Tuesday, July 17, 2018

State of the Union

I'm kind of hitting burn out but I just wanted to pause and restate the obvious. I think one of the biggest concerns we face today is the meltdown of the media. It's not just fake news it's completely misguided. All over we hear Putin this and Putin that. Perpetuating the Russia hacked the election insanity. Yet not a word about the genocide in China. It's all very misguided.

Post Media News completely sucks now. All their smaller outlets that used to be credible are misguided clones of each other cramming corporate communism down our throat like a Christy Clark ad at the Superbowl. That's why we need bloggers like Laila Yuile and Norm Farrell. I'm so glad Laila is starting to post again. She maintains a refreshing insight in the world's insanity.

As I start to fade the poem Desiderata comes to mind. That's Desiderata not Despacito, although that's nice too. A shout out to the hood yo. I'm referring to the one that says Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

The intent I had with the Green Justice Party was to balance the extremes. Doug Ford is an idiot but there are some conservative values that I do share. The left has become so anti religion it has become hateful yet public power and public medical are good things. Dirty politics exist on both sides of the spectrum and fiscal responsibility has been completely lost.

It's no secret that the recent Judicial treason within the Canadian Supreme court has caused me to completely lose it. A friend was commenting about a Christian community they discovered and said to me they're your people. I laughed and said anyone who is persecuted is my people. Right now that's the Falun Gong. I believe in the freedom of religion. That is the cornerstone of a free republic. To say that you can't be a pilot and fly an airplane if you personally disagree with same sex marriage is absurd. What has that got to do with your ability to fly an airplane?

To say you can't practice law in Canada if you make a covenant not to have sexual relations outside of marriage shows us how far we have fallen from the original intent of the Charter of Rights. The court has absolutely no right to tell someone what they can or can't believe and they have absolutely no right to tell someone what kind of a covenant they can or can't make.

Everyone is freaking out about the fact that Trinity Western University asks it's students and teachers to sign a form agreeing not to have sex outside the bonds of marriage. You all are freaking out about that saying how crazy it is. Yet how would you feel if your wife or husband refused to make that same covenant? Swingers are garbage. I am far from perfect but with all my heart I believe in committed relationships.

I grew up in Surrey. We had all the Surrey girl jokes. "What's the difference between a Surrey girl and a rolls Royce? Not everyone's been in a rolls Royce." or "What's the first thing a Surrey Girl does when she gets up in the morning? She goes home." Surrey trash is nothing to brag about. One of the Falun Gong banners said the world needs more morality and that is true. So once again I'll let that desperate housewives parade pass me by as I aspire to something higher.


  1. I think you might be surprised to know who you have common cause with regarding "Russia isn't the big threat, China is". And I'm not talking bout me, (although I agree)I'm talking about Tucker Carlson and other personalities on FOX. He bangs that drum at every opportunity, and Thank God for that because it's needed to balance off the BS about the Russians. The only reason we are still hearing about the RUssians is because The Left™ decided early on that this was the horse they would ride to knock Trump out of the White House after he stomped HRC.

    Once committed, they can't really back off it, they've talked too much and they have a Special Counsel running an investigation for what, 1.5 years now? Oh sure, they'll blather on about Stormy Daniels and #thecreepypornlawyer, as well as anything else they can dream up (kids being separated at the border when Obama did the same) but "Russia" is the "insurance policy" that Peter Strzok was referring to in those emails/texts to the FBI lawyer he was cheating on his wife with, "Russia" and "collusion" was the excuse to get Mueller to investigate anything and everything BUT ties between the Trump campaign and anything Russian, they knew before it ever started that there wasn't any, it was just the elephant's nose under the tent for other stuff they would never have been able to pursue otherwise.

    1. It's not a matter of China being a threat, it's a matter of being silent about the atrocities they are currently committing. If Hitler thought of selling organs from prisoners he executed and the world was silent about it, that would have empowered him. It's got nothing to do with the left or right or Hillary and Trump.

      As for Stormy Daniels, she is still just a cheap whore. Not only did she knowingly have an affair with a wealthy married man and then commit extortion over that conscious act, she is still trying to commit extortion after the fact. She was recently stripping on a pole in Washington trying to drum up more business. The CIA are really scraping the bottom of the toilet with her. She degrades women and herself.


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