Thursday, March 23, 2023

UN Gang makes international headlines in the fake news

Someone posted a link to this headline from the fake news in the UK and I'll now comment on it. First of all, I don't want to hate. Somebody wrote another book which is their right. The article is based on a story from a local paper about a fight the UN got in with the Hells Angels back in their beginning. The way their ghostwriter spun it is a bit irritating. Clay Roueche is not woke.

They're also misrepresenting the Hells Angels as racist. Many are but they hire and use ethnic minorities all the time to sell drugs and kill people. Then when they get caught they sell them out. At least that's what the Wolf Pack and the Edmonton Angels do. That's their MO.

When Clay Roueche went to prison and another key leader went overseas, there wasn't much to keep the group together in the face of such ongoing opposition. The Hells Angels run everything in BC. The UN was a story of David and Goliath. Only in the end, Goliath won with the help of the police. I want to emphasize that article is past history. Things have completely changed now.

After Clay was taken out of the picture in 2008, the Hells Angels started exterminating the Duhre Dhak group. That was in 2012. The Duhre Dhak group were UN associates. There has been a steady determined resolve to wipe out any UN associate ever since.

When Agent 22 came to Vancouver, a local Hells Angels associate told the agent that he could get him any gun he wanted and that they were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey. That was reported December 2009 and happened shortly before. Right after Clay went to prison. Agent 22 was a member of the Zig Zag Crew who sold crack for the Hells Angels in Winnipeg.

There have been several attempts over the past few years to blame Hells Angels murders on the UN. I do not support the criminal activity of the UN. I don't support any criminal activity. I just get offended when people lie for the biggest bullies on the block. Nobody likes a liar.

Damion Ryan hired Naseem Mohammed aka lil man to kill Anees Mohammed aka Mo. Then he rolled on Naseem so he could get a free pass from the PoPo to keep selling drugs in the DTES. Damion Ryan was finally busted by the Manitoba RCMP on a run to Ottawa.

The UN did not kill Anees Mohammed and they did not betray Naseem Mohammed. The Hells Angels did. The UN did not kill Garry Kang, Harpreet Dhaliwal, Chad Wilson or Suminder Grewal. The Hells Angels did. This new fake gang war is just the Hells Angels cleaning house.

CSIS and the Liberal Leak

True North is reporting that "The latest CSIS leak published by Global (Fake) News is the most explosive and damaging scandal to Trudeau’s Liberals yet. MP Han Dong allegedly advised two Chinese consulate staff to withhold the release the Two Michaels because it would benefit the Conservative Party. Immediately upon the release of the bombshell allegations, Han Dong resigned from Liberal caucus." This is CSIS' damage control.

CSIS supports the WEF. They had this information all along. They released it now to find a scapegoat and to distract us from Justin Trudeau. They used former finance minister Bill Morneau as a scapegoat for the WE Scandal. It wasn't Bill Morneau's charity it was Justin Trudeau's charity. CSIS are not our friends. They will tell you some truths to get you hooked on more lies.

Richard Fadden was the director of CSIS during Air India. CSIS provided the explosives for Air India and had a handler that helped plan the attack. Now he's telling us about China's election interference. Whatever he tells us is to distract us from their hidden truth. Buyer Beware.

CSIS gave Dave Pickton an free pass for his involvement in the murders despite the fact that he knew were the bodies were buried. CSIS created the Heritage Front. Stop quoting CSIS.

Saskatchewan hedges against federal fertilizer bans

True North is reporting that "In passing The Saskatchewan First Act earlier this month, Justice Minister Bronwyn Eyre explained in a recent interview how the province is hedging against a potential fertilizer mandate by the federal government. The Act would reinforce provincial jurisdiction over things like the regulation of fertilizer use in Saskatchewan, including application, production, quantities and emissions.” This is important because a fertilizer ban has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment. Fertilizer helps plants grow. Plants are green.

Google Censorship and the CIA

Google just deleted another blog post called Google Censorship and the CIA. Why is that not surprising? I have reposted it on my mirror so everyone can see exactly what they deleted and why. There is nothing untruthful in it. Which reinstills my point about the two relevant prophecies for our day. In the last days all the secret works of darkness will be brought to light and the truth will go forward nobly, boldly and independent of Google and the Mainstream media.

This is highly relevant because it ties in with Google's censorship of the Tiananmen Square massacre for anyone using the Internet in China. Google is censoring our search results as well. If you want to search for anything controversial you have to use Duck Duck Go or find an alternate search engine. This once again demonstrates why corporate monopolies are bad and illustrates the need for a free market where free speech is still permitted. Truth will prevail.

The New Censorship: "How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites? Google, Inc., isn't just the world's biggest purveyor of information; it is also the world's biggest censor." Top 10 Ways Google Is Censoring Free Speech

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Trumps looming arrest

Stormy Daniels is a cheap whore. She knowingly had sex with a married man and extorted him afterwards. Then continued to extort him after the court case was settled. When a court case it settled there's often a gag order associated with it as terms and conditions of the settlement. I ain't sayn he's a gold digger. Much. I'm just sayn she's a cheap whore and the witch hunt is ridiculous. Never mind the smoke and mirrors. What about the Biden's money laundering for Communist China in the Ukraine and Mitt Romney's spook?

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Peel police seize $10M worth of stolen cars

CP 24 is reporting that "Peel police recovered 78 vehicles allegedly en route to the Middle East after a months-long investigation into an auto theft ring in the Greater Toronto Area.

“'In the first two months of 2023 here in Peel Region alone, our officers have seized and recovered over 500 stolen autos, and for frame of reference, in 2022 alone, 2,400 stolen autos were recovered.' Project R&R, a months-long multi-jurisdictional investigation, which commenced in October 2022, focused on auto theft across the GTA, Quebec, and overseas."

