Sunday, September 6, 2020

Bill de Blasio's ties to Clinton Cash and the Communist paramilitaries in Nicaragua

My buddy at the range mentioned how Bill de Blasio's original name was Warren Wilhelm. He's not from New York, he's from Cambridge. He was Hilary Clinton's campaign manager. His paternal uncle, Donald George Wilhelm Jr., worked for the Central Intelligence Agency in Iran and secretly wrote the last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's memoir during Operation Ajax.

Well my buddy says to me that Bill de Blasio suppoorted the Sandinistas in Nicaragua against the Contras. I was like AYFKM? They were Communists. He was on the wrong side of Iran Contra.

Sure enough, the Daily Mail has reported that "Bill De Blasio, the first Democrat elected mayor of New York City in a generation, is a Massachusetts-raised former supporter of the communist Sandinistas who married a lesbian poet. And he's a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan."

The Daily Mail sates that "When De Blasio was a few years old, the family moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of Harvard University. When De Blasio was in the college in the 1980s, he made a trip to Nicaragua. The Central American nation was in the midst of a bloody civil war between the Soviet-backed socialist Sandinista government and the U.S.-backed rightist Contras. On his return, he joined the Nicaragua Solidarity Movement of Greater New York, which had a goal to end capitalism, replace with democratic socialism."

If the Sandinistas were democratic socialists, there would have been no war. They would have supported democracy. The Sandinistas were hardline Communists and supported democracy as much as North Korea. The "Democratic People's Republic of Korea."

"His support for the Sandinistas, who were accused of slaughtering hundreds of innocent civilians and disappearing political opponents, became an issue on the campaign trail. Republican Joe Lohda told WCBS-TV: 'Mr De Blasio’s involvement with the Sandinistas didn’t happen in 1917; it happened 70 years later when the cruelty and intrinsic failure of communism had become crystal clear to anyone with a modicum of reason. Mr De Blasio’s class warfare strategy in New York City is directly out of the Marxist playbook. Now we know why. But De Blasio didn't shy away from his past political views, saying he was very proud of his activism on Nicaragua."

That is bat sh*t crazy. So let's see what Bill de Blasio's Marxism has done for New York. It has turned the world Famous crime reduction model into a haven for crime, drugs and poverty.

It's time to elect Curtis Sliwa as Mayor and bring back the New York Model.

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