Friday, January 8, 2021

Justin Trudeau's double standard on violence

Justin Trudeau made an obscene address today and Canada's Communist News Network is running with it so I'm going to address it. I did cut my cable but I saw it in the lunchroom at work and promptly turned it off. The drama queen drama teacher denounced the "shocking" violence in Washington and claimed Donald Trump initiated it. This POS is a lying freak.

First of all, none of us condone violence. I say us because I support Donald Trump. I am now MAGA all the way just like Candice Owen and Brandon Straka. Second, Donald Trump did not incite violence. He encouraged people to show up for a rally just like the many others including the massive one in Washington, all of which were completely nonviolent. In contrast to the obscene violence of ANTIFA and the BLM high jacking, these protesters carried signs that said we support the police and this is a peaceful protest as opposed to ANTIFA and BLM looting riots.

Third what violence? They weren't burning cars and businesses, they stormed the Capital building. Local activists storm a MP's office to occupy the office all the time. It is a nonviolent protest. It is of course tragic that they shot one of the protesters dead. Calling them domestic terrorists is and outrageous lie. The domestic terrorists are the ones that refuse to report on voter fraud. Those are the domestic terrorists and the domestic enemies of the constitution.

Fourth, what an outrageous hypocrite. This is the same freak who never said a word about the ANTIFA and BLM riots all summer long. In fact, he took a knee to support their violence. Commodus denouncing what happened in Washington and not ANTIFA's rioting and looting of businesses clearly shows what kind of lying freak he really is.

Fifth, this is the freak parading around with a Communist Manifesto, the mother of all mass murders. The Communist Manifestos is all about violence. Fear and tremble bourgeoisie Communism commits mass murder. That's what they did in Cambodia, Poland, East Berlin and in the Gulag. Chairman Mao murdered more people than Adolf Hitler.

The Chinese Communist Party is nothing but brutally violent. Commodus even had the audacity to declare he admired the dictatorship of China. The same dictatorship that murders political prisoners for organ harvesting. Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson just did a show on China's organ harvesting. Justin Trudeau supports that kind of violence. His denouncing the Capital hill occupation but not China's organ harvesting or the ANTIFA and BLM riots is deplorable hypocrisy.
Let's not forget how Justin Bieber prorogued parliament so he wouldn't have to answer questions about his involvement in the We scandal. It wasn't the finance minister's charity, it was his charity. His family benefited from the misappropriation of tax dollars. He should be in jail.
Unfortunately, we will see more violence because that is the only thing Communism understands. That is the only thing that will stop them. That's what we saw in South Korea. Lest we forget.

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