"Alongside Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Port of Montreal, and Equite Association, police said they recovered 78 vehicles worth more than $10 million. They said they also seized a quantity of Canadian and U.S. dollars, a quantity of cocaine, and a stolen ramp to load the vehicles. During the announcement, police confirmed the stolen vehicles were recovered at various locations and ports, including Brampton, Montreal, Germany, and Spain."

That is organized crime. Guess what organized crime group it was.

Nobody likes a car thief. In fact, nobody likes any kind of thief. They're all rats.

A Plan in Place for the Road Ahead

This bog has evolved over the years and although I appreciate the feedback I'm not going to panhandle because that's not my MO. Like King Benjamín of old, I pay my own way and I don't live off the donations of others. I'm not going to do all that disco sh*t either and sell T-shirts or coffee mugs. That's what everybody else does and I'm not everybody else. I have a purpose and an objective. Setbacks can slow me down but they cannot stop me.

When I first started this blog I had two passions: crime and civil liberty. I still do. My first ebook which wasn't really an ebook it was just a long blog post in pdf was called Stand True: Civil Liberty and the Hells Angles Drug Trafficking Network. It all started with the Surrey Six yet for me it started long before that. I was a volunteer who opposed the US Crack epidemic under the infamous leadership of Curtis Sliwa. Hence the chapter, in the beginning was crack cocaine.

When I first started this blog I was anonymous. I went by Agent K from the movie Men in Black. I was anonymous because I wanted to protect my kids. This blog wasn't about me it was a cause I embraced. When my real name was plastered all over the front page of the local newspapers the Hells Angels and the fake news both thought I would run. They were wrong. I had no place to go. I cut some deals, streamlined my focus and moved forward. The rough stone rolling down the hill.

When I first started I talked quite a bit about the Hells Angels because they were the biggest fish when it came to organized crime. Yet as time went on, much bigger fish were revealed. The political agenda of the World Economic Forum and the CIA make the Hells Angels look like boy scouts. If the Hells Angels kill a rival drug dealer that doesn't affect me in the slightest. Yet what the CIA and the dirty politicians are doing adversely affects all of us. That's why my mandate has been amended and it's because of the fall of the mainstream media.

There are two prophecies that have become very relevant. One is that in the last days, all the secret works of darkness will come to light. The other is that the truth will go forward nobly, boldly and independent. That is the road ahead. I really enjoy riding a motorcycle. When I ride, I feel free. All the trauma of the past is behind me and gets left behind in the dust as I narrow my focus and more forward. In the documentary about the Florian Knights they talked about wind therapy for overcoming PTSD. They hooked up riders to an eeg and monitored their brainwaves while they rode a motorcycle. They found that as they rode the distractions began to disappear and they became focused on the road ahead. You don't need a patch to ride a motorcycle.

I ride a cruiser but I don't ride a Harley. I like what I ride. I can afford it. It's cheap on gas and cheap on insurance. The author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance didn't ride a Harley either. He rode a bike without a faring so he could feel the wind on his face and experience life first hand. The point was not the possession, it was the experience.

Like Seamus said in the movie Finding You, life rarely works out the way we had hoped. You need to learn to play the sorrow as well as the joy because you can't have one without the other. Life is a bit like the first degree. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. Fools rush in or run away when faced with a challenge, while a wise man will wait until the veil is lifted and the road ahead becomes clear. Well wait 'till I tell ye, I'm standing on the mountain top and I can see the road ahead. I can't see everything but I can see far enough to know which road I am going to take because I know where that road leads and I know where this journey will take us. Peace.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Fatal Shooting in Toronto

CTV is reporting that "One person is dead and two others are injured following a daylight shooting in the parking lot of Fairview Mall on Monday afternoon. Police were called to the mall, in the area of Sheppard Avenue East and Don Mills Road, shortly after 4 p.m."

"Two male victims in their 20s were located at the scene with gunshot wounds. Both were transported to hospital, where one remains in life-threatening condition. The other has serious but non-life-threatening injuries, according to police. Police say a third shooting victim, also a man in his 20s, was later dropped off at a local hospital in a personal vehicle. There, he received medical attention but died of his injuries."

"The shooting took place in one of the mall’s covered parking lots, on the north side of the building, and investigators believe that at least one vehicle was involved. At the scene this afternoon, evidence markers could be seen surrounding a black sedan with its doors open."

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Naniamo Shooting and Rally

CTV is reporting that "One man is in the hospital in serious condition after being shot in downtown Nanaimo this weekend, according to authorities. The Nanaimo RCMP said the 39-year-old man was found near the Coast Bastion Hotel around 8 a.m. Saturday. 'The incident was initially reported by Community Safety Officers who were on patrol when they were flagged down by the victim who was bleeding heavily from a facial injury,' a statement from police said. Paramedics treated the victim at the scene before transporting him to hospital."

Check News is reporting that "The incident comes less than a week after a Nanaimo businessman was shot while retrieving some allegedly stolen items. On Thursday, hundreds of people rallied in the city’s downtown while calling on all levels of government for a safer community." Evidently the previous shooting occurred when a business owner went to a homeless camp to retrieve some stolen items from his business. He was shot in the abdomen which raises two concerns. These homeless camps are not about affordable housing. They are about the promotion of crime. If these criminals have illegal guns then that becomes a public safety concern. "Nanaimo residents gather to rally for public safety amid string of crime."

Naniamo Area Public Safety Association: Advocating for the rights of law-abiding citizens

Liberal MPs filibuster to prevent Telford from testifying

The National Post is reporting that "Liberal MPs once again spent hours Tuesday filibustering a parliamentary committee meeting to prevent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, from testifying about allegations of Beijing’s interference in past elections." Filibustering to prevent someone from testifying. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Why is that not surprising?

2 Edmonton Police Officers killed in the line of duty

This is big news so I will report on it. After the many anomalies in the Nova Scotia mass shooting and the Saanich bank robbery that wasn't a bank robbery, I am very leery of orchestrated events. If the WEF would resort to launching a pandemic to rationalize implementing their sinister political objectives, they would resort to anything. Gun control is a prerequisite to Communism.

