Tuesday, July 31, 2018

In Memory of John Carten and the Water Crimes Blog

A friend recently asked me about the Water Crimes blog claiming that no one has been posting on it of late and asked me if I knew anything. Unfortunately I do. John Carten passed away of cancer in Kelowna. I met John three times. Twice with Jack English in Vancouver and once in Saint Paul's hospital. The first time we went for dim sum. The second time we went for Portuguese down the street. He was a good man with a lot of important stories to tell.

John is most famous for the Water Crimes blog which exposed judicial corruption in Canada. He used to be a fully licensed practicing lawyer in BC. That is why the powers that be were so terrified of him. He was educated and had a lot of inside information about them. His conclusion was that "The Law Society of British Columbia has become a criminal organization."

I'm going to piece together some of his postings before they disappear off the internet so I can memorialize his quest. In fact, the recent Judicial Treason website I made is in his memory.

John was a practicing lawyer who went through a difficult divorce. Tragically the judicial system completely destroyed him financial in a brutal and petty manner. The Family Relations Act speaks to the best interest of the child. Destroying a child's father is never in the child's best interest. I hope his kids will one day understand that their father was in fact a good man.

John had been assisting Jack English pro bono who had his family resort near Tofino stolen through the BCIMC Fraud. The corruption in that case was astounding and it's tentacles reached far into the Law Society, the BC Liberals and the BC Judicial system itself.

William Majcher is a former police undercover investigator who brought down a lawyer that laundered money for the Haney Hells Angels which was tied to the murder of Ernie Ozolins. His Supreme Court Affidavit claims that Lawyers have become key players in money laundering operations because they are exempt from a federal requirement to report suspicious financial transactions. "My experience is that it's a widespread problem."

Insp. Majcher said Mr. Rosenfeld told him it was "twenty times" easier to launder money from Canada than the United States. He was also told during the investigation that five lawyers in Vancouver regularly laundered $200,000 a month through trust accounts in return for a 7-per-cent commission. Other lawyers used offshore accounts, stock market scams and foundations to hide illicit cash, Insp. Majcher testified.

So when the BC Law society went after John Carten in a petty and malicious manner, it became clear that his conclusion had merit. "The Law Society of British Columbia has become a criminal organization." We have seen that in their recent bid to kill the Canadian Charter of Rights and destroy religious freedom in Canada. May he Rest in Peace.

"Take up our quarrel with the foe to you, from failing hands, we throw the torch: be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields" John Carten was a soldier of Rome. Honour him.

One of John' campaigns was against a lawyer on Vancouver island who ripped off Jack English named Greg Harney whose billing bullying made the Vancity Biz. Greg Harney faced a disciplinary hearing with the Law Society on June 21, 2017.

CBC reported that his client's ex husband sold drugs and associated with the Hells Angels, and that Vancouver police had told Byrne her ex-husband who had sizable off shore accounts was murdered by associates after he disappeared.

This website at lawsocietybc.weebly.com is one of John Carten's most iconic works documenting his beef with the Law Society. I have now saved all the information and am preparing a mirror for when the powers that be get it taken down. Erin go Bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

When I met John at St Paul's hospital in Vancouver he was recovering from chemotherapy and was thrilled to have received a new lease on life. He had a large tumor and was close to dying. The chemotherapy was successful. He was released from the hospital and relocated to Kelowna where he later had a relapse and died in hospital. I also met John's GF who was wonderfully supportive. My condolences. Life does not end at death. We will meet again but not yet.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dennis Watson speaking on the New York Model

Wake up Surrey: Vote for Doug McCallum

When I was at the People First panel discussion on crime I was asked my opinion about the Wake Up Surrey movement. I said I support that movement. Others were less eager. I explained that I was there. That rally was well attended. People had pictures of family members who had been killed in recent gang violence. Mothers were still in mourning. It was heartbreaking. Their message to city hall was loud and clear: Wake up and Do Something.

I spoke with a member of the Sikh Motorcycle club at that rally and asked him if he would run for council. He said no and that he was fed up. He said they went to all that work a year ago organizing the same rally and nothing was done. More fatalities has been the result.

