Thursday, January 14, 2021

Another Impeachment Facade: Facing the Storm

It's time for a heart to heart. Before I cite the current impeachment absurdity and the ferocious storm we now face, I will cite the previous impeachment trial involving the Ukraine. The BBC reported that "President Trump was accused of breaking the law by pressuring Ukraine's leader to dig up damaging information on a political rival." The funny thing is, they were breaking the law. They were laundering money for the Communist Party of China. The big song and dance about Impeachment was a distraction from what they were actually doing in the Ukraine.

I know it's impossible for anyone to do this, but I'm going to ask you to try at look at the situation from a nonpartisan vantage point. Tulsi Gabbard is a good person. Bernie Saunders is sincere. Nancy Pelosi is neither. Mitt Romney's spook was tied to the money laundering in the Ukraine. That's why he didn't want it investigated. Now I'm going to address the hate.

When Donald Trump was first elected, I did not support him. I supported him over Hilary Clinton but I was very leery of him. After he was elected the media's hate and misrepresentation of everything he said and did became absurd. Candice Owens rose up to support him as did Brandon Straka. Both are superheroes I completely support. Brandon talked about the hate on the left and I saw it. Lynzee Domanico saw it. So did Blair White. That hate needs to be addressed. Candice Owens addressed it in a comical way in her coming out video.

This new impeachment trial is just as ridiculous as the previous one. All of the Trump rallies were nonviolent. They all carried signs that said this is what a peaceful protest looks like as opposed to ANTIFA and BLM. We repeatedly saw Trump supporters separated from the crowd get assaulted by ANTIFA thugs for marching with an American flag only to have the hateful degenerates steal the flag from them. These are the misfits who hate America and hate the American flag. That kind of hate is deranged. They burn the American flag at their protests because they hate America. Trump supporters were simply saying they love their country as they should.

I can tell you right now what would have happened if I went to that protest on Capitol hill. Say I showed up and the police opened the gate and waved me through. Say I went to the front door and the police opened the door and let me in. Say some guy walks up to me and says hey look, that's Nancy Pelosi office. Come on, the door is unlocked. I would say AYFKM? Not a chance.

The guy says why not? Nancy Pelosi is a b*tch. I'd be like, yeah she is. Her door just happens to be unlocked? It's a set up you f*cking idiot. There are cameras all over this place. They are trying to set us up and that they did. The idiot that stole the podium was photographed at BLM protests. To claim that Trump encouraged violence is a bold-faced lie and yet another distraction from their own wrong doing. This impeachment trial is another example of their uncontrollable hate.

The Fake Stream Media is reporting that Pro-Trump rioters plan second act — but not just in Washington. Where is this absurdity coming from? Wait 'till I tell ye - Q the CIA psyop. The CIA is sending out these press releases for their agent provocateurs.

"Trust the plan." Voter fraud was their plan. "The storm is coming." The storm of conservative censorship is here. They are using these provocateurs to justify censoring every conservative voice on the planet. Q is CIA. Joe Biden was the CIA's candidate. The CIA is the Octopus.
I support Donald Trump. I reject the lies of the left as well as their hate and their violence. I support law and order. I believe in low taxes and civil liberty for everyone. That is what I believe in. That doesn't make me racist or a homophobe. Trying to impeach Biden is just as stupid.

Why do you think Canadians from China and Hong Kong support Donald Trump? They have seen what the Chinese Communist Party does and is. They reject their lies our media is promoting. Donald Trump has more support now than when he was first elected.
JFK was a good president who believed in low taxes. He also hated the CIA. That's what got him killed. He vetoed Operation Northwoods and the secret service pulled back his body guard right before he was shot. That's all public record. Bernie Saunders wanted to disband the CIA because it is not accountable to the people. He was right. The CIA is a criminal organization.

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