Two Edmonton police officers were killed in the line of duty recently and it was a complete tragedy. CTV is reporting that "Edmonton police released more details at a media conference on Friday about the events that led to the death of two officers. Around 12:47 a.m. on Thursday, Const. Travis Jordan and Const. Brett Ryan responded to a family dispute call at an apartment complex near 114 Avenue and 132 Street. When they arrived, police say they were met by a 55-year-old woman outside the complex. The officers went to the suite where she lived with a 73-year-old man and their 16-year-old son." Two officers were shot.

"A struggle ensued between the woman and the teen over the firearm, and the boy shot his mother, before fatally shooting himself, police said. The boy's father was in another room when the shooting happened, and was not injured."

That is what the police say which appears to be confirmed by a witness. CBC reported that "Dunn, who lives on the third floor of the building, said he was in his kitchen before the shooting. He saw the flash of a light pass across his window. Two officers were standing outside with the woman who lives in the unit directly below his, Dunn said. 'There was a police officer outside,' he said. 'When I looked, he made eye contact with me and he kind of pointed to the door.'"

Dunn said he went downstairs and opened the door to the officers and the woman he knew to be his neighbour. He said the officers thanked him and told him to return to his apartment. "I went up the stairs. They turned off onto the second floor behind me, and before I even got back into my unit, I heard the shooting." Dunn said he heard five or six shots ring out as officers approached the door. 'They came to the door and you could hear them say, Hello, this is the police. Please let us in. I don't think he even finished what he was saying.'"

"Dunn said he didn't know the woman or her son very well but would often pass them in the halls. He said they had lived there for at least 2½ years." CBC is known for misrepresenting facts in favor of a woke political agenda but there is no reason to believe the witness isn't real and is not telling the truth. So what do we know? We know that the 16 year old was not in possession of a legally obtained firearm so we are forced to ask how did he get it?

CTV reported that the 16 year old didn't have a criminal record but "Police said that officers had been called to the apartment at least one other time in an incident that was classified as a mental health call." Even though his name is protected by the Young Offenders Act, since he is accused of murder, they are legally permitted to release his name.

The police were responding to a nonviolent domestic dispute and didn't make it into the suite. Which makes us ask, did he shoot them through the door? How then did a struggle with his mother over the firearm happen? The kid shot his mother. Perhaps by accident. Mental health is clearly an issue here. Shooting cops over what? He didn't have a criminal record. He wasn't facing serious charges. There was no need or reason for him to shoot the officers. This was another senseless unnecessary tragedy.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Snowshoeing without a camera just a paint brush

This morning when my alarm went off, at first I thought it was a work day. Then I said, wait a minute. It's Saturday. Saturday March 18th the day after Saint Patrick's Day and I didn't go out drinking last night so I have no hangover. Awesome. I feel great. The forecast said sunny so I head straight up the mountain and hit the trail running.

As soon as I hit the first ridge I pulled out my camera to take a picture of the snow covered hills glistening in the sunshine and realized I had left my camera in my ski pants which I left at my motorcycle in the parking lot. I thought yeah I'm not going all the way back for it because if I do, I'm not hiking all the way back up and then summiting. So I pressed forward without it.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words and that it is. So I'll use a few words to paint a picture of what I saw today. The trail was hard packed and a bit icy. Perfect for crampons. The sun was shining and glistening off the ice crystals in the snow. It was magnificent. I'm surprised the mountain wasn't busier. I went up Hollyburn Ridge on Cypress.

You could see the snow capped mountains on Vancouver Island in the distance but it was a little bit hazy. Yet everything on the mountain was crystal clear. When I came back down I took a picture of the thousand year old yellow cedar right before the turn off to the nordic area. It's not very tall but it's very wide. It's hard to imagine it's been there for a thousand years.
Then I rode over to Whitecliff. The parking lot was packed already. Everyone was in spring picnic mode. It's been cold and rainy for a long time. Lots of scuba divers there as well. A seal swam over to check them out. After that I head over to the Cleveland Dam on Capilano road at the foot of Grouse Mountain and it was packed too. Almost like a summer's day.

My father used to take me to Whitecliff when I was young to take pictures of the sunset. He would also take me to the Cleveland Dam to take pictures of the Lions over the reservoir. I guess that's why I like to take pictures. I prefer taking pictures of the Lions face to face from the mountaintop.

Blaze still trolls me incessantly. For someone that claims I don't have a life he sure obsesses over this insignificant blog so he does. It's always a barrage of stupid and childish insults that are all very insecure and pointless. Recently he was mocking me for having stayed in the same community I grew up in. I spent four years travelling around the world. I like it here. I have a lot of really good memories here. Everywhere I go triggers a nice memory.

As I was walking around the rocks at Whitecliff I thought it was difficult to imagine I walked this same spot when I was young yet I remember and I remember taking my kids there as well. On the way up to Cleveland Dam I passed by the fish ladder. I remember taking my kids there just like my father took me. Last month I took an alternate route home from Vancouver and passed by my first apartment I rented when I moved out after High School.

When I walk over to my kids school I remember picking my daughter up on my motorcycle and watching my son perform. I guess that's why old people don't like selling their house. They have so many good memories they don't want to lose. Yesterday I rode by the complexes my mother and my father lived in before they died. It's nice to have roots.

Yes it is ridiculously expensive to live here now. I remember doing genealogy on my mother side. Many of her ancestors came over on ship to Halifax from Yorkshire. On the passenger lists they would state their reason for leaving England. Almost all of them said it was because taxes were too high and rent was too expensive. Kind of like it is here now. The problem is, we have no place to go. Everywhere is expensive now. They sure aren't handing out any land grants any more.

