Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Trumps looming arrest

Stormy Daniels is a cheap whore. She knowingly had sex with a married man and extorted him afterwards. Then continued to extort him after the court case was settled. When a court case it settled there's often a gag order associated with it as terms and conditions of the settlement. I ain't sayn he's a gold digger. Much. I'm just sayn she's a cheap whore and the witch hunt is ridiculous. Never mind the smoke and mirrors. What about the Biden's money laundering for Communist China in the Ukraine and Mitt Romney's spook?


  1. And the rest of Bidens fam(hunter), it is mind BLOWING how the liberals of Canada and US can get away with absolutely anything. Can’t even comprehend it

    1. It's because the media is completely f*cked.

    2. And money buys influence. How do you think the HA get away with what they do?!

      They pay off police, politicians, prosecutors and judges.

      They make billions annually in drug sales. Yes, billions - just add up the number of members and calculate the price of drugs and of how often the product is consumed.

      They can afford tens of millions as “overhead” (ie bribes). It’s the cost of doing business.


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