Sunday, July 8, 2018

Surrey First wants to put Hjorth Road Elementary School on a Traffic Island

Hjorth Road Elementary School is on a busy intersection at 104th Avenue and 148th Street in Surrey. The kids there are marginalized. Volunteers pulled together to build their playground while Dianne Watts built her ivory tower City hall at Surrey central. Shania Twain has visited Hjorth Road Elementary to open the first Shania Kids Can program in British Columbia.

Surrey First is determined to steam roll right over those marginalized kids and put their school on a traffic island. They are building a road right through their playing field. The other side of the school is on 104th Avenue which is a busy road connecting freeway traffic with Surrey Central.

To make room for the LRT on 104th which we don't want, they are getting ready to extend 105th right through the school playing field. However, you will notice that it is not physically possible for 105th to go straight through the playing field because it would run into an apartment building. That means the road they are getting ready to build will cut through the middle of the playing field and cut diagonally towards the school right beside the new playground the volunteers built.

On 104th Avenue the back of the school buts up to a small strip mall.

There's not much room on that side of the school.

This is not progress. This is not green development. This is bad planning. We will document this exploitation of marginalized kids for the world to see just like the parking lot fraud at the Surrey Memorial Hospital. Without question Surrey First has been Surrey's Worst. This will be Surrey First's final act of defiance before the October 20th election. I object to it.

Go visit the site and see for yourself.


  1. Jeez, where do you find these people, and how do they get into public orifice?

  2. The school is not the school of children from well to do families, so in the eyes of Surrey First they don't count. Its that sick and its that simple.

    children, who don't vote and don't donate, well they don't count in Linda's world. You do have to wonder where the hell the school board is on all of this.


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