When I see a big house all I can think about is a big hydro bill and a lot of property tax. When my parents retired they rented a small apartment. When you're old, that's all you need. Now that I'm getting old I can start thinking about traveling again. Yet this place will always be my home. It's where I'm from. I've been tempted many times to move to Alberta. I may retire there. I want to retire somewhere cheap so I can travel and make new memories. Life goes on so it does.

Iceberg season has now begun

Thursday morning it was minus one on the ride into work on my motorcycle. I was thinking it's half way through March. When's it going to start getting warmer out? It will. Usually when I ride a full season and make it to March I can breathe a sigh of relief and say I made it. This March is still a little bit chilly but we are sure grateful for the awesome snow conditions on the local mountains.

The time change has pushed to sunrise back a bit so it's still dark out. Thursday morning was clear and cold but you could see a magnificent crescent moon on the horizon. Muslims use the crescent moon as their symbol. Usually we get all excited about a full moon but a crescent moon looks cool too. I think it's symbolic of the curve on their swords. The Sikhs have curved swords as well. I'm more into the straight swords myself but I certainly do respect different styles.

Yesterday a coworker from Newfoundland showed me on his phone iceberg season has started back home since I was asking about it. I'd really like to see that. I've lived on the west coast all my life and we never see icebergs here. I wonder why that it. Maybe it's because Greenland is so far south it ices up during winter and melts during summer. All I know is that we don't get them out here and I'd love to see them. There's a website that tracks them so you know when to visit.

Sometimes polar bears come down on the icebergs and start roaming the countryside. That is wild. I'm fine with black bears but I will not f*ck with grizzlies or polar bears. I remember visiting the Maritimes when I was a kid. They have fireflies out there. We don't have them on the west coast. Those are cool too. After the Alaska trip I want to ride out to Halifax and Newfoundland.

Dutch farmers' protest party scores big election win

Reuters is reportig that "A farmers' protest party shook up the political landscape in the Netherlands on Wednesday, emerging as the big winner in provincial elections that determine the make-up of the Senate. The BBB or BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer-Citizen Movement) party rode a wave of protests against the government's environmental policies and looked set to have won more Senate seats than Prime Minister Mark Rutte's conservative VVD party."

"A first exit poll projected BBB won 15 of a total of 75 seats in the Senate, which has the power to block legislation agreed in the Lower House of parliament, with the VVD dropping from 12 to 10 seats. The meteoric rise of BBB is a major blow for Rutte's governing coalition, casting doubt over its aim to drastically cut nitrogen pollution on farms, the single issue upon which BBB was founded in 2019." This is what it takes to stop the insanity.

The nitrogen fraud has nothing to do with protecting the environment. Farming is the greenest thing you can do for the planet. Plants and trees turn CO2 into Oxygen. Plants need nitrogen to grow. The nitrogen fraud is about starving the masses so the WEF can implement their brand of Communism and turn consumers into slaves. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Devil's Reject found guilty of murder

The Times Colonist is reporting that "The former president of the Devil’s Army Motorcycle Club has been convicted of the March 2016 murder of Dillon Brown, a competitive mixed martial arts fighter. Late Wednesday night, a B.C. Supreme Court jury found Richard 'Ricky' Alexander guilty of the first-degree murder of Brown, who was shot in the head at the Devil’s Army clubhouse in Campbell River on March 11, 2016. With eight sheriffs standing by, Alexander, 68, was placed in handcuffs and led from the courtroom to begin serving the mandatory sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years. A sentencing hearing will be held Thursday afternoon."

Erin go bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá. Ricky Alexander looks like a Drag Queen and carried a pink .22.

It's the Holy Day so it is

Celtic Fest returns to Museum of Surrey March 25th

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Fatal shooting in Surrey

CTV is reporting that "One person is dead and an investigation has been launched after a shooting in Surrey’s Grandview Heights area Monday night. Neighbours in the 2200-block of 168 Street tell CTV News they heard a series of five or six gunshots in rapid succession just before 8:00 p.m. Monday. According to Surrey RCMP, when officers responded to 911 calls about the shooting, they found a man in a parked vehicle with fatal bullet wounds. Police say the victim was already deceased by the time officers arrived."

Suspects arrested in Calgary shootings

CTV is reporting that "Calgary police have named the two men arrested in connection with a deadly shooting in the community of Douglasdale and another shooting in the East Village months before. Kai Errol Horst Keller, a 30-year-old Calgarian, has been charged with first-degree murder in the Douglasdale incident. (of Ashley Aaron Cuthbert Mawdsley) Kai Keller was referred to as a gang associate when he was busted with a loaded handgun in 2017. Keller was also busted with body armour and an illegal gun back in 2013.

"Erik Anthony Silva, a 28-year-old Calgarian, has been charged with one count of attempted murder and six firearm-related offences in the East Village incident. That shooting happened months prior, in the parkade underneath the Real Canadian Superstore in the 400 block of Sixth Avenue S.E. The shooting unfolded in broad daylight, just after 12:30 p.m. on Aug. 2, but no one was killed." Erik Silva had a drug charge back in 2015.

800 kilos of precursors seized in Metro Vancouver

Today in BC is reporting that two Metro Vancouver drug busts resulted in the seizure of 600 kilograms of a fentanyl precursor and 200 kilograms of an MDMA precursor. Someone in the CFSEU has seen the light. These kind of drug busts save lives.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Fake News and the CCP take over of NATO

This headline is so ridiculous we're going to have to talk about it because it clearly reveals how lost in space the mainstream media really is. Bill Gates Communist News Network linked to a bizarre story from Newsweek. The headline reads "Trump Return Would Be 'Geopolitical Catastrophe,' Warns Ex NATO Chief." That is straight out of the Twilight Zone.

Remember NATO has been taken over by the CCP. They want China to join NATO. NATO supports the WEF. The article quotes Anders Fogh Rasmussen pictured above who is a World Economic Forum contributor. As is Jens Stoltenberg the current Secretary General of NATO.

