Saturday, July 28, 2018

17-year-old girl dies at Music Festival in Kelowna

Kelowna Cap News is reporting that "A 17-year-old Kamloops girl has died after falling into medical distress at the Centre of Gravity music festival Friday. Kelowna RCMP said in a statement Saturday that BC Coroners are investigating the sudden death of the teen. At about 9:30 p.m., Kelowna RCMP responded to the 1600 block of Abbott Street to support the BC Ambulance Service who had responded to the medical emergency. The girl was rushed to hospital, where she died. Interior Health has issued a reminder to festival goers to be cautious if using drugs and to not mix substances.' Radio NL is reporting that it was an accidental overdose.

Fentanyl found in over two dozen samples at Shambhala last year

Fentanyl found cut into MDMA, Cocaine, Ketamine

If someone sells drugs laced with fentanyl, arrest them. That is harm reduction.

West Kelowna fentanyl dealer tries to take back guilty plea


  1. Condolences to this poor girl's family. RIP.

  2. Here is a novel idea: How about the police actually arrest all those selling drugs!

    1. Indeed. If the police watch someone robbing a bank without doing anything about it, they become culpable for that crime. Likewise if they watch someone selling any illegal drug especially fentanyl. Even the wing nut extremists wouldn't oppose it if the police arrested the drug dealers mixing their drugs with fentanyl so why aren't they?

  3. Because you have a bunch of lame ass cops who are "college grads with a background in team sports". (Ideal recruit according to VPD Chief Constable. They are not looking for self motivated "hunters".) They have no heart to be "the real police". They're posers. And because you've got a bunch of lame ass judges who undercut the work that any cops who DO go out and get the job done might do. Then the cops think, why bother, it's a lot of work for nothing. They pay me regardless. Apathy runs rampant, and people die.

    Now if you had a judge who would sentence these MF's to a decent amount of time, maybe some of The Real Police™ who have long ago given up on having a job where they can really hunt bad guys and make a difference would take heart from that and go have some fun on the street, but why bang your brains out when you have lame ass judges who will just turn these folks loose or give them a joke of a sentence.

    All this and corruption too. You KNOW there are people who are getting paid off. No one is really looking too hard for these guys, all the big busts somehow wind up going wrong, Ports Police and Organized Crime Task Force get put out of business for no good reason, etc..


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