Friday, March 3, 2023

The EU wants to eliminate 3,000 farms in Belgium

Update: North Korea's food shortages result of fertilizer ban. Now they're using human waste.

Farming is the greenest thing you can do for the planet. Planting trees and growing food is good. Creating manufactured food shortages is not. Chairman Mao starved millions. So will the WEF.


  1. The political crime syndicates in Ottawa are going to create the same food shortages here in Canada with their ridiculous fertilizer reductions. As a nation of 39 million give or take we are no doubt carbon neutral or more likely carbon negative. The politicians don’t care though, they are pushing their masters agenda.

    1. Planing trees reduces CO2 and increases O2. The same with farming. Their fake environmental lies are ridiculous. Without nitrogen, plants will die and so will we.

    2. That's pretty much the point, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and other globalists think the ideal population for the planet is about half of what it is now. "Mass starvation".

  2. The state has tried to violently crush these protests. I saw some brutal arrests. Good to see the farmers reorganize and reassert themselves! How are the EU technocrats going to react?!


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