Why does he think a Trump return would be a Geopolitical Catastrophe? Because it would destroy the WEF's agenda. His first concern is Trump's position on the war in the Ukraine. The article states that "Trump told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that opposing Russia in Ukraine is not a matter of vital strategic interest for the U.S." It's not! We need to take a time out and find out where billions of tax dollars are going beside to the Democrat party through FTX.

Let's connect the dots and to the math. If Trump withdrew the billions of tax dollars supporting the war in the Ukraine the war would come to an end. Zelenskyy would be forced to negotiate a settlement with Russia. Right now he's refusing to negotiate because of the financial support from the United States. That support is prolonging the conflict unnecessarily.

What's Russia's primary concern? Ukraine putting nuclear missiles on Russia's border and Ukraine's bombing of the Donbas. All he has to do is say we won't put nuclear missiles on your border and we'll stop bombing the Donbas. As soon as he does that, the war is over.

The Geopolitical Catastrophe is the fact that NATO wants to also put nuclear missiles on Russia's other border in Finland and Sweden. That's the Geopolitical Catastrophe. Making peace in the Ukraine is not. If Trump put an end to the US Biolabs in the Ukraine that would not create a Geopolitical Catastrophe. Creating them already has. Don't get me started on Biden's dirty deals in the Ukraine. The movie My Son Hunter tells the tale.

Remember that insane witch hunt when they tried to impeach Trump again for asking Zelensky to look ino Joe Biden and his son Hunter's business deals in the Ukraine? As soon as he expressed the concern they tried to impeach him for bringing it up. They were laundering money for the Chinese Communist Party for f*cks sake. Mitt Romney said oh no, we shouldn't investigate that. Because him and his spook were involved with it. They all were. Remember when Shakespeare said the lady doth protest too much me thinks. That meant they were over reacting so much it was obvious they had something to hide. The CIA and the media completely covered it all up.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

RCMP seize drugs, guns, and lay bribery and breach of trust charges in Project Dawgpound

The RCMP is reporting that "Intelligence gathered by the Manitoba RCMP Criminal Intelligence Section and Divisional Criminal Analysts Section led investigators with the Manitoba Organized Crime Unit to identify a multi-kilo, multi-commodity trafficker operating out of Winnipeg."

"Hue Ha, 36, from Winnipeg, was identified as the orchestrator of large amounts of cocaine coming into the province from Ontario. Investigators discovered Ha or a designate would often go to Ontario to pick up drugs and unstamped cigarettes and bring them back to Manitoba."

"It became apparent that Ha had information regarding police enforcement plans, and police narrowed that leak down to a specific investigator within the Manitoba Finance Special Investigations Unit. Donovan Sired, 50, from Winnipeg, was arrested and charged with Bribery of Officers, Breach of Trust by Public Officer, and Conspiracy to Evade Payment."

Manitoba RCMP rip it up once again. Well done.

Diverse Sexualization of Children protest in Surrey

Drea Humphrey from Rebel News attended a diverse protest in Surrey denoucing the sexualization of children. SOGI is not about transgender rights. It's about the sexualization of children and we need to address that. The protest included speaks from the Muslim Faith, the Sikh religion as well as the Gays Against Groomers chapter leader.

When we look at the Balenciaga scandal we can all see how determined they are to normalize pedophilia as well as a whole bunch of really sick things. Promoting art work of mutilated children is deranged. So is promoting pedophilia. The sexualization of children is a big part of that agenda.

Remember that whack job that wrote the book the Long Dark Shadow trying to normalize pedophilia? They were an assistant professor in university promoting that insanity in school. After the bad press they stepped down and resigned only to get rehired by the Johns Hopkins center for the prevention (or promotion) of child sexual abuse. That's how real their agenda to normalize pedophilia really is. It's called grooming and Big Tech is promoting it.

Remember this protest was covered by Rebel News. The mainstream media would not cover it. When parents objected to school books in Chilliwack that normalized incest, Global News misrepresented it and said there was nothing unlawful about it. That was Global News after it was bought out by Post Media News. Buyer Beware. The Left's obsession to sexualize young children has nothing to do with transgender rights. It's about Grooming and that's all there is to it.

Monday, March 13, 2023

The recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank

OK there's some really shady sh*t going on and we need to discuss it. The Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on Friday due to rising interest rates. WTF? That's a lie. Banks benefit from rising interest rates. There's a huge scam going on here and we all know who's behind it.

History repeats itself until we learn from it. The CIA crashed the BCCI and the Nugan Hand bank in Australia through arms dealing and money laundering from their drug trafficking. Remember when those banks crashed in Texas back in the /80's? That was the CIA and the Bush family.

Former US Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin stated that Jeb Bush taught him to commit investment fraud as a way of raising money for operations. The CIA would default on bank loans with the promise that the bank would get a bailout. That was part of Iran Contra. The Bangkok Bank of Commerce failed in /97 because Rakesh Saxena ripped it off.
We saw what happened to Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX. The crypto fraud that the CIA used to raise money for Joe Biden's mid terms. Well now the Globe and Mail is reporting that "Signature Bank becomes next casualty of banking turmoil after Silicon Valley Bank." That was tied to crypto. The crash of FTX was a fundraiser tied to CIA fraud so they could get a monopoly on crypto.

Communications between Finance Ministry & WEF exploded after Freeland became minister

Rebel News is reporting that "Access to information documents obtained by Rebel News show just two letters between previous minister Bill Morneau and the World Economic Forum; however, emails, calls and WEF speaking engagements saw a marked increase under successor Chrystia Freeland. Freeland sits on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum (WEF), a position she was awarded in 2019 before succeeding Morneau in 2020."