Providing homes for the homeless on the Surrey Strip has been a colossal step forward for everyone. That place was a cesspool of exploitation. The Anarchists are complaining about the progress made because they never wanted homes for the homeless. They just wanted to create pockets of lawlessness because they are Anarchists. That self defeating mandate is complete insanity. If you can steal from me, I can steal from you and chaos is the result.

I support the New York Crime Reduction model for Surrey and the Safe Surrey Coalition are the ones that will implement it because unlike the Anarchists, they are on the same page. I am not here to promote myself. I'm not running. I'm here to promote what's right.

Jeff Shantz from the Social Injustice Centre wrote a couple of books - Beyond Communism and Constructive Anarchy. Just like I said. Anarchists are complete Wingnuts and the Social Justice Centre has absolutely nothing to do with Social Justice. Just so we are clear. Do these clowns actually get government funding? Consider the source. Just like Ip Man, I support the other guys.

Update: Dennis Watson speaking on the New York Model

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Linda Hepner kills baby eagles in Surrey

The Peacearch News is reporting that "The city is investigating after it had to remove a cottonwood tree in South Surrey that was home to one of the most noticeable eagle’s nests in Surrey." It was an active nest. A legacy of killing beavers, butterflies and baby peacocks just isn't good enough. Linda Hepner had to add killing baby eagles to her list of genocide before she leaves office. Without question, Surrey First has been Surrey's worst.

David Hancock from the Hancock Wildlife Foundation believes it was cut down on purpose and states that "the violation of the Wildlife Act under Section 34 has mitigation remedies not just of simple fines but offers up both Creative Fines Section 84 1-2 and Additional Fines Section 84.3 that allow recovery of any financial advantages gained though the violation of the Act."

On a side note, I attended a barbecue with my MLA Gary Begg yesterday in Surrey. I ran into Jinny Sims there. She said she knew me but I didn't recognize her. Turns out she is a NDP MLA for Surrey Panorama. She said she was in favor of the LRT put her hand up and walked away. Oh really? That means I do not support you. Is that your party position? Let's be clear.

She supports the LRT infrastructure nightmare along 104th avenue because she doesn't have to drive up and down that road every day like the rest of us who live in the area. I find it astounding and disheartening that an NDP MLA could even conceive of endorsing a road that goes right through an elementary school of marginalized kids. That is just plain wrong. This is what Laila Yuile referred to as the dark undertow within the NDP party. No different than the BC Liberals.

I met Imtiaz Popat there who is a candidate for the Surrey Community Alliance that has close ties to the NDP. An older man was giving him an earful about why he opposed the LRT along 104th and the road through Hawthorne Park. I jumped in and said that's because we live here. Imtiaz turned to me pointing to his ear and said he was listening. Since when does a politician listen? That's a novel thought. He did have a good idea though.

Imtiaz asked me if I had heard of the Interurban. At first I paused because I wasn't sure what he was referring to then said oh you mean that electric railway Vancouver used to have that was incredibly efficient but done away with by the oil companies? Tillers folly sang a song about that.

That's the one. Imtiaz said we should use those tracks which already exist. That's a thought. It would save a lot of money. Running LRT down 104th is just plain stupid and putting an elementary school of marginalized kids on a traffic island is just plain wrong.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

17-year-old girl dies at Music Festival in Kelowna

Kelowna Cap News is reporting that "A 17-year-old Kamloops girl has died after falling into medical distress at the Centre of Gravity music festival Friday. Kelowna RCMP said in a statement Saturday that BC Coroners are investigating the sudden death of the teen. At about 9:30 p.m., Kelowna RCMP responded to the 1600 block of Abbott Street to support the BC Ambulance Service who had responded to the medical emergency. The girl was rushed to hospital, where she died. Interior Health has issued a reminder to festival goers to be cautious if using drugs and to not mix substances.' Radio NL is reporting that it was an accidental overdose.

Fentanyl found in over two dozen samples at Shambhala last year

Fentanyl found cut into MDMA, Cocaine, Ketamine

If someone sells drugs laced with fentanyl, arrest them. That is harm reduction.

