Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Montreal Crack House

The free crack pipe controversy continues. The Vancouver Province reports Many Province readers clearly feel that the Vancouver Coast-al Health Authority has crossed that line with its decision to hand out free crack pipes in the Downtown Eastside. I haven't met anyone in real life who doesn't oppose it. I've just met a couple of arrogant stalkers from Vandu online.

Handing out free crack pipes is not in the addicts best interest. I was in South Seattle in the /80's during their crack epidemic. One crack addict / dealer was talking to me with a baby in his arms. He was completely out of touch with reality and completely oblivious to the fact that his baby's diaper hadn't been changed in a very long time and was leaking. As the baby wet herself it gushed out all over him and he kept talking having no idea what was happening. I saw that.

Then we have the Montreal crack house. I wasn't there but I went out for lunch with a friend from Montreal recently who did. He was looking for a friend who got mixed up in that world. He came across a crack house where prostitutes were chained to the bed, had a bucket to go to the bathroom in and were paid in crack. I kid you not. This wasn't in the /80's. This was a couple years ago.

The Surrey House of Horrors and the Prince George crack shack torture chambers were no better. This is the real world of crack addiction. We should be using all our resources to shun it not to promote it. Handing out free crack pipes tells the addict that crack is OK when it's not. It's worse than drinking aftershave because it is far more addictive. Shame on us for caving in to the Zanadu Vandu freaks. That makes us accomplices to the outrageous violence associated with that drug.

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