Monday, March 27, 2023

Missing Man from Amherst, Nova Scotia

This one's from my mother's crib. CBC is reporting that "The disappearance of a northern Nova Scotia man has brought more heartbreak to a family still processing the death of a loved one who was shot and killed in Amherst, N.S., last year. Jessie Morrissey, 26, was last seen Feb. 13 in the Leamington area of Cumberland County. His 23-year-old brother, Jerry Morrissey, was killed this past November and a man has been charged with murder in his death."

However, CBC is also reporting that "The Crown has dropped a murder charge against an Amherst, N.S., man who was accused of killing 23-year-old Jerry Jordan Morrissey nearly a year ago. A spokesperson for the Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service told CBC News in an email the Crown concluded the evidence against Joseph Thomas Hartson didn't meet the prosecutorial test." AYFKM? How does a crystal meth dealer from Breaking Bad get away with shooting someone in the back? How is shooting someone in the back self defense?

Police are now saying the disappearance of Jerry's brother Jessie is suspicious. Ya think?

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  1. “didn't meet the prosecutorial test”
    And therein lies the BIGGEST problem with our “unbiased” , broken, disrepute JUSTICE system. Since some genius enacted this criteria to the prosecution process they are now the judge, jury and executioner of cases in BC and NS. What prosecutor would take a case to court if they Arbitrarily decide they will lose it. In reality, losing a case does not give them any stars in their portfolio, thereby ONLY taking cases you are positive to “win” serves only the reputation of the prosecutor. You read more and more of Crown NOT charging criminals with SERIOUS crime, like murder, because frankly, they cant be bothered to make an effort nor have the tenacity to do so, instead they pull the “doesn’t meet the scale to win” scenario. Another BROKEN piece of Canada.


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