West Kelowna fentanyl dealer tries to take back guilty plea

Casting shadows on the Horizon

When I was speaking at the Falun Gong rally outside the Art Gallery in Vancouver I quoted Lao Tsu who said "It is better to light one candle than curse all the darkness." I said although that was a true statement, sometimes when we light a candle it sheds light on the darkness and reveals it to the world. Sometimes we have to confront darkness by exposing it for what it really is.

On the other side of the Art Gallery I noticed the inscription on top of the building.

The incription reads, Placed Upon the Horizon (Casting Shadows).

I've passed by demonstrations at the Vancouver Art Gallery ever since I was a kid yet I've never really noticed that inscription before. As I was heading out on the freeway to go hiking and camping at Garibaldi Lake, the sun was behind me to my right. I could see my shadow riding my motorcycle with my backpack on. Notwithstanding the difficulties and the frustrations of the moment, I felt free. It causes me to reflect on the life we lead and the shadow we cast.

I find the complete destruction of the Main Stream Media overwhelming. The obsessive propaganda desperately trying to control public opinion has become absurd. Since I am such an advocate of the freedom of the press I find it very disheartening.

Last month they told us that LRT in Surrey was a done deal and speaking out in opposition to it was a complete waste of time. Yet now that we have all witnessed the public meltdown of Surrey First and Doug McCallum's pledge, it looks like Surrey LRT is dead in the water. Who would have thought such a miraculous transformation was possible in such a short time?

Yet on the front page of this weeks Surrey Now Leader is an offensively obscene piece of propaganda trying to sell the infrastructure nightmare along 104th Avenue putting an elementary school of marginalized kids on a traffic island. That is just plain wrong and the Post Media Propaganda is obscene.

Post Media News is a cheap tabloid of corporate trash that isn't worth lining the bottom of a bird cage with. This isn't a battle of the bands. This is a heartfelt mourning over the loss of something very sacred. I'm at the point where I'm ready to put a sign on my door and say please don't deliver this free newspaper here any more but that is exactly what they want. They want to destroy the market so they can have complete control over it. Basically they already do.

We need to balance the extremes and see through the absurd propaganda for what it really is.

The question we need to ask ourselves is what kind of shadow will we cast on the horizon? What kind of life will we lead and what kind of mark on society will we leave behind. Like it or not we all leave footprints. Whether they be positive or negative will depend upon our choices and our actions because actions speak louder than words. Cheers.

Bacchus becomes criminal organization in Nova Scotia

CBC is reporting that "A Nova Scotia judge has declared the Bacchus Motorcycle Club a 'criminal organization,' the first time the Criminal Code designation has been used against an outlaw biker gang in the province. The group, which has links to the Hells Angels, is the largest motorcycle gang in the province. The designation now means prosecutors can try to seek stiffer sentences for Bacchus members who commit serious crimes to benefit the club."

Bacchus implicated in another murder

Bacchus in Ontario ~ Bacchus in Fort McMurray

Another Indigenous woman found dead outside Merritt

Cabin Radio is reporting that "A Northwest Territories woman whose body was found by a driver beside a highway in British Columbia has been identified as Brittany Martel. The 27-year-old, from the Hay River reserve, was living in West Kelowna. Her body was discovered on Sunday, some 125 km west by road, on BC’s Highway 5 (the Coquihalla) south of Merritt. A driver discovered Martel’s body while stretching their legs outside their vehicle during traffic created by a collision on the highway."

On July 3rd Global reported that "Last Friday, police issued a report that Brittany Martel, 27, of West Kelowna, hadn’t been heard from since June 14 when she was in Surrey, that her last social media post was June 22 and that her cellphone wasn’t working. At the time, it was believed she was planning to hitchhike to the Northwest Territories. On Tuesday, though, West Kelowna RCMP said that Martel, from Hay River, N.W.T., had been located and is safe and sound." Not.