"Records show Freeland was invited to speak on the Great Reset panel after Trudeau Liberals called the “Great Reset” a conspiracy theory:"

Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Zen of Gardening

I did some gardening and planted some tubers yesterday. The tulips are starting to come up and I have something coming up that my brother gave me but I can't remember what it's called. It grows very tall and looks like a giant purple dandelion that's gone to seed. My brother was an avid gardener. He was kind of a tough guy but he was into exotic plants like palm trees, banana plants and bamboo but he was also into exotic flowers. I like things you plant once and it keeps coming back every year. My father used to always get young kids to plant crocuses which also keep coming back every year like tulips. Gardening is a positive peaceful activity.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Gun Shop Equitique

This girl is hilarious. She's very sincere and straight forward. She has a YouTube channel called she equips herself. She's obviously from the US and has a concealed carry permit. I do not. She did a really interesting video about holsters. Something we don't get a chance to use in Canada. Since Google won't let me post my videos from the gun range I'll just link to hers.

Her husband also carries and she tried his holster to see how it would work for her. It didn't. She doesn't normally wear a belt and it was a side holster that fits on the belt. She put a belt on and the gun came straight up where her hips went in so it was obvious she was carrying.

She said she normally wears leggings and showed the holster she usually uses. It was like a corset that fits over her leggings and the gun fit tight to her body. It was much more comfortable and much easier for her to conceal. Obviously I'm not the kind of guy that's going to wear a corset but it clearly worked for her. I prefer a shoulder holster but we're not allowed to carry in Canada.

I follow Colion Noir on YouTube. He's a lawyer and is very articulate. He showed a survelance video explaining why it is sometimes problematic carrying a firearm. One guy was in a Seven Ellen wearing a side holster in an open carry. Some kid snuck up to him, snatched the gun from his holster and ran like the house was on fire. That's a very real concern. A lot of criminals want guns and they will rob you if they can get a chance to acquire one.

Even if it's a concealed carry like this young woman, now that her face is out there she becomes a target. If someone knows she's carrying, they could sneak up behind her and bash her over the head. She could be assaulted for her gun. That's a very real concern to be aware of. I'm not saying don't carry. I'm just saying watch your back at all times.

In the video I linked to she went to a gun store and talked about Gun Shop equitique. For all those bleeding hearts that are terrified of guns, it's good for them to see some common sense rules that are in place to keep people safe. The main two are control the muzzle and keep your finger off the trigger. You always point the firearm is a safe direction. You never point a firearm at anyone even if it is unloaded. They brought up a good point for those in the US who are carrying and want to get some work done on their firearm. They said even if you are legally carrying don't unholster your firearm in the store. That makes a lot of sense.

One time I went to the range and a police officer came in wearing his assault rifle on a sling. I had no problem with it because it was pointed in a safe direction. It's a bit different when civilians unholster firearms in public. It makes people a bit anxious because they have no idea who that person is or what their intentions are.

Since this young lady talked about Gun Shop equitique, I'm going to say a word about gun range equitique. The same basic rule applies, keep your finger off the trigger and never point a firearm at someone even if it's unloaded.

There were a couple of guys that came to a gun range in Canada and they did not follow safe handling protocol. As soon as they got the rented guns in their hands they started taking pictures of themselves pointing the unloaded guns at each other. The range officer came up to them, took the guns away and told them to never come back. If you can't follow that basic rule then you have no business being there. I'll admit the last time I was at the range the range officer had to point something out to me and I was quite embarrassed. I should have known better.

Normally when I go to the gun range it's not very busy and I just do my own thing. I understand that when you're in the cubical and have your guns on the table they have to be unloaded, pointing down range. The action has to be open so the range officer can see they are unloaded, or they need to have their trigger locks still on them. I get it. I usually leave my trigger locks on.

The only time it's loaded is when it's in your hand pointing down the range and you're using it. Never put one into the chamber until you're ready to fire and never leave a loaded firearm sitting on the counter in the cubical even if it's pointed in a safe direction down range.

When you're bringing your guns to the range you're supposed to bring them into the cubical and uncase them in the cubical. That makes perfect sense. I got into the bad habit of uncasing them on the shelf behind the cubical and bringing them into the cubical uncased. Even though they were unloaded with trigger locks on them and pointed in a safe direction, that was not the way you're supposed to do it. You're supposed to bring the case into the cubical and uncase them there. The range officer politely pointed that out last time I was there. It makes perfect sense and shows why gun safety is so important especially when it's busy and the place is packed.

On a matter of personal privileged I will address one other thing. There's a troll out there that calls me a gun kook. He makes a couple of true statements then throws in some bold faced lies that are ridiculous. If I have a Canadian restricted firearms license that means I have no criminal record. It also means the police do a criminal record check on me every day. That's why legal gun owners are so meticulous about obeying the law. They don't want to lose their sacred right.

I don't want anyone to be afraid of me. When I was young and visited New York I was like Paul Gross in Due South. I was Dudley Do right saying 'Hi, I'm from Canada." I was in the hood of hoods. Dragon would cringe every time I said that. Finally he comes up to me and says stop telling everyone you're from Canada. That doesn't impress the people around here. Tell them your from Brooklyn. That impresses them. I was a little bit confused and said "But I'm not trying to impress anyone." Back then people in the hood were all about posturing. They tried to make themselves look tough and hard core so no they wouldn't become a target.

I had a counselor once many years ago who said to me you're a powerful person. People are afraid of you. You don't mean it. You're just very zealous and some people can see that as overpowering and become afraid of you. Again, I'm not trying to scare anyone. Truth be told I don't want anyone to be afraid of me. Y'all just need to calm down. I am not a threat.

I have no desire to shoot anyone. I won't even point an unloaded firearm at anyone because I believe in gun safety. I'm not anti government. I believe in the democratic process. I'm not anti police. I believe in law and order. I don't have a problem with women. I cherish women. I know the lies are ridiculous but I just wanted to respond to them once and let it rest. Haters are gonna hate.

I enjoy target shooting that is all. One time several years ago I took my daughter to DVC. We rented a couple of 9 mm and went to the VIP range where it was quiet. All the guys were renting big guns so they could make big bangs even though they couldn't hit anything with them while my daughter and I were like ping ping ping with the 9 mm. On the way home my daughter said I know this sounds creepy but that was very peaceful. I'm like I know right. I find it very relaxing and peaceful. Just like working the heavy bag. I feel great afterwards. It's my Zen.

