Monday, March 6, 2023

Florida drug bust

CBS is reporting that "Two high-ranking members of the Latin Kings gang in Florida are among the 21 people arrested in a drug trafficking crackdown in central Florida. Their arrests are part of Operation Checkmate, a joint operation involving the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, the State Attorney's Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration in Tampa."

"The two gang leaders are identified as 30-year-old Omar Bravo and 32-year-old Fidencio Robles. The sheriff's office says Bravo is the head narcotics supplier for the state of Florida. They're facing charges of armed trafficking in large amounts of fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin, as well as weapons-related charges. Authorities seized five kilograms of fentanyl, two kilograms of cocaine, two kilograms of methamphetamine, one kilogram of heroin, and two pounds of marijuana. 'We know that this amount of fentanyl is enough to kill everyone here in Hillsborough County twice,' said Sheriff Chronister."

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