Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Blaze's Abbotsford charges in court July 16th

Castanet is reporting that flysh*t was sentenced to five and a half years in jail in Kelowna court last week, but he still faces firearms charges in Chilliwack later this month. He went to the wrong house with a shotgun to collect a drug debt. McWhirter was prohibited from possessing firearms at the time, stemming from two domestic assault convictions in 2012. Two domestic assault convictions. "On July 16, McWhirter is scheduled to begin a trial in Chilliwack Supreme Court on two weapons charges, and a breach of bail charge. McWhirter was out on bail on his other drugs and weapons charges at the time of these alleged offences." You are such a Loser.


  1. Went to the wrong address with a shot gun. Not the brightest boy on the block. They really need to do something about the lack of intelligence in some of these organizations. Of course the lack of intelligence may come from sampling too much of the product.

  2. Wrong address fuck what a goof

  3. He's gonna have one sore arshole real quick.Go in with an asshole and leave with a manhole.


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