They put Robert Pickton in jail and women kept dying because he didn't act alone. He wasn't even the prime suspect. He was just an active participant. Last year, Wendy Margaret Carlic, a missing and murdered Indigenous women advocate from Whitehorse, was murdered before she could testify at the new missing women inquiry. The Finian Commission.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Black Tusk

I hiked up Black Tusk today. Last night I hiked up to Garibaldi lake, set up camp, then went on a day hike to Panorama Ridge. From Panorama Ridge you get and amazing view of the lake.

This is the view up to and from Black Tusk.

Now for a brief synopsis of the journey, I have to admit that Garibaldi lake is pretty awesome. It's high up. You have to work to get there but it is very nice. You can camp at the lake or at Taylor Meadows but you need to make reservations online first because weekends in the summer are usually booked pretty early. I was able to get a spot mid week.

The trail to to Black Tusk viewpoint is pretty awesome. There are lots of places you can water up along the way. If you are going to Panorama Ridge, which is probably the better hike, you have to water up at Taylor Meadows and carry it with you but the summit is worth it.

There is a sign at the Black Tusk viewpoint that says end of marked access. It is not recommend you summit due to loose rock. I looked at it and it seemed OK so I had a go. Bad decision. It starts off OK but the further up you go you are basically climbing up and down loose rock that is crumbling as you climb and descend. It's not safe.

I got to the base of the cone and I look over this ledge and it was straight down. I got sketched out. I turn to my left and see two young girls who had walked along a very narrow ledge with a sheer drop on either side of crumbling rock. They were sitting with their backs to the cone having a chit chat. I took one look at them and said f*ck that and went strait back down again. This is the ledge they walked across. Not me. I don't like crumbling paths with sheer drops.

As I was climbing, the cone looked so close I thought it would be cool to get a picture of my hand touching the cone. Then when I got there I thought you know what would be even better? To make it home safely. That was my call.

Whenever you're summiting any peak whether it be summer or winter, if you don't feel comfortable, don't do it. That's what I've learned. I might do the hike to the viewpoint again because it is a magnificent hike but I'm not going to summit. Not this cowboy. Panorama Ridge you can summit and get a great view of Garibaldi lake and Black Tusk. The best of both worlds.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Man killed in targeted shooting in Vancouver

1130 News is reporting that "A man has been killed in what police believe was a targeted shooting in East Vancouver. It happened before 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Police say multiple 911 callers reported hearing shots to fire in the area of Cambridge Street and Nanaimo Street. When officers arrived, they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. He was rushed to hospital but died a short time later. Early Thursday morning, more than a dozen evidence markers and yellow police tape was still surrounding Tillicum Community Annex school."

When only the criminals have guns, that' the wrong kind of gun control.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Gun Control is the real motive

The Huffington Post is reporting that "After a mass shooting left three people dead, including the shooter, in Toronto on Sunday, the city's conservative mayor backed a proposal that even the most liberal American politicians wouldn't dare support - a total ban on all handgun sales. "Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?" Mayor John Tory asked at a city council meeting on Monday." AYFKM? A-Y-F-K-M? Give your head a shake you brain dead idiot.

Why does anyone in that city need a gun? The same reason anyone else in this country needs a gun. The same reason the Jews needed a gun during the holocaust. The same reason the Falun Gong need a gun in Communist China. Because when a Communist dictatorship starts taking political prisoners and executing them, no one else gives a sh*t and the MSM won't even cover it.

Steven Seagal Thinks Many Mass Shootings Are "Engineered" by the Government and so do I. In the beginning of Loose Change 9/11 it makes reference to Operation Northwoods. That document is real. No conspiracy theorist made it up. We need to face that reality not bury our heads in the sand over it. Ever heard of the USS Liberty? The attack on that vessel was real. No conspiracy theorist made that up. President Johnston recalled the air support when it fell under attack because he wanted that vessel sunk.

When we see a mass shooting with no motive, followed by an impulsive call for gun control we can then clearly see the real motive. In Bob Paulson's exit interview he admitted that the RCMP have absolutely no desire whatsoever to investigate organized crime. They are far too busy threatening and bribing drug addicts into committing terrorist acts to meet their terrorist quotas.

