Saturday, September 26, 2020

Ontario Hells Angel murdered

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that Gregory Slewidge, 39 a full patch Hells Angel was found murdered in Ottawa 10:30 AM on Thursday. He is also the son of Lyndon Slewidge, a retired Ontario Provincail Police officer. Things that make ya go hmmm.

Ottawa, that would be the Ontario Nomads who were disbanded in 2016 after the Quebec charter got out of jail and capped the president and vice president. After that incident, all the cub pack losers went running for cover. So they made a come back in 2016 and brought in the son of a cop. What do you think the Quebec charter thought about that? The Ontario Nomads were always the Ontario Village idiots while the Quebec members were always the masters of mayhem. Yet anohter reason for Damion Ryan to run and hide.

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