Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Anna Brees launches Brees Media

Former BBC journalist Anna Brees launches her own independent media brand in the UK called Brees Media. The mainstream media has fallen just like the UN and the WHO. Support Independent Media. Anna has a online workshop on using your phone for journalism.

After the previous protest in London, the media made it all about David Icle and 5 G calling them conspiracy theorists. This time the media spun it and only said protesters clashed with police. Anna Brees showed what kind of people where there. Ordinary parents concerned about their children's future. David Icke is MI6. They put him there to discredit the movement and to lead them astray. The police weren't arresting him. Instead they arrested a medical doctor from Germany. The only clash was when the police went in en masse to disperse the protest.

F*ck David Icke. God save the Queen. The sceptre shall not depart from Judah.

Remember, remember the fifth of November.... Remember that MI 6 was on the wrong side of the Iraq war. They were the ones that knowingly gave false information to the media about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Dr David Kelly was the British weapons inspector in Iraq and blew the whistle on their lie. He died of a suspicious suicide just like Gary Webb.

If MI 6 was behind Operation Mass Appeal and flooded the media with false information about Iraq’s WMD, who do you think is flooding the media with false information about COVID19? The same agency that tapped the Royal Family’s phone for Rupert Murdoch.

MI 6 does not support the Queen or the liberty of her people. They are not trying to oppose Communism, they are trying to implement it and hijack it just like the CIA is. God damn them.

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