been two recent incidents with at least some links to the HA. The murder over the weekend in Abbotsford of Ryan Saint-Ange took place in a house owned by full-patch Hells Angel Michael Robetzek. And police are looking at the possibility that Saint-Ange was not the intended target."

    "Robatzek didn’t live in the house, but had let a bunch of people stay there – including Saint-Ange – in exchange for doing some reno work to the former grow-op as he was trying to sell the house."

    This next bit has got zero news coverage, have you heard about this motorhome bombing, Agent K?

    "In another strange incident this week, a motorhome belonging to an HA associate was bombed south of Whistler, though the man and his friend were uninjured. The man was also once close to Gurmit Dhak, so as always, it is impossible to draw hard, fast lines in gangland about who’s one which side." (The Real Scoop)

    Yet everyone says, as you do; that Duhres & HA are at war, no...? Can't be on both sides, or someone got mad that he was Duhres' friends? I guess we can't find a link for the motorhome bombing, can we? Great work, Agent K, you're always on top of the news.

    Some friends & I want to put you up for Best Canadian Blog Award for 2012.

  5. Wow, I hadn't heard about the motor home bombing, thanks. I had heard that the house in Abbotsford when the kid was shot was owned by full-patch Hells Angel Michael Robetzek. I was hoping Kim or someone would confirm that. Looks like she has. I was told the kid who was killed was selling for the Duhres despite the fact that the house was owned by a Hells Angel. I have no idea if that was true. I really don't know anything about the Duhres. I was just quoting other sources like Kim Bolan who claimed that the Duhres were at war with the Hells Angels. I was just saying that if the Duhres are at war with the Hells Angels and the Duhres keep getting killed, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math and figure out who killed them. Blog award? lol thanks. Will it get me a cap in my ass?

  6. I've lived for years @ Whistler, and thought to go local, where I found the link to the motorhome bombing:

    Whistler Question (it's the alternative, *hippie* local paper):

    "A motorhome explosion off Highway 99 south of Whistler was a targeted attack against two men known for drug and gang activity, said Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair of Whistler RCMP."

    "Police were notified of the explosion on Monday (Jan. 16) at about 11:50 p.m. Two men were inside the motorhome at the time — one from the Lower Mainland and one from Vancouver Island. They had been camping in the public parking lot off the highway in the Callaghan Valley for about a week, spending their days snowmobiling in the area."

    (I personally built that BCFS Callaghan campsite in '78; I know that area perfectly) ;

    "The men thought at first that a propane tank had exploded, but then discovered that wasn’t the case and the explosion was suspicious."

    "One of the men suffered a minor injury after some debris hit his hand, but he didn’t require medical attention."

    “These people are known to police for drug and gang activity,” LeClair said. “This type of thing doesn’t happen to everyday citizens." (The Whistler Question).

    There's a LOT of drug-dealing @ Whistler, Agent K, I myself ran across an outdoor grow-op @ Callaghan; so many there use drugs, that Doc Rogers there said 35% of Whistler-ites are addicted to hard drugs! It must be a real important area for drug sale territory, there's NO way these guys were just *vacationing*, man.

    Lots of coke & pot just goes straight to Whistler, for distribution to the high-paying tourist-party crowd. I know what I'm talking about. You can still get $200/gram for coke from the tourists there, you can't get that here in Van.

  7. BC Bud and snowboarding go hand in hand. Sad to hear cocaine has become so popular there. I'll look into that story. Thanks for the link.


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