Sunday, January 15, 2012

Risky Dix – a clear step forward

Adrian Dix is a promising investment. The Christy Clark / Gordon Campbell government makes me sick. These attack ads simply show how desperate they are about their drop in popularity. Interesting that their attack adds don't mention anything about her involvement in BC Rail. Face it. Gordon Campbell left office with the lowest approval rating in the Country. Even the Christy Crunch spin doctors can’t hide the fact that she’s just another Kim Campbell hiding the mess our own Brian Mulroney left us.

The same old bullshit day in and day out. The 1990’s was a federal and world wide recession. You can’t blame that on Adrian Dix. “They” keep saying the NDP will raise taxes and increase spending. Well the Campbell / Clark government did a fine job at that. The HST was a raise in taxes. The gas taxes were a raise in taxes.

I would vote for Adrian Dix way before I would ever vote for Christy Clark and that Sith Lord smile that giggled as she told the Vancouver Mayor and the Vancouver police chief there would be no funding for extra police during the Stanley cup Riot. My second choice would be John Cummings because a traditional conservative is a lot better than a neo con.

I think we should spend money on schools and hospitals. I think we should protect pensions and seniors. The Campbell government lining their own pockets at the expense of seniors and the mentally challenged was a shameful disgrace. I’d vote for John Cummings first except for the fact that I don’t think BC Hydro should be a private for profit corporation that isn’t accountable to the public. The privatized subsidiaries of BC Hydro have created this huge out of control fraudulent debt that is much worse than any NDP government has ever dreamed of.

I’m really offended by the same old nonsense. The NDP will tax and spend and the sky will fall if we vote NDP. Bullshit. The sky has already fallen. We need to fix the BC Hydro fraudulent debt now by making it publicly accountable not by turning it into another Enron scam at the taxpayers’ expense.

I support Adrian Dix. He’s a hard worker not a drunken pig. He cares about crime in the community. The Campbell / Clark government has turned their backs on crime if not been active participants in it. Mike Farnsworth would be an amazing Attorney General. This would be a wonderful step forward for British Columbia. Listening to the same old neo cons will drive this province right into the toilet of our own Enron tsunami.


  1. Don't be fooled by the new "face" of the NDP. The party is comprised of the same backroom swindlers situated in government jobs as it has for the past 30 years.

  2. I'm not fooled by the new face. Carol James was awesome. So is Mike Farnsworth. The Campbell Government is clearly full of sith lords who love to shaft seniors and line their own pockets.

  3. I agree, Agent K, that Carol James and Mike Farnsworth were sensible and reasonable politicians. However, I don't think even they knew the extent of the corruption that was going on right under their noses by their own alliance, including criminal dealings by party supporters who also held government positions, and still do. The extent of those corrupt connections stretches through every level of government and right into the provincial Courts. They protect and facilitate each other. Politicians and government really are a brotherhood unto themselves, just as police and gangsters are their own brotherhoods, so I don't think we should continue to let them keep abusing their powers, but rather, to change the system from the way it currently operates, so as to remove opportunities for them to do it in the first place. It seems we will have a Conservative candidate running in the next provincial election, and word on the street by people I know is that they don't even care if that candidate is a monkey, they will vote monkey before they will ever vote NDP or Liberal again, due to the wide-spread historical corruption by both parties. Ain't it funny though, how a gangster website morphs into political discussions. Politicians and government are the biggest gangsters of all, they just don't ride harleys and have bad breath.

  4. Corruption and criminal dealings? You must be referring to the Gordon Campbell and the Christy Clark Liberals. No one can mention the terms corruption and criminal deals and still vote for the BC Liberals. I assume you must be voting for John Cummings to which I respond feel free. I don't believe in blind obedience to anyone. When Carol James was the leader of the BC NDP one MLA in particular was very vocal in support of Campbell's pay raise and gold plated pension. I was very disappointed Carol James cut a deal to unite the party and ended up supporting the pay raise. I personally think it would have been better to cut the one MLA loose then support that obscene Liberal agenda. Nevertheless I do think Carol James is a wonderful person and a solid leader that would have restored dignity to the province had she been elected premier. I do think Adrian Dix would make a good Premier. A lot better than Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark.

  5. Well, we seem to agree that corruption and/or abuse of power abounds all parties and many individual politicians, but your anger towards Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark seems to be outrage based on their shameful public exposures and public information about their conducts, whereas much of the corruption that flowed from the NDP authority was more so done without anyone actually seeing it or knowing about it, because it was bullying of individuals and groups and private government processes, more so than bullying the public as a whole on a visible level. That is why I think we need to adjust the power that is given to them in the first place. Governments control the education system, and they teach us to accept the status quo. I don't accept it, and I think we can do better than just moving in a new batch of slugs every few years and repeating the cycle.

  6. P.S. If you were to assume that I must be voting for John Cummings, that would be an incorrect assumption, lol. I was just relating that which I had been told by people that I know. I am sad to say, I have forfeited my vote in recent election years, because I am not down with having to choose the best of three very dangerous evils.

  7. I agree Agent K. this is your best post to date keep up the good work.


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