Preparing for the Road Trip to Alaska: New eBook

I wanted to go on my road trip to Alaska this summer but I can't afford to so I'm going to have to wait until I am better financially prepared. Setbacks can slow us down but they can't stop us. To that end I've released a new ebook. Well it's not really an ebook it's just a long blog post in a PDF but you get the picture. It's called Preparing for the Road Trip. I talked about the sound of one hand clapping and found this meme humorous. I explained my interpretation in the ebook.

Record number of middle-aged women working

True North is reporting that "Record number of middle-aged women working as Canadians grapple with economic pressure. As grocery prices set records and as Canadians report less than two months of savings, women between the ages of 55 and 64 are entering the workforce at record levels. Statistics Canada released its Labour Force Survey on Friday, showing six-in-ten Canadian women aged 55 to 64 were employed in February – breaking a Canadian record, which was broken the month before."

Times are tough. I'm not going to minimize that fact. The cost of housing is outrageous. Manufactured emergencies from fake environmentalism are compounding that in dark compliance with the sinister agenda to turn consumers into slaves until they own nothing. The manufactured energy crisis has greatly compounded inflation because when you raise the price of fuel, you raise the price of everything in the store that gets transported there by trucks.

Banning fertilizers will create global famine and it has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment. Farming and tree planting is green. Plants and trees turn CO2 into oxygen and nitrogen helps plants grown. Electing politicians who see that is essential to our survival.

What are the benefits of middle aged women working? It's simple. If middle aged women work, they will pay into Canada Pension. That means when they retire they can collect CPP as well as Old Age pension. In today's economic climate, that's important. We all have to plan for retirement.

Friday, March 10, 2023

BC drops vaccine requirements for public servants

The Canadian Press is reporting that "British Columbia is rescinding its policy requiring provincial public servants to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as it announces a spring booster program that will focus on the elderly and vulnerable." Finally!!! I told you that was a realistic expectation after bringing Deena Hinshaw on board.

I had to go into the hospital recently for a scheduled medical procedure. The admitting nurse asked me the million admission questions. Do you have this? Have you ever had that? After answering all the questions she finally asked what is your vaccination status and I just froze. She could sense my hesitation. I said I have all my vaccinations except for Covid. She said that's OK. That's your choice and I breathed a sigh of relief. Up until now it wasn't her coworkers choice.

The vaccine requirement at the US border finally ends May 11th. Do the math here. Florida and Texas got rid of masks and mandates and the sky didn't fall. That forced everyone else to follow suit. November 17th the Republicans took control of the House, then they voted to lift the vaccine requirement at the border. We all know who to thank. "The vote was 227 to 201 with seven Democrats joining Republicans. No Republicans voted against the bill."

Meanwhile back on the ranch, BC Health Officials are not advising the spring booster for the general population because it does more harm than good. Spring booster. Who the hell gets a flu shot in the spring? Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. When viruses mutate they get weaker not stronger. There is no such thing as asystematic transmission. If you don't have symptoms, you don't have the virus even if the bogus PCR test said you did. You need symptoms AND a positive test for it to be considered a case. During the pandemic overall death rates did not rise. They didn't start to rise until after the vaccine roll out. Lest we forget.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Women Jailed for their beliefs in Communist China

The Falun Dafa Information Center sent out a heart wrenching letter from former prisoner Crystal Chen. It states that "China is home to the largest population of political and religious prisoners in the world. From ethnic Uyghurs and Tibetans, to protesters and Falun Gong practitioners, China’s police stations, jails, and other detention facilities are filled with hundreds of thousands—or more—people who have been deprived of their freedom simply because of what they said, what they believe, or who they are. One underappreciated fact is that many of these prisoners are women."

"Some are elderly grandmothers or parents of teenagers. Others are young women at the prime of their life—in their 20s or 30s—whose careers have been brutally interrupted by the Chinese Communist Party’s repression. Many have small children at home. In custody, they suffer humiliation, physical torture, and sexual abuse at the hands of police, guards, and even other prisoners. I should know, I was one of them. I was 27 years old and working as an assistant to a corporate executive in southern China when I became an enemy of the state."

"When I was held at a detention center in Hebei Province, guards handcuffed me to a radiator pipe with my toes barely touching the ground and left me there for three days. A police chief groped my body while I was hung from the pipe. At another detention center, a guard threatened to send me to a different location, where I would be raped."

"I was thankfully spared that horror, but other women were not, subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of police. I saw many women tortured in horrible ways, only because they practiced Falun Gong. My mother was shocked with electric batons in her armpits and inner thighs until she fainted. Guards poured water on her body to make the shocks more intense. She could smell her own skin burning and was left with permanent scars."

"The worst torture I experienced was at a detention center in Guangzhou. When I refused to stop practicing Falun Gong, the director brought four male guards into my cell. They pinned me to the concrete floor and began force-feeding me an all-salt mixture, which could kill me. I was later sentenced to two years in a labor camp without even a trial."

"In 2004, I decided to escape to Thailand through Burma. It was a harrowing journey. But each step of the way, sympathetic strangers helped me survive. One young man hid me in his boat to avoid Burmese soldiers, and then led me through the jungle. Without his and others’ help, I never would have made it to Thailand, and eventually America."

"I am so overwhelmingly grateful for the kindness shown to me by these strangers and by all the people who helped me to settle in America. It has made me feel that despite the rights abuses I suffered in China, there is hope in our shared humanity."

"On International Women’s Day, we mustn’t forget the women across China who are still sitting in jails and detention centers simply because they tried to peacefully exercise basic rights. Their lives are at risk. Since 2019, the mothers of several Chinese Americans, jailed for practicing Falun Gong like I was, have died in custody. The CCP tried to take everything from me—my life and my most deeply held beliefs—but it didn’t succeed. Now the Party is trying to do the same to countless other women. We must stop them."

