Tuesday, March 14, 2023

RCMP seize drugs, guns, and lay bribery and breach of trust charges in Project Dawgpound

The RCMP is reporting that "Intelligence gathered by the Manitoba RCMP Criminal Intelligence Section and Divisional Criminal Analysts Section led investigators with the Manitoba Organized Crime Unit to identify a multi-kilo, multi-commodity trafficker operating out of Winnipeg."

"Hue Ha, 36, from Winnipeg, was identified as the orchestrator of large amounts of cocaine coming into the province from Ontario. Investigators discovered Ha or a designate would often go to Ontario to pick up drugs and unstamped cigarettes and bring them back to Manitoba."

"It became apparent that Ha had information regarding police enforcement plans, and police narrowed that leak down to a specific investigator within the Manitoba Finance Special Investigations Unit. Donovan Sired, 50, from Winnipeg, was arrested and charged with Bribery of Officers, Breach of Trust by Public Officer, and Conspiracy to Evade Payment."

Manitoba RCMP rip it up once again. Well done.


  1. Every other province makes busts, but BC, they just want to seize the assets that are in the NAME of the gang. No arrests, no convictions.

    1. It's been that way in BC for the past 10 years but recently they started making drug busts. There must have been a change in local management.

  2. Well done indeed. Makes you wonder how many such sources HA have in BC. It will be interesting to see what criminal penalty he gets. No pension I'm guessing. ;-)

    That last charge, "Conspiracy to evade payment". Also known as Tax Evasion. ALL these gangster types are good for that charge, just a matter of doing the basic investigation of declared income vs. documented spending and then having the Crown file it.

  3. and wpg police in conjuction with border services couple of million worth of opium concealed in rugs shipped out of dubai assorted smaller amounts of heroin last week,I actually witnessed a bunch of this go down ,driving along little red car withh cops pointing assault rifles at it,turn the corner go down the street cops up over fences with assault rifles ,hmmm somebodys havin a bad day lol


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