Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Fake News and the CCP take over of NATO

This headline is so ridiculous we're going to have to talk about it because it clearly reveals how lost in space the mainstream media really is. Bill Gates Communist News Network linked to a bizarre story from Newsweek. The headline reads "Trump Return Would Be 'Geopolitical Catastrophe,' Warns Ex NATO Chief." That is straight out of the Twilight Zone.

Remember NATO has been taken over by the CCP. They want China to join NATO. NATO supports the WEF. The article quotes Anders Fogh Rasmussen pictured above who is a World Economic Forum contributor. As is Jens Stoltenberg the current Secretary General of NATO.

Why does he think a Trump return would be a Geopolitical Catastrophe? Because it would destroy the WEF's agenda. His first concern is Trump's position on the war in the Ukraine. The article states that "Trump told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that opposing Russia in Ukraine is not a matter of vital strategic interest for the U.S." It's not! We need to take a time out and find out where billions of tax dollars are going beside to the Democrat party through FTX.

Let's connect the dots and to the math. If Trump withdrew the billions of tax dollars supporting the war in the Ukraine the war would come to an end. Zelenskyy would be forced to negotiate a settlement with Russia. Right now he's refusing to negotiate because of the financial support from the United States. That support is prolonging the conflict unnecessarily.

What's Russia's primary concern? Ukraine putting nuclear missiles on Russia's border and Ukraine's bombing of the Donbas. All he has to do is say we won't put nuclear missiles on your border and we'll stop bombing the Donbas. As soon as he does that, the war is over.

The Geopolitical Catastrophe is the fact that NATO wants to also put nuclear missiles on Russia's other border in Finland and Sweden. That's the Geopolitical Catastrophe. Making peace in the Ukraine is not. If Trump put an end to the US Biolabs in the Ukraine that would not create a Geopolitical Catastrophe. Creating them already has. Don't get me started on Biden's dirty deals in the Ukraine. The movie My Son Hunter tells the tale.

Remember that insane witch hunt when they tried to impeach Trump again for asking Zelensky to look ino Joe Biden and his son Hunter's business deals in the Ukraine? As soon as he expressed the concern they tried to impeach him for bringing it up. They were laundering money for the Chinese Communist Party for f*cks sake. Mitt Romney said oh no, we shouldn't investigate that. Because him and his spook were involved with it. They all were. Remember when Shakespeare said the lady doth protest too much me thinks. That meant they were over reacting so much it was obvious they had something to hide. The CIA and the media completely covered it all up.


  1. Russia poised to become the UN Security Council president -

    1. That's about as ridiculous as putting Communist China on the UN's Human Rights Committee. The UN is the military wing of the WEF. Ezra Taft Benson said we should pull out of the UN and he was right.


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