Sunday, September 6, 2020

Justin Trudeau's debt is unsustainable

Global is reporting that "The federal government has no more than one or two years to rein in the hundreds of billions of dollars in deficits it is wracking up through coronavirus spending, or risk the debt being unsustainable. That’s according to parliamentary budget officer Yves Giroux, who spoke with The West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson about the federal government’s spending ahead of a throne speech on Sept. 23, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said will pitch ambitious new programs." We don't need new programs, we need fiscal restraint. Less government, more freedom. “It’s without a doubt that we cannot afford deficits of over $300 billion for more than just a few years,” said Giroux.

Even before the coronavirus, Justin Trudeau had a huge problem with spending. All he does is spend money. Other people's money. He is fiscally irresponsible. We recognize that a lockdown creates massive shortages in tax revenue and bailout programs increase the deficit exponentially. However, Justan Idiot has used the fake pandemic to justify completely out of control spending.

The CERB was supposed to be for people who were working but couldn't because of the government imposed lockdown until EI kicked in. Giving the CERB to the DTES drug addicts who were already on welfare so they could buy more drugs and increase drug overdoses was criminally insane. Justin Trudeau promotes organized crime and drug overdose fatalities.

We didn't need to give millions of dollars we didn't have to the World Health Organization especially when we see their absurd mandate being led by someone who isn't a medical doctor but is a leader in a violent Communist paramilitary organization. Tedros Adhanom leading the WHO is Orwellian. We should NOT be funding it especially with borrowed money. s.

The We Charity is not a charity. It is a front for Justin Trudeau's laundering of tax dollars into his election campaign and into his family's pocket. Firing the finance minister was pointless. It was Justin Trudeau's personal charity not the finance minister's.

Now we can clearly see the motive behind Justin Trudeau's out of control spending. In 2018 Commodus claimed the US debt was unsustainable. That's somewhat hypocritical of the most fiscally irresponsible nerd on the planet. However, he was specifically referring to the US's tax cuts for business. In reality, that's how you increase tax revenue. If you reduce government intervention and let business thrive, more people will be working and paying taxes.

In 2019 Commodus claimed that the US Economy is unsustainable thus revealing the true motive behind his fiscal irresponsibility. Justin Trudeau wants to crash Canada's economic system so he can implement Communism. That is his absurd agenda.

Justin Trudeau is a f*ck up like Bill de Basio. They are both Marxists. They both believe in a single party totalitarian government that removes civil liberty. Communism is slavery, They promote Communism because they want to be slave owners under the great deception of social justice. There is no social justice within Communism. The first thing Lenin did when he seized power was send in the machine guns on the striking trade unions. There are no trade union rights within Communism because within Communism, no one has any rights.

We need to fire Justin Trudeau and support a Free Republic not a Totalitarian State.

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