Monday, July 30, 2018

Wake up Surrey: Vote for Doug McCallum

When I was at the People First panel discussion on crime I was asked my opinion about the Wake Up Surrey movement. I said I support that movement. Others were less eager. I explained that I was there. That rally was well attended. People had pictures of family members who had been killed in recent gang violence. Mothers were still in mourning. It was heartbreaking. Their message to city hall was loud and clear: Wake up and Do Something.

I spoke with a member of the Sikh Motorcycle club at that rally and asked him if he would run for council. He said no and that he was fed up. He said they went to all that work a year ago organizing the same rally and nothing was done. More fatalities has been the result.

Providing homes for the homeless on the Surrey Strip has been a colossal step forward for everyone. That place was a cesspool of exploitation. The Anarchists are complaining about the progress made because they never wanted homes for the homeless. They just wanted to create pockets of lawlessness because they are Anarchists. That self defeating mandate is complete insanity. If you can steal from me, I can steal from you and chaos is the result.

I support the New York Crime Reduction model for Surrey and the Safe Surrey Coalition are the ones that will implement it because unlike the Anarchists, they are on the same page. I am not here to promote myself. I'm not running. I'm here to promote what's right.

Jeff Shantz from the Social Injustice Centre wrote a couple of books - Beyond Communism and Constructive Anarchy. Just like I said. Anarchists are complete Wingnuts and the Social Justice Centre has absolutely nothing to do with Social Justice. Just so we are clear. Do these clowns actually get government funding? Consider the source. Just like Ip Man, I support the other guys.

Update: Dennis Watson speaking on the New York Model

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  1. Interesting to read about the Crime Panel in your link.

    If these communists do not want a "police state", as they claim, where are they ensuring "the peace" is being followed? Not one of them is out there on the streets like the Guardians Angels helping people. Not one!

    The anarchists want some type of mythical society that needs no rules and everyone just magically gets along. Yet, they fail to recognize how history (and common sense) show this to be impossible.

    They are out of touch with reality.


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