Newfoundland RCMP officer charged with cocaine

CTV is reporting that "Newfoundland and Labrador's police watchdog has charged an RCMP officer with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. The province's Serious Incident Response Team says it began investigating Const. Michael Hann late last June. January 2021 the Manitoba RCMP seized 8 kilos of cocaine from an Alberta man bound for Newfoundland.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Police escorted Q Nut through the halls on January 6th

OK here's the deal. Tucker Carlson from Fox News posted surveillance videos from inside the Capital building on January 6th showing the police escort the Q Plant with the face paint and horns throughout the building. This confirms what we already knew, that guy was a plant and the whole January 6th fiasco was a complete set up. Don't squeeze the charmin.

The Hodge Twins commented on the surveillance videos and so did Candace Owens. The Hodge Twins commented on is and so did Candace Owens. Only they took the bait. This guy was a CIA pant. If the FBI are corrupt it's because the CIA infiltrated them. Q is CIA. That's why QAnon are trying to blame the FBI not the CIA. The point is police waved protesters past the barricades and let them into the Capital building. One video showed a protester skeptical about being let into the building say they're going to lock us in now. It was a set up. The CIA wouldn't hesitate to incarcerate one of their plants so he can infiltrate the other prisoners and lead them astray. The guy is paid to sit in prison. It's a pretty good gig. The police escorting the CIA plant and waving protesters past barricades into the Capital building were not Trump supporters. They were CIA supporters setting up the Trump supporters. The should let all the January 6th prisoners free. What they did to Brandon Straka and Dr Simone Gold was obscene.

Gratitude: A Break in the Horizon

This morning was quite a metaphorical ride in to work. It's been cloudy and rainy all week which resulted in a meter of fresh snow on the local mountains. For that we are grateful. It's also been quite dark. During winter when I ride in to work it's dark out. Summer time its light out but not yet. This morning there was a dark roof of clouds over head with a break in the clouds all along the horizon and for the first time this season you could see the clouds light up from the rising sun.

It reminded me of that saying behind the dark clouds the sun is still shining. It was also a beacon announcing that summer is on it's way. You can't stop the world from turning. The seasons will change. Summer will return. I was at a crossroads in my life recently and it was kind of stressing me out. It was more of an intersection as there were more than two ways I could go. The road I wanted to go down was closed and it looked like I was forced to make a turn.

As I thought about where that other road led, vivid images of everything I would find along that road came to mind and it caused me a great deal of anxiety. I really didn't want to go down that road. As I reflected on the fact that I had no other choice but to go down that road it started to cause me more and more anxiety. I really didn't want to go there. So I said don't. I pointed to an alternate route and said I think I'll take that road instead.

Gradually all the anxiety started to dispute and I felt a deep sense of inner peace return. The more I reflected on that alternate route, the stronger I felt. We all have struggles and setbacks in life. I remember on my mission my parents sent me a vivid poster of an old work horse pulling a very heavy load during a blizzard. The caption read when the going gets tough, the tough get going. In other words, they go to work.

On my mission I remember saying I look forward to one day going home and living the gospel instead of just preaching it. It's one thing to talk the talk, it's another thing to walk the walk. A lot of people think living the gospel means doing some dramatic act of selfless service but that's not always the case. Living the gospel means getting up and going to work in the morning when you really don't feell like it so you can put food on the table. That's living the gospel. By the sweat of thy brow thou shalt labor all the days of thy life and in this life ye shall have joy. There is no joy without hard work. Work is the means of all our accomplishment.

When we face set backs and discouragement in life it's always important to stop and make a list of all the things you have to be grateful for. It lifts us out of the self imposed pity party and helps us put things in perspective.

I have a lot to be grateful for. First on the list is my health because health is wealth. A few years ago I blew out my hip and was in a lot of pain. I needed two canes to walk and I could barely stand. Every step I took was very painful. I was f*cked. Finally I had a hip replacement and I'm fine now. I can walk hands free with no pain. I am very grateful for that.

I also grateful for my kids. I have two children not one. They're all grown up now doing their own thing and I'm very proud of them. They're both following their dreams. Parents give their kids two things: roots and wings. It brings joy seeing your kids fly. Over the years I had the chance to help out a few other kids and although we've all gone our separate ways, I'm very grateful for the time I was able to spend with them. There's a lot of good memories there. Happy memories.

I remember going through some dark times many years ago and I came across a scripture that said thou shalt forget thy misery and remember it as the waters that pass away. It was a very vivid image. I could see all my pain and heartache written in the sand then have the receding tide wash it all away. At the time I thought that was impossible but it was a vivid promise that was later fulfilled. All the bad memories washed away and all the good memories remained. Well the bad memories didn't completely wash away but they were painless and became comical lessons well learned. I'd look back and say yeah I don't want to do that again but there was no pain left.

When my older brother left home I kind of inherited a few old albums. One was Rare Earth. Two songs struck me - God's Light and I just want to celebrate. One line said "I had my hand on a dollar bill and the dollar bill blew away, but the sun is shining down on me and it's hear to stay."

Another line said "I put my faith in the people and the people let me down, so I turned the other way and I carried on anyhow. I just want to celebrate another day of living. I just want to celebrate another day of life." Now I'm not ready to dance and celebrate because loss needs time to grieve and process but I am ready to get to work because that's the only way forward.

Joseph once said How long can rolling waters remain impure? The metaphor means stagnate water becomes polluted but running water is cleaner. That's why you never drink out of ponds or puddles when you go hiking. You look for running water instead. The metaphor that Joseph was referring to was if we keep moving and keep working, answers will come. That's why I like to ride. I like to keep moving. Thanks to this recent epiphany the song Riders on the Storm by the Doors kept playing in my head. Riding through the storm to greener pastures and a brighter future.