Saturday, March 11, 2023

Gun Shop Equitique

This girl is hilarious. She's very sincere and straight forward. She has a YouTube channel called she equips herself. She's obviously from the US and has a concealed carry permit. I do not. She did a really interesting video about holsters. Something we don't get a chance to use in Canada. Since Google won't let me post my videos from the gun range I'll just link to hers.

Her husband also carries and she tried his holster to see how it would work for her. It didn't. She doesn't normally wear a belt and it was a side holster that fits on the belt. She put a belt on and the gun came straight up where her hips went in so it was obvious she was carrying.

She said she normally wears leggings and showed the holster she usually uses. It was like a corset that fits over her leggings and the gun fit tight to her body. It was much more comfortable and much easier for her to conceal. Obviously I'm not the kind of guy that's going to wear a corset but it clearly worked for her. I prefer a shoulder holster but we're not allowed to carry in Canada.

I follow Colion Noir on YouTube. He's a lawyer and is very articulate. He showed a survelance video explaining why it is sometimes problematic carrying a firearm. One guy was in a Seven Ellen wearing a side holster in an open carry. Some kid snuck up to him, snatched the gun from his holster and ran like the house was on fire. That's a very real concern. A lot of criminals want guns and they will rob you if they can get a chance to acquire one.

Even if it's a concealed carry like this young woman, now that her face is out there she becomes a target. If someone knows she's carrying, they could sneak up behind her and bash her over the head. She could be assaulted for her gun. That's a very real concern to be aware of. I'm not saying don't carry. I'm just saying watch your back at all times.

In the video I linked to she went to a gun store and talked about Gun Shop equitique. For all those bleeding hearts that are terrified of guns, it's good for them to see some common sense rules that are in place to keep people safe. The main two are control the muzzle and keep your finger off the trigger. You always point the firearm is a safe direction. You never point a firearm at anyone even if it is unloaded. They brought up a good point for those in the US who are carrying and want to get some work done on their firearm. They said even if you are legally carrying don't unholster your firearm in the store. That makes a lot of sense.

One time I went to the range and a police officer came in wearing his assault rifle on a sling. I had no problem with it because it was pointed in a safe direction. It's a bit different when civilians unholster firearms in public. It makes people a bit anxious because they have no idea who that person is or what their intentions are.

Since this young lady talked about Gun Shop equitique, I'm going to say a word about gun range equitique. The same basic rule applies, keep your finger off the trigger and never point a firearm at someone even if it's unloaded.

There were a couple of guys that came to a gun range in Canada and they did not follow safe handling protocol. As soon as they got the rented guns in their hands they started taking pictures of themselves pointing the unloaded guns at each other. The range officer came up to them, took the guns away and told them to never come back. If you can't follow that basic rule then you have no business being there. I'll admit the last time I was at the range the range officer had to point something out to me and I was quite embarrassed. I should have known better.

Normally when I go to the gun range it's not very busy and I just do my own thing. I understand that when you're in the cubical and have your guns on the table they have to be unloaded, pointing down range. The action has to be open so the range officer can see they are unloaded, or they need to have their trigger locks still on them. I get it. I usually leave my trigger locks on.

The only time it's loaded is when it's in your hand pointing down the range and you're using it. Never put one into the chamber until you're ready to fire and never leave a loaded firearm sitting on the counter in the cubical even if it's pointed in a safe direction down range.

When you're bringing your guns to the range you're supposed to bring them into the cubical and uncase them in the cubical. That makes perfect sense. I got into the bad habit of uncasing them on the shelf behind the cubical and bringing them into the cubical uncased. Even though they were unloaded with trigger locks on them and pointed in a safe direction, that was not the way you're supposed to do it. You're supposed to bring the case into the cubical and uncase them there. The range officer politely pointed that out last time I was there. It makes perfect sense and shows why gun safety is so important especially when it's busy and the place is packed.

On a matter of personal privileged I will address one other thing. There's a troll out there that calls me a gun kook. He makes a couple of true statements then throws in some bold faced lies that are ridiculous. If I have a Canadian restricted firearms license that means I have no criminal record. It also means the police do a criminal record check on me every day. That's why legal gun owners are so meticulous about obeying the law. They don't want to lose their sacred right.

I don't want anyone to be afraid of me. When I was young and visited New York I was like Paul Gross in Due South. I was Dudley Do right saying 'Hi, I'm from Canada." I was in the hood of hoods. Dragon would cringe every time I said that. Finally he comes up to me and says stop telling everyone you're from Canada. That doesn't impress the people around here. Tell them your from Brooklyn. That impresses them. I was a little bit confused and said "But I'm not trying to impress anyone." Back then people in the hood were all about posturing. They tried to make themselves look tough and hard core so no they wouldn't become a target.

I had a counselor once many years ago who said to me you're a powerful person. People are afraid of you. You don't mean it. You're just very zealous and some people can see that as overpowering and become afraid of you. Again, I'm not trying to scare anyone. Truth be told I don't want anyone to be afraid of me. Y'all just need to calm down. I am not a threat.

I have no desire to shoot anyone. I won't even point an unloaded firearm at anyone because I believe in gun safety. I'm not anti government. I believe in the democratic process. I'm not anti police. I believe in law and order. I don't have a problem with women. I cherish women. I know the lies are ridiculous but I just wanted to respond to them once and let it rest. Haters are gonna hate.

I enjoy target shooting that is all. One time several years ago I took my daughter to DVC. We rented a couple of 9 mm and went to the VIP range where it was quiet. All the guys were renting big guns so they could make big bangs even though they couldn't hit anything with them while my daughter and I were like ping ping ping with the 9 mm. On the way home my daughter said I know this sounds creepy but that was very peaceful. I'm like I know right. I find it very relaxing and peaceful. Just like working the heavy bag. I feel great afterwards. It's my Zen.

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