Now with all this noise in the Surrey civic election where candidates are talking about getting rid of the RCMP in favor of a municipal police force, the RCMP have to create a need for their massive terrorist creating task force that loses billions of dollars from it's budget every year.

Gun control is not the answer. Confronting organized crime is. We need a Mollen Commission.

Switzerland doesn't have a problem with mass shootings. Switzerland was one of the only countries not invaded ny Nazi German during the war. That's because they all had guns. I support the Swiss model. Why do you think the corporate media support gun control?

Arizona Hells Angel charged in the brutal murder of Cynthia Garcia

The Washington Post is reporting that Paul Eischeid, a suspect in the brutal murder of Cynthia Garcia returned to Arizona last week in handcuffs to face charges related to her death after being extradited from Argentina. Hells Angle Kevin Augustiniak, already plead guilty to second degree murder for his role in her death back in 2011. Cynthia was badly beaten and stabbed 27 times before being dumped in the desert. Eischeid was a stock broker by day ad a Hells Angel by night.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Shannon Falls

I rode up to Shannon Falls and checked out that hike where the vloggers were killed. Such a tragedy that could have easily been avoided. This is not a smart place to swim. This is not at the base of the falls it is half way up the mountain. You can see the current is swift. If you want to swim at the base of a waterfall go to Cliff Falls in Maple Ridge or the waterfalls at the UBC Endowment forest in Maple Ridge. Those are closed to the public but you can still access them as long as you don't drink and cliff jump at the same time. Common sense should prevail.

Today's trail was relatively short but there are places you can rope up and practice rock climbing.

For those who aren't local, this is the view along the Sea to Sky highway from Horseshoe Bay to the mouth of the Cheakamus river in Squamish. The light green water is from the Cheakamus and the dark blue water is from the ocean. Peace.

Rental only zoning has finally begun

In April of this year the Daily Hive reported that "Local and municipal governments across British Columbia will soon have new powers to enact rental-only housing zoning. Selina Robinson, the BC Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, introduced new legislation today to provide municipalities, including the City of Vancouver, with the authority to zone land for rental-only housing development. This new zoning tool, which is optional, was previously unavailable to municipal governments. This will enable developers to know in advance that the site will be for rental and what portion of a development is required to be as such."

CTV is now reporting that "The City of Burnaby says it will be the first in British Columbia to take advantage of the province's new rental zoning laws." The wording of the Burnaby bylaw is a bit weird but clearly setting aside zoning for rental units is a step forward to address the Metro Vancouver housing crisis which is in reality a rental crisis.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Councillor Bruce Hayne commits ritual suicide

Global is reporting that "Independent Surrey Coun. Bruce Hayne has announced he is running for mayor in this fall’s civic election, bringing to three the number of candidates now running for the top job in the province’s second largest city. 'My phone’s been ringing off the hook in the past few weeks with people urging me to put my name in for mayor and that’s exactly what I’m going to do,' said Hayne." LOL Another one bites the dust.

Well the sad saga of the complete meltdown of Surrey First continues. I was willing to support Bruce Hayne as a councillor but he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning against Doug McCallum. I suppose after he loses this election he could come back as a councillor like Bob Bose did. Bruce claims that his phone’s been ringing off the hook after the Neo Cons couldn't convince Rich Coleman to give up his seat as MLA and risk running for Surrey mayor.

Why is that not surprising? The Neo Cons know Tom Gill will not win. He pissed off the entire Indo Canadian community in Surrey when he voted for that mega Casino on rural land they staunchly opposed. Who's going to vote for him now? His pettiness in the paper fighting with Barbara Steele makes him look like a complete idiot. He looks like a foolish little boy.

So the Rich Coleman dirty dealers want an ace up their sleeve to make sure their interests take priority over the people of Surrey. So they call me Bruce is listening to Rich Coleman's dirty dealers just like Dianne Watts did when she gave up her seat as a Conservative MP and ran for the leadership of the BC Liberals. How'd that work out for her?

Dianne Watts is completely screwed now. She lost the Liberal leadership race after she gave up her seat. Now all she has is the golf tournament money from her position as the CEO of her "Non profit" society, Surrey First. Do you think the Conservatives are going to take her back after she pulled a Belinda Stronach? Justin Trudeau might but she screwed herself over because she listened to Rich Coleman's dirty dealers. Now Bruce Hayne is making the same mistake.

