Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Communist takeover of the Supreme Court of Canada

Judicial Treason dot ca: Seven for the Hangman

This is a dark day for civil liberty in Canada. The supreme court of Canada just threw away the Canadian Charter of Rights. The courts have the right and obligation to uphold the law. They do not have the authority to break the law or create the law. However, that is exactly what they have done. The Canadian judicial system now needs to be renovated.

In 2016 the Law Society of BC was rebuked by the BC Court of Appeal for knowingly violating the Charter of Rights. The court upheld the B.C. Supreme Court ruling that the law society was wrong for denying certification to Lawyers from Trinity Western University because they did not approve of their religious beliefs or moral standards. In July, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal also upheld Trinity Western University law school. It is a private law school not a public one.

It is illegal to discriminate against someone for their religious beliefs even if you don't like them. The B.C. College of Teachers tried to ban religious teachers and that failed because it was an illegal act just as banning religious lawyers is. The freedom of religion is protected in the charter.

Global is reporting that the supreme court just over turned those lawful decisions with an insane decision that tears up the charter and imposes Communism in Canada by way of court order. This is the final proof Canadians need to overhaul the broken Canadian Judicial System.

There are several Catholic Law schools in the United States. The Columbus school of law is one, the Georgetown University law center is another. Ever heard of Notre Dame - the Fighting Irish? That is another Catholic Law School. Is the Ontario supreme court going to now disband those institutions? No but they claim they can now deny those graduates a Canadian law license. That is completely insane. It is now time to fix the broken Canadian Judaical System once and for all. Canadian judges need to be accountable to the public who pay their wages.

"B.C.’s Ministry of Advanced Education said in an e-mail that the Supreme Court ruling appears consistent with our government’s values.” Goodbye BC NDP. I will never vote for you again.

If someone created a university for gays only, heterosexuals were not allowed, that would be their right within a free and democratic society. If they turned that university into a law school, that would be their right. If the law society denied them certification, that would be illegal as it would be discrimination on prohibited grounds just like this decision is. The State has no right or jurisdiction to tell anyone or any group of people what they can or cannot believe. Yet they just did. The court just discriminated on prohibited grounds. This is a copy of the recent decision.

Beverley McLachlin, right after she commits this illegal act retires. Go f*ck yourself. She was made Chief Justice of Canada on January 7, 2000 by Jean Chrétien. Her successor as Chief Justice of Canada is Richard Wagner, who was nominated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on December 12, 2017. Harvey Wallbanger was also invoked in this criminal act. Fire them.

Russell Brown and Suzanne Côté recorded their dissent in paragraphs 56 - 80.

The not so honourable Rosalie Silberman Abella also voted in favor of destroying religious freedom in Canada. Amazing what a little Photoshop can do. Rosalie was just elected to the American Philosophical Society. Hmmm how's their government grants going to do when Donald Trump gets wind of this? She killed Benjamin Franklin's ideal she didn't support it. Whatever you do, keep that woman away from the US Constitution. She will break that too.

Michael J. Moldaver was appointed to the bench by Stephen Harper. He's no expert on the Canadian Charter of Rights. Destroying a document does not make you an expert on it. Richard Wagner is a Roman Catholic that just killed religious freedom for a group of protestants. Don't you think that also kills it for Catholics you brain dead idiot?

Clément Gascon is also a Quebecer who just killed religious freedom in Canada. If you only had a brain. Malcolm Rowe is from Newfoundland. Memorizing volumes of diluted jurisprudence does not make you an expert in the Constitution if you kill it's original intent. Another clown in a Santa suit who can't see the forest through the trees. Andromache Karakatsanis also voted in favor of killing religious freedom. So are they all Communists or are they just stupid?

God Bless Russell Brown and Suzanne Côté.

Fundamental Freedoms:

Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights sates that "Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (d) freedom of association." Until today.

This is a copy of the BC Court of Appeal Decision which was correct.

I'm still looking for pages 56 - 80 of the recent decision that killed the Canadian Charter of Rights where Russell Brown and Suzanne Côté recorded their dissent.

Evidently Canadian lawyers laundering money is fine but a religious affiliation isn't.

I don't even like born agains. They are irritating and intolerant. Yey they have a right to their religious beliefs just like everyone else. Ask yourself what kind of gay rights there are in Communism. There aren't any. Under Castro, "LGBT people, particularly gay men, were routinely sent to prison without trial or charge by the state."


  1. This is only a shade of things to come.

    1. Evidently prison camps and execution of religious lawyers for organ harvesting is next on their agenda. Think of their dilemma. If a lawyer with a conscience ever became a judge, their lawless party would be over. No wonder they are so scared.

  2. What you thought were your strengths are in fact the weaknesses they spoon fed you for the last 50 years. Totalitarianism was always their plan, but they had to break down Canadian society to succeed. They could not do it overnight, the tactic of incrementalism, implemented by those who benefited along the way, was necessary to gain their end. They have done this, and while the signs of thier objectives were available all along to those who cared to see, now you have reached the point where they are more and more obvious. The rampant political corruption, the "Corporate Communism" as you have so rightly labeled it, and the epidemic levels of unpunished, unimpeded criminal activity all point to one thing, the downfall of a truly free Canada.

    Whoops, forgot to mention the propaganda which led Canadians to believe they'd be better off if they didn't own guns. Don't want you guys actually resisting, besides, that would be un-Canadian, more of an American thing, and God news "you don't want to be like them".

    It's going to be a long march back. If you've still got the guts.
    Just FYI, it will be the Mounties, the ones that are supposed to protect you, that will come for you if you try to resist. Their tradition historically is much more the enforcers of "The Powers That Be" rather than the protectors of civil liberty.

    Good Luck.

  3. I agree with their ruling. you cant have a bunch of bible thumpers becoming lawyers. it would be a conservative nightmare for all.

    1. Yes you can. That's like saying we can't have any lawyers who are gay or first nations. It is discrimination on prohibited grounds. Your comment shows that the intent of the ruling is to discriminate against religion. That is Communism. Ask yourself what kind of gay rights there are in Communist countries. There aren't any.

  4. Hahahah Dennis you are nothing if not entertaining. Your blogs are always a fun read. Re: your quote "Goodbye BC NDP. I will never vote for you again " That's fucking funny. Harper was the perfect balance for Canadians just admit it. He eliminated the 2 for 1 time served, he eliminated the gun registry, he wouldn't have paid $10M to a convicted terrorist, he prevented bank de-regulation and we flew through toughest economic period in modern history, etc, etc, etc.

    1. Stephen Harper was an Anti Christ. He spent 65 billion tax dollars on a bank bailout they didn't need and destroyed clvi liberty in Canada. He was a tax and spend glutton just like Brian Mulroney and was everything the Reform party was created to correct.

  5. Why has this matter not been attorned to the Universal Supreme Court for adjudication? The USCT is the highest court in North America and mandated to uphold the Bible as the final authority as well as mandated to uphold basic human rights?

    1. I'm not sure what that is. I'll have to look into it. I'm leery of foreign courts. The problem is we need to fix our own courts.


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