Sunday, September 13, 2020

Chinese Regime Targets Calgary Mayor

The Epoch Times is reporting that "Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, a number of Calgary city officials, several academics, and a now-former mayor of St. John’s are all on a list of targets that Chinese officials hope to influence to further the communist regime’s interests. The list, disclosed in a leaked government document recently obtained by The Epoch Times, reveals names spanning a wide range of sectors and countries in which the Chinese regime seeks to “cultivate talent.” The document was issued by the Foreign Affairs Office of the municipal government of Daqing, a city in northeastern China."

"In the leaked document, although the office doesn’t explain how it would carry out its plan, nor the plan’s specific goals, it listed 129 overseas individuals it wished to recruit."

"The list consists of 19 people in Canada, 13 of whom are based in Calgary. Besides Nenshi, the list includes a number of other senior city officials, along with Derek Zhao, who at one point was in charge of the China initiative at Calgary Economic Development, a not-for-profit corporation partly funded by the city and other government partners. Other targets are academics, a University of Calgary senior administrative official, and senior executives with a number of Calgary-based businesses. The City of Calgary is a sister city of Daqing, also an energy hub."

The Confucius Institute shows that Communism is the biggest threat to Canada and world peace.

Calgary's mayor attends sustainability conference in China

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