The next kamikaze to commit ritual suicide will be Rajesh Jayaprakash. I really like Rajesh. He'd make a fantastic Councillor but he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the mayors seat without any experience first. Same with Stuart Parker. Stuart and Adam could both win seats on council. Running for mayor would be a wasted effort so let's set our pride aside and pull together. Diversity makes us strong so it does.

Someone sent me this screen cap of a comment posted on the news report about Bruce Haye running for mayor. The comment was quickly deleted from the Post Media News Corporate propaganda. Tracie was my fist shop Steward when I worked as a Letter Carrier:

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Newton meeting hijacked by Anarchists and Communists

Well that was disappointing. I attended a panel discussion on crime in Newton today and it was hijacked by a couple of wing nut Anarchists and Communists. I won't be doing that again.

Do we really have to talk about my past history fighting with the Anti Poverty Committee in the DTES before the Vancouver Olympics? Do we really have to talk about my past history fighting with Darrell Tingley when he was president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and endorsed Revolutionary Communism in Cuba on behalf of all the members?

Before I explain what happened at the meeting today, have a peak at this trailer to another new movie called In the Name of Confucius. Anarchists and Communists are enemies of Liberty. To all those undecided out there Let it be known that I am not Undecided. The New York Model is coming to Surrey. Lead, Follow or Get out of the way. This is our crib. We support Law and Order.

Homes not Drugs. Law and Order not Anarchy. Civil Liberty not Communism.

Implementing the New York City Crime Reduction Model in Surrey

Surrey Strip residents pack up and leave for new homes

Surrey's Yaletown: Whalley’s World Transformed

Surrey RCMP cleans up the Surrey strip

I may be from Surrey, but I was trained in New York.

Massive gang violence rally at Surrey City Hall

Let's give it up for New York. If Time Square can change, so can Whalley. Word.

Update: This is what happened at the Newton Crime meeting.

Quebec police investigating Hells Angels death threats against hockey legend Guy Lapointe

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Quebec police say they are investigating after hockey legend Guy Lapointe was threatened by Quebec Hells Angels amid a national rise in tensions in the outlaw biker world. According to Quebec media reports, the Hells Angels motorcycle gang threatened the lives of Insp. Guy Lapointe of the Sûreté du Québec, a provincial police spokesperson on outlaw bikers, and his father, Guy Lapointe Sr., 70, earlier this week."

"The senior Lapointe is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame starred for the Montreal Canadiens in the 1970s as a defenceman, winning six Stanley Cups. The junior Lapointe has cut a high profile in the Quebec media as a spokesperson on biker issues." "Insp. Lapointe in April told a news conference that police had “dismantled three of the biggest drug trafficking networks in Quebec,” referring to the Hells Angels’ Montreal, South and Trois-Rivières charters."

In Quebec the police instigate the Hells Angels connection to drug trafficking. In BC they don't. In BC the police just send out press releases and do photo ops at Hells Angels parties. After the Kelowna Summer Jam in 2012 the BC Gang Task Force stopped investigating the Hells Angels. That's when Rich Coleman and the BC Liberals disbanded the OMGU.

The New York Model was made possible by the Mollen Commission in 1992 which investigated police corruption and found Michael Dowd. Police Corruption Documentary: The Seven Five

The Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute is a non-profit public educational organization affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, whose aim is to promote Chinese language and culture, support local Chinese teaching internationally, and facilitate cultural exchanges. So they say but exactly what kind of Chinese culture are they really teaching?

Are they teaching the five virtues that Confucius taught? No they are not. Are they teaching the compassion of Buddha or the truthfulness of Tao? No they are not. Are they are teaching the five thousand years of cultural tradition in China that predates Communism? No they are not. They are killing those traditions along with everyone else that disagrees with them and they are teaching something else. Something much different.

