Friday, July 6, 2018

Travel Vloggers fall to their death at Shannon Falls

Tragically the three hikers who fell to their death at Shannon Falls in Squamish were popular travel vloggers. I'm all for travel and I'm all for the outdoors but thrill seekers are to be shunned because they are reckless and unsafe. Swimming above Shannon falls is simply unwise. A tragic end to the lives of three wonderful young people that could have easily been avoided.

CBC is reporting that in one of his last Instagram posts, Vancouver-based Gamble said "Life isn't about responsibilities, tough decisions and hard work, it's about feeling bliss and living in the moment." He obviously didn't have kids. He never came to learn what duty, responsibility, obligation and sacrifice are. Those are characteristics of real men. Hard work is a fundamental principle in life. His motto is something a drug addict would say. It is misdirected.

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  1. their drug is the adrenaline rush. some times it gets you killed. Its selfish because as the result of getting yourself killed, others have to risk their lives to pull out the bodies.

    it is unfortunate these young people died.

    having been up to Shannon Falls many times over the past 60 years, playing in them is one of the dumbest things one can do


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