Sunday, July 1, 2018

Canadian Rapper Smoke Dawg shot dead in Toronto

ET Canada is reporting that "Drake took to his Instagram Story to pay an emotional tribute to rapper Smoke Dawg after the Canadian was reportedly shot dead in Toronto on Saturday night." I didn't write about it at the time because I like Drake, but readers had sent me links to posts Drake has made supporting the Toronto Hells Angels. That was not wise. The Toronto violence is either for or against the HA monopoly on the drug trade just like with Greg Wooley in Montreal.

"Drake’s post came after officials confirmed that one of the three victims in the Toronto shooting, which happened outside Cube Nightclub at 8 p.m., had passed away. They’re yet to confirm the identity of the victim." City News reported that "Two men are dead and a woman is in serious condition after a shooting outside a downtown club on Saturday evening."

CBC is reportign that "Toronto rappers Smoke Dawg and Koba Prime have been identified as the victims killed in a triple shooting Saturday evening that also left a woman with serious injuries."

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Four people are seriously injured after a shooting near Kensington Market Sunday evening, paramedics say." They are also reporting that "A 15-year-old boy, shot on Saturday afternoon, dragged himself from a fundraising carnival at a church in the Jane/Finch area." Follow the rich white man. Greg Wooley still works for Mom Boucher.

It's hard to keep up with all the recent shootings in Toronto but I will state last August which saw a summer of mob violence in Toronto saw Hells Angels associate Mark Peretz shot. The summer before that Hells Angels associate Sukh Deo was shot in Toronto. Sukh was facing drug charges in Toronto just like the Alkhalils. Hells Angles associate Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil grew up in Surrey and has been charged with the murder of Johnnie Raposo June 2012 outside a cafe in Toronto’s Little Italy along with Hells Angels associate Dean Wiwchar.

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  1. Drake has some weird friends.. this is the second guy this who was friends with Drake that got clipped... so much for his clean image.


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