The Cultural Revolution in China

When you hear the term cultural revolution you normally think of something that promotes culture not something that kills culture but that is exactly what it did. It was a cultural genocide in China. Communism is about rewriting history and promoting lies. That is why it opposes the freedom of the press. It obsesses over censorship to hide the truth from the world.

Previously I blogged about a magnificent trilogy the Communist government of China oversaw about Yip Man starring Donnie Yen. It was awesome. Completely historically inaccurate but very well done. Donnie Yen was great. The third episode had an awesome fight scene with Mike Tyson. The movie portrayed Yip Man as a hero which he was. Yip Man taught Bruce Lee Wing Chung who in turn created a cultural revolution in the martial arts world.

The real Yip Man left China and moved to Hong Kong after the Communist Revolution because he was an officer of the other party. Yip Man did not support Communism he opposed it. The fictional movie about his life failed to mention that part.

Legacy of Lies and Murder

When we talk about Hitler's genocide we realize that Stalin was even worse. Communism in China was horrific. First they started murdering land Owners so they could seize all the property. Then they started murdering business owners so they could end a free market. After that they started murdering the intellectuals so they could control thought. Then they went after religion and now they are going after the Falun Gong. Truthfully, the murder never stopped.

The question we need to ask is why isn't the mainstream media covering the current genocide in China? If Hitler found a way to make money from all the people he murdered by selling their organs and the rest of the world was silent about it, the world's silence would have empowered him. That is exactly what's happening now in China and we are silent about it.

Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world

The Cambodian Genocide was Communism in action

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Letter from Masanjia Screening in Vancouver August 3 - 9

As I previously mentioned, the locally made movie Letter from Masanjia will be screening in Vancouver August 3 -9 at the Vancity Theater. The movie is a true story about a woman from Oregon who found a letter from someone in a Chinese Prison camp asking for help.

In Dec. 2016, Sun Yi, the author of the letter from the prison camp, successfully fled to Indonesia after he was released from the labour camp. In March the following year, he met with Julie Keith in Indonesia. She was the woman from Oregon that found the letter. "Just days before his 51st birthday, on Oct. 1, Sun Yi passed away at a hospital in Bali, Indonesia. The hospital said he died of kidney failure. He was 50 years old. However, his family said he never had kidney health problems. They claimed that the hospital did not give concrete details about his death and rushed to have his body cremated. They are concerned about the possibility of foul play."

Why isn't anyone in the MSM talking about this?!

The International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China

Ethan Gutmann - David Matas - David Kilgour - Human Harvest

Canadian lawyers take Chinese organ-harvesting claims to Australia

In Canada Bill C-350 is in the House and Bill S-240 is in the Senate - Status.

New Evidence for China’s Political Re-Education Campaign in Xinjiang

Bringing it home: Implementing the New York City Crime Reduction Model in Surrey

Thousand Wonders reported that "Times Square went through a hard time during the Great Depression, attracting strip clubs and peep shows. By the 70s, it had become a place of drugs, prostitution, and street crime. In the 80s and 90s, a redevelopment program and major clean-up was done by the mayors of the city. Many family-friendly and tourist attractions opened their doors in the 90s, the most notable of which was the Walt Disney Store. This led to the so-called Disneyfication of Times Square, which was a good thing. Now, Times Square is a huge tourist magnet and a huge contributor to New York City’s nickname the City that Never Sleeps."

The Welcome blog reports that "The New York City of the 1980s is quite different from the city we know today. Homicides were at near-record highs, the crack epidemic was raging, and NYC had not yet experienced the wave of gentrification that has marked it in modern times.

Enforcement and gentrification were the two key elements of the New York Model that led to it"s dramatic and lasting transformation. However, that attack came after a crack down on police corruption which made it all possible. The Star Tribune reported that "It's not just well-off, gentrified areas. Poorer neighborhoods have been lifted up, too, thanks to policing and nonprofit efforts." After 30 Years, Times Square Rebirth Is Complete. This can happen in Surrey.

Mollen Commission 1992 - New York police allowed corruption - Documentary: The Seven Five

How do I know this? Because I was there in the /80's. I saw it. We did it in South Seattle.

That is why I endorse Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey slate.