Sunday, March 19, 2023

2 Edmonton Police Officers killed in the line of duty

This is big news so I will report on it. After the many anomalies in the Nova Scotia mass shooting and the Saanich bank robbery that wasn't a bank robbery, I am very leery of orchestrated events. If the WEF would resort to launching a pandemic to rationalize implementing their sinister political objectives, they would resort to anything. Gun control is a prerequisite to Communism.

Two Edmonton police officers were killed in the line of duty recently and it was a complete tragedy. CTV is reporting that "Edmonton police released more details at a media conference on Friday about the events that led to the death of two officers. Around 12:47 a.m. on Thursday, Const. Travis Jordan and Const. Brett Ryan responded to a family dispute call at an apartment complex near 114 Avenue and 132 Street. When they arrived, police say they were met by a 55-year-old woman outside the complex. The officers went to the suite where she lived with a 73-year-old man and their 16-year-old son." Two officers were shot.

"A struggle ensued between the woman and the teen over the firearm, and the boy shot his mother, before fatally shooting himself, police said. The boy's father was in another room when the shooting happened, and was not injured."

That is what the police say which appears to be confirmed by a witness. CBC reported that "Dunn, who lives on the third floor of the building, said he was in his kitchen before the shooting. He saw the flash of a light pass across his window. Two officers were standing outside with the woman who lives in the unit directly below his, Dunn said. 'There was a police officer outside,' he said. 'When I looked, he made eye contact with me and he kind of pointed to the door.'"

Dunn said he went downstairs and opened the door to the officers and the woman he knew to be his neighbour. He said the officers thanked him and told him to return to his apartment. "I went up the stairs. They turned off onto the second floor behind me, and before I even got back into my unit, I heard the shooting." Dunn said he heard five or six shots ring out as officers approached the door. 'They came to the door and you could hear them say, Hello, this is the police. Please let us in. I don't think he even finished what he was saying.'"

"Dunn said he didn't know the woman or her son very well but would often pass them in the halls. He said they had lived there for at least 2½ years." CBC is known for misrepresenting facts in favor of a woke political agenda but there is no reason to believe the witness isn't real and is not telling the truth. So what do we know? We know that the 16 year old was not in possession of a legally obtained firearm so we are forced to ask how did he get it?

CTV reported that the 16 year old didn't have a criminal record but "Police said that officers had been called to the apartment at least one other time in an incident that was classified as a mental health call." Even though his name is protected by the Young Offenders Act, since he is accused of murder, they are legally permitted to release his name.

The police were responding to a nonviolent domestic dispute and didn't make it into the suite. Which makes us ask, did he shoot them through the door? How then did a struggle with his mother over the firearm happen? The kid shot his mother. Perhaps by accident. Mental health is clearly an issue here. Shooting cops over what? He didn't have a criminal record. He wasn't facing serious charges. There was no need or reason for him to shoot the officers. This was another senseless unnecessary tragedy.


  1. Extremely sad day in Edmonton. Not to take anything away from EPS or the members families, Winnipeg lost a young officer who took his own life. There have been a high number of both active and retired WPS members take their own lives in the past 15 months. RIP to all

    1. That's very sad. Just like that